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Transparency - Online Construction Contract & Project Management

Brick&Bolt systems and processes ensures complete transparency in specification, work & payment schedule, money transactions and project management. Our specifications are very detailed to ensure complete transparency and clarity in what will be delivered. Specifications of the project, work schedule, money transactions and project management is managed through the centralised system and is accessible on the app all the time. Customer, Contractor and our team sees the same online dashboard for all the details for complete transparency.

Brick&Bolt has come up with the Online Construction Contract. Construction contract has very detailed and low-level construction specification, defining all the building construction materials that will be used in the project. These detailed specifications complete transparency and clarity in what will be delivered.

Our project management team uses construction project management software to track the quality and progress of the project. To ensure absolute transparency - work schedule, money transactions and project management is online and is accessible on the app all the time. Customer, Contractor and our team sees the same online dashboard for complete transparency.

What is Online Construction Contract

Online Contract is the main differentiator that Brick&Bolt introduces to ensure perfect construction project management behind the scenes. Construction or renovation projects typically involves an understanding between the contractor and the customer on aspects such as quality standards, work schedule, payment schedule, terms & conditions etc. All these aspects make a 'Contract'. Brick&Bolt goes a step further and ensure that these construction contracts are submitted online on Brick&Bolt systems. Online Contract helps us to track the project and empower our project management team to track the with all the quality parameters defined in the contract.

Salient Features of Contract
- Contracts are both, extensive and specific, to a certain service type. This means that it cover all the specific details required to perform that service. Through online contract, contractor is forced to put all the required details to do a certain job, so that there is no grey areas left. It can also be downloaded and printed, if required.
- As a company we have ZERO tolerance to delays. Contracts in addition to job specification, also contains, penalties that the Contractor has to bear in case of delays. These penalties will be paid directly to the customer and will reduce the project cost. Please see your contract for more details.
- Contracts are online and visible to the customer, contractor and Brick&Bolt on their apps.
- Brick&Bolt systems and our customer care take the cognisance of the quality standards, schedules etc. defined in contracts and co-ordinate with contractor and customers regarding the progress.

Online Contracts helps :
  • Get immense confidence, as Brick&Bolt is tracking the project behind the scenes just like the customer would personally.
  • No grey areas in understanding requirements - Online Contract cover all the specifications required to do the job through our forms that have extensive questionnaire and details which contractor has to fill.
  • To compare contracts and make informed decision to select one of them.
  • Make contract handy for them anytime on their apps. This will help them manage their project easily.
  • As they know exactly and explicitly the requirements of the project.
  • To track the project conveniently on their app.
  • To get the support from Brick&Bolt in case of any issue arises.
  • Track the progress and keep project requirements transparent.
  • Provide help and support to both the parties - contractor and customer.