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Brick&Bolt Guarantee

Brick&Bolt process and systems, ensures customer have a sound sleep everyday. We provide guaranteed money safety, guaranteed transparency, guaranteed project delay check and guaranteed quality assurance.

  1. Safe Money Transactions - To make the whole process trustful, we facilitate the payment process by acting as an escrow account. For more information, please refer
  2. No Delays - By constant tracking through software & processes we try to ensure that there are no delays in the project completion. We have strict penalty clauses which make sure that for any delay in project. For more information, please refer
  3. Quality Assurance - All the projects of Brick&Bolt is being assessed on same quality standard called QASCON -BNB ( Quality & Assessment for Construction By Brick&Bolt). Brick&Bolt’s site engineer visits the site once per week to check the progress and quality of construction and the same is updated to customer, contractor and the offsite project management team. QASCON-BNB is a system which clearly defines quality checks for each stage of the project. There are around 200 unique quality checks which is performed under this system. Each check helps in generating the quality score for each project. Work is being assessed under following major heads : Civil Works, Architectural Works, Electrical & Plumbing Works & Project Management. For more information, please refer
  4. Transparency - Online Construction Contract provide detailed specification for complete transparency and clarity in what will be delivered. Our construction project management system and team helps to get the project completed as per contract terms and specifications. For more information, please refer