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    ₹1,810/sq.ft - Basic Package
    • ₹1,810/sq.ft - Basic Package
    • ₹1,940/sq.ft - Classic Package
    • ₹2,250/sq.ft - Premium Package
    • ₹2,480/sq.ft - Royale Package
    ₹1,940/sq.ft - Classic Package
    • ₹1,810/sq.ft - Basic Package
    • ₹1,940/sq.ft - Classic Package
    • ₹2,250/sq.ft - Premium Package
    • ₹2,480/sq.ft - Royale Package

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    Are you planning to build your dream home and need to know your home construction cost estimate? Look no further! Brick & Bolt’s House Construction Cost Calculator is here to simplify the process for you. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our construction cost estimator gives you a clear understanding of your construction expenses by giving you overall house construction cost per square foot with the bifurcation of built-up cost, car parking cost and balcony & utility cost. It will help you to stay within budget and complete your project successfully.

    Why Use a House Construction Cost Calculator Tool?

    Customizable Inputs

    We understand that every construction project is unique. Hence, our home building construction cost calculator allows you to customize inputs as per your specific needs. Whether you want to build a small, cozy house or a huge villa, you can tailor your building cost per square foot to suit your needs.

    Accurate Cost Estimatimation

    Our home construction cost calculator utilizes up-to-date pricing data to give you accurate cost estimates for each segregation. So, say no to uncertain estimations and welcome accurate numbers that you can trust.

    Instant Results

    Our house cost estimator delivers instant results with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort. You will have a clear overview of your future expenses in no time, allowing you to confidently proceed with your project planning.

    How to Use the Home Construction Cost Calculator

    Step-by-step Instructions To Calculate House Construction Cost per Square Foot

      • From the dropdown menu, enter the pin code of your location where you want to construct the building.

      • Mention the super built-up area in sq. ft. (Only enter the area in sq. ft.)

      • Select the number of car parking from the dropdown menu.

      • Mention the balcony & utility area in sq. ft.

      • Click on the estimate cost option to get a detailed estimation of the house construction cost.

    Example of House Construction Cost Calculation

    For a better understanding of the example, let’s assume the following criteria-

      • Your location is in Bengaluru, and the pin code is 560072.

      • Your super built-up area is 1000 sq. ft.

      • No. of car parking requirements is 01.

      • Your balcony and utility area is 800 sq. ft.

    Fill in all the above details in the home construction estimator’s respective options and click on the estimate cost option.

    The following image represents the process mentioned above.

    Voila! Your home construction cost calculation is ready…

    The following image represents your detailed cost calculation.

    Why Choose Brick & Bolt?

    Save Time

    No more manual calculations or endless research. Our home building cost calculator streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most to complete your project.

    Stay on Budget

    You can avoid overpaying and staying on budget by accurately evaluating your project expenses beforehand.

    Make Informed Decisions:

    Equipped with precise cost estimates, you can make informed decisions for your project about what to prioritize and how to allocate your resources effectively.

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    At Brick & Bolt, we understand construction project challenges and are committed to providing practical solutions to our clients. Our home construction cost calculator is just one example of how we strive to simplify the construction process and empower our customers with valuable resources and tools. So, take advantage of our construction cost estimate Tool today and confidently embark on your project.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Home Building Cost Calculator
    What is the Cost per Square Foot to Build a House?
    The cost of building a house varies from city to city, but it normally ranges between 1600 rs to 2500 rs per square foot.
    To what extent is the calculator's cost estimate accuracy reliable?
    Our calculator generates cost estimates using current price data and industry-standard methods. While we aim for accuracy, keep in mind that these are just estimates, and real costs may vary based on market circumstances, labour rates, and material pricing.
    Is a compound wall included in the package?
    Not all houses have a compound. Then, there are houses which require a compound wall on just two or three sides. By removing the compound wall from the package, we ensure that only the clients who opt for a compound wall pay for it.
    What happens if I want a different brand of materials other than the one's in the packages?
    Our packages are developed in a modular manner. Hence, any change in specification is as simple as adding something to your shopping cart and removing something from the shopping cart. Our technical consultants will guide you through.
    Who should I contact if I have any more questions or need assistance?
    If you have any more questions or need help, please contact us through our website or phone number- +91 7505 205 205. We are here to assist you and guarantee that you have a great experience when using our house construction cost calculator and planning your building project with Brick & Bolt.
    Will Brick&Bolt packages cover my approvals if needed?
    Brick&Bolt assists our clients in the approval process through the Construction Professionals onboarded on the platform. We are not directly involved in the approval process but our partners ensure that the clients get a completely hassle free experience.
    What are the quality checks that you perform on the site?
    We have our very own QASCON Checklist with 470+ Quality Checks. You can refer to the Quality section of the website.
    What happens if I want different brand of materials other than the one's in the packages?
    Our packages are developed in a modular manner. Hence, any change in specification is as simple as add something to your shopping cart and remove something from the shopping cart. Our technical consultants can give a demo on this.
    On what basis do you assign contractor to a project?
    Brick&Bolt conducts a series of background checks on a contractor before they are allowed to work with us. These checks include document checks like the GST registrations, income tax filings etc. Then physical verification of the projects that are under construction as well as completed by the contractor are verified by the team from Brick&Bolt. Such contractors are then monitored and rated through a continuous assessment system so that the best contractors are alloted more projects.
    Approximately how long does it take to complete the construction of one floor?
    It takes about 5 months for the first floor and another 1.5 months for every floor beyond that. Duration also varies depending upon the built-up area, location, design complexity, etc.
    Does Brick&Bolt provide loans as well?
    Brick&Bolt assists the clients with the documentation part for the loan approval process. We have also partnered with a couple of banks and NBFCs for attractive interest rates.
    Does Brick&Bolt Include the interior with the construction and provide the complete package?
    There are separate packages for interior works if you wish to get the interiors done through Brick&Bolt. We have also collaborated with a couple of boutique designer firms for amazing interiors at competitive prices.
    What if the prices of the materials increase when the project is ongoing. Would there be a price escalation?
    The pricing of our contracts is frozen on a stamp paper. Hence, the prices remain stable in most of the scenarios. Only in exceptional situations where there is a sudden spike in prices due to external circumstances, the price variation is to be paid by the client. On the other hand, if there is a price drop, clients get a price reduction for the same.
    What are the major factors on which house construction cost depends?
    The construction cost of a house majorly depends upon the Super built-up area, Open area( ie Balcony, Utility), Quality of Construction materials, and Interiors. Brick&Bolt provides various packages at different prices to suit your needs.
    What is a super built-up area, built-up area, and carpet area?
    Carpet Area is the total usable area inside the house that can be covered by Carpet. The carpet area excludes the balcony and other utility areas but does include the area covered by internal walls. Built-up Area is the sum of carpet area plus the area covered by the balcony, terrace, and other utility as well. The Super built-up area is the total sum of the built-up area and space occupied by common areas like lobby, staircase, elevator, shafts, and clubhouse. This is often referred to as a saleable area.
    Does Brick&Bolt businesses charge an advance payment?
    Yes. Brick&Bolt collects a booking amount of about 2% of the total home construction cost. Alongside this, we conduct digital surveys, perform soil tests, and create a floor plan.
    What is the estimated time it will take to build a full house?
    It takes 6 to 14 months to complete a house construction project. Generally, a 5-month period to build the first floor and 1.5 months for each one after that is the standard. However, this depends on the space, built-up area, locations, design, construction type (foundation or core), etc. You can track your project, including updates, inspection reports, payment schedules, etc., on the customer app.
    Do I have to pay the full amount before the project starts?
    No. You will have to pay different amounts based on the personalised payment schedule curated based on the construction stages of your project. We charge a 2% booking amount. 8% of the total amount is collected once the floor plan is finalised. Our construction company then moves forward with structural drawings, MEP drawings, 3D elevation drawings, and the initiation of contractor allocation. After the completion of the design phase, the finalised product is handed over to the project management team. This is where you have to pay 15% of the project value until the plinth is constructed. From here on, the remaining payment will be based on stages specific to the project.
    What to consider when constructing a home by a builder or constructor?
    Listed below are some critical points to consider when a builder or constructor designs a home: <ul><p> •&nbsp;Conduct a Background Check: Talk with previous clients of home builders and confirm the credibility.</p><p> •&nbsp;Look for a Solution-Oriented and Systematic Approach: Check if the construction company is efficiently designed to handle unexpected situations.</p><p> •&nbsp;Look for Transparency and Seamless Payment Processes: Always ensure you can gain insights regarding the construction process and building materials costs every step of the way.</p><p> •&nbsp;Ask for Real-Time Updates: Choose a construction company that keeps you posted regarding the project’s progress from time to time.</p><p> •&nbsp;Ensure Communication is Smooth: Ensure a process for project approvals, thorough inspections, and effective communication is in place.</p></ul>

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