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Kitchen Remodelling: Let’s take it light on your pockets

Mar 10 2020

Varshnee Raj

The kitchen is where you decorate for yourself. Every time I ask my mom to change something about it the way I like she says “ This place is my paradise and I want to model it the way I like” . Remodelling ideas for your kitchen should ultimately reflect strong expenditures on what matters the most to you in the kitchen. So here are a few kitchen remodelling tips that can help you go easy on your pockets along with giving you a great makeover for your kitchen.

  1. Designs – Most people prefer a shift to modular kitchen these days. So, look closely at the various design options available for this remodelling. Some of them focus on large storage spaces where as some of them focus on more space for appliances or a few on the stylish look. A busy family will need quite a storage space whereas if you are into experimenting with cook books you might need appliances. So, go for the design that will benefit you the most at the same time reducing the kitchen remodelling cost.  
  2. Appliances – Make a list of all appliances that need a mandatory change before you start your shopping. Through the course of years, you can substitute with more new appliances. Going light on the appliance budget can help you save up for better interior.
  3. Slabs – While most of us pick the expensive stone tops, today alternatives such as wooden lamination or fibre are very much available. They add style to your kitchen as well as cost significantly less.

  1. Cabinets – Pick and choose cabinets that are useful over custom ones with fancy add-ons. Your cabinets must be spacious with dividers for your cutlery along with a few drawers. Also, choose a glass door over wooden or any other material for the cabinets as it costs comparatively less but adds a classy look to your kitchen.
  2. Tiles – While most people try to invest a lot on the tiles, reconsidering the same can help. You can pick a basic tile may be in multiple colours or any colour of your choice for the remodelling over going for expensive ones. Starting here one can cut down on costs trying to match up to the looks of the tiles.
  3. Hardware – Taps and fitting need to be payed great attention to. Choose wisely, a decent good quality fitting and taps over any fragile new designs that just look luxurious as it will be long lasting as well as useful. This will also keep the kitchen remodelling on a budget

Remodelling costs also include labour other than the major raw materials. So, consult multiple companies or individuals with price quotes before you pick your one. For those running low on budget individual kitchen remodelling contractors might be the way to go although in that case most of the work to buy the raw materials as well as supervise the work will fall on your shoulders. Keeping the budget stagnant and playing around material costs you can use the rest of the money for your remodelling companies that will give you the satisfaction of a fabulous kitchen remodelling on a budget.

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