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Safe Money Transaction
We work on escrow model. No advance to contractors. Safe Money Transactions.
Clear and detailed quotation and construction contracts. Online and 24x7 access to specification, work schedule, money transactions and project updates.
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In-house dedicated project management team to check the quality and progress of project.
On Time
ZERO tolerance for delays. Strict monetary penalty clauses for any delay in the project.

Compound Wall Design & Construction

Brick&Bolt is an e-commerce construction company which provides construction of residential and commercial buildings. Apart form this, we also provide the construction of compound walls or boundary walls. You can raise service request if you want to know about the compound wall designs or want to understand about the precast compound wall. We will help you in all. Brick&Bolt has in-house project management team that checks the quality and progress of your compound wall construction using our project management software systems. Using our escrow model, we ensure that your money transactions are safe.

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