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Safe Money Transaction - Get Rid Of Advance Payment In Construction

Brick&Bolt is the only ecommerce construction company in India who work on an Escrow Model. Contractors in the outside world, work by taking advance money for each stage of the project and that is where things may go wrong. Advance payment in construction industry is a cause of majority of construction woes and issues. Under Brick&Bolt umbrella, no advance payment is done to the contractor for any stage. Only, once the stage is completed and approved by our site engineer or customer, it gets transferred to the contractor. So you are safe all the time !

This is how it works - A project is divided into multiple stages or milestones which defined in our online construction contract. For every stage, the customer transfers the stage amount to Brick&Bolt. Once the stage is completed, contractor notifies the same to the stakeholders. Only on approval by customer or Brick&Bolt project management team, stage amount is transferred to the contractor. In short, contractors working with Brick&Bolt invest their money for each stage and the amount is released to them only on successful completion of stage.

This ensures two advantages:

  1. Only trusted and responsible contractors join Brick&Bolt because they receive the stage amount only on successful and quality construction
  2. Brick&Bolt completely controls the project with our quality standards and timelines.