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Window Grill Types and Designs

Jun 13 2020

Varshnee Raj

A safe home makes the best home. While a huge variety of windows and balcony designs are making the rounds now, a huge option pool for grills are also available today. These along with providing good safety will also help prevent accidents to a large extent. There are basically 2 major types of windows- interior and exterior fixed windows.

Commercial buildings usually use external fixed just like basement windows, alleyways etc,. whereas the internal fixed is used often in the form of screens and come is various designs. This will be a brief window grill design catalogue to refer to for your purpose.

Basic differentiation happens with the type of material used. Each of these have ample of deigns available that can suit your style.

Metal Styles

  1. Iron / Iron cast
  2. Being a heavy metal iron window grills will be the perfect way the give proper safety to your home. The grills are very heavy and most potent of the various types. The only problems with iron grill is that they rust as hence  a lot of money will be incurred in maintaining them. Regular painting can help with the same. With respect to cast iron a great deal of varieties of available. But again the issue is that it is very susceptible to adverse weather.

  3. Wrought iron :
  4. The advantage of wrought iron over cast iron is it is much thinner comparatively and can be casted into various shapes. This is mostly used for decorative purposes only as it cannot provide much strength.

  5. Steel and Stainless steel :
  6. This grill type is more durable while using both inside and outside your home. This is strong and heavy and can stand resistant to water and moisture unlike iron. There are various patterns available to choose from.

    Stainless Steel is slightly more expensive compared to steel but proves well with a very pleasing look. This also requires less maintenance and is resistance to moisture. These grills are usually preferred over steel and iron and is like the dream modern grill.

  7. Mild Steel :
  8. This is a cost efficient window grill design new to most people. This is also very easily available in stores and comes mostly in straight bars and square grids mostly. This is not as rigid as steel and may not be an option for using in places where higher safety is required.  

  9. Aluminium :
  10. Falling among the lightest material of choice for grills these are available in various designs, It does not rust and is fire safe too. This is not as tough as iron or steel and hence cannot be used for safety but Is a perfect option to use in kitchen and shafts.

Non – Metal Styles

  1. Wood :
  2. These grills can add a huge taste of class an elegance to homes but comes with a huge budget. These are available as detachable versions and hence is not very suitable for safety purpose for homes. This will require quite some maintenance money as the wood has to be polished and painted to maintain well and is usually used in high budget homes.

  3. Sandstone :
  4. This is usually used for decorative purpose in places requiring coverage as a screen as well as good ventilation. It is a soft stone and is sculpted into beautiful designs and colours and hence will add beauty to your home.

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