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Best Priced - House Construction Cost Minimised

Brick&Bolt has relentless drive to minimise home construction cost. We are doing that by making the building construction process and construction contract transparent. Our packages ensure that all the construction materials and specifications are clearly mentioned along with their price for each contract. If you want to know the cost to build house then becomes super easy by using our packages. Low cost housing, low budget or cost house construction is feasible now with our transparent packages and systems.
Below are the actions that we have taken (or take) to minimise your construction cost :
  1. Multiple Quotes & Packages - Brick&Bolt has come up with the packages for your construction and renovation requirements. To make things transparent, these packages defines low level specifications. Our technical consultant meet and understand your requirements and suggest the package which suits your budget and taste. These packages are completely customisable as per your requirement. You can compare the specifications & materials among different quotations through our application and select the one which best suits you.
  2. Regular package updates - Brick&Bolt have designed the construction packages to provide you the best prices available in the market. Our team keeps the track of current construction materials rates and updates the packages so that customer does not pay a penny more.
  3. No Payment Gateways - To provide the best price to our customers, we haven't integrated payment gateways on our website/app for money transfer to our accounts. Payment Gateways charge between 1.6 - 2% on the transaction, which calculates to a big amount for the construction and renovation projects that are typically of high value. We transfer this cost benefit directly to our customers.