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Quality Control in Construction Projects

Brick&Bolt has dedicated Project Management Team and construction project management software & system to check the construction quality and progress of all the projects we execute. All our projects are assessed on same quality standards called QASCON-BNB (Quality Assessment System for Construction - Brick&Bolt). Objective of QASCON is to do things right the first time. This has around 200 quality checks per floor of construction. Our site engineer visits once per week and assess the quality on these parameters. Any issue noted will be reported to the stakeholders and corrected on priority. Brick&Bolt maintains high quality standards in construction and provide quality management and quality control in construction projects. This is possible because of our in-house construction project management team and the state-of-the-art technologies & construction project management system. Please ask for QASCON-BNB quality control checklist from our project management team to understand in more detail.

Salient features of QASCON-BNB:

  • QASCON has around 200 unique quality checks for construction
  • Under QASCON, Brick&Bolt’s site engineer visits once per week and assess the quality using the checklist for each stage and work type.
  • These checks generates the QASCON score for each project.
  • Quality is being assessed on the following parameters
    1. Civil works
    2. Architectural Works
    3. Electrical & Plumbing Works
    4. Project Management
  • Civil Work is assessed under following sub headings :
    1. Excavation and Foundation
    2. Plinth level work
    3. Wall, column and plastering
    4. Beam, Slab and Stairs
  • Architectural Work is assessed under following sub headings :
    1. Flooring
    2. Painting
    3. Doors and windows
    4. Work Completed as per Approved Elevation and floor plan
  • Electrical & Plumbing Works is assessed under following sub headings :
    1. Work done as per Electrical drawing and finishing
    2. Work done as per plumbing drawing and finishing
  • Project Management is assessed under following sub headings :
    1. Arranging all required drawings and other documents
    2. Managing materials and labour, neighbours
    3. Quality of construction
    4. Adherence to overall project time without grace period
    5. Adherence to milestone time