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15 Tips To Reduce House Construction Cost In Hyderabad

May 31 2021

Anwesha Nandy

Seizing the award of the best Indian city to reside in for the consecutive three years in a row, the city of Nawabs - Hyderabad is emerging as a leading name in real estate investment amongst property owners across the world. Being the country's leading IT hub, Hyderabad holds stunning infrastructure, great educational institutes, along a low crime rate that enhances the quality of living. 

However, due to an increased demand for residential properties, the house rental costs in Hyderabad have skyrocketed. This is why many people in the present times have started investing in land and calculating an ‘estimated cost to build a house in Hyderabad

If you are also looking for some amazing tips to reduce your house construction cost, then continue reading below to find out.


Tips to save on the house construction cost in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the few cities in India that holds a cost-efficient real estate market to ensure that everyone's dream of owning a home gets fulfilled. Various property experts have suggested that Hyderabad is the most desirable investment destination as it extends budgetary land and housing options in the vicinity to leading employment centers.

While procuring land in Hyderabad is easy, constructing a home on it can be the most challenging task. The average 600 sq. ft. house construction cost in Hyderabad ranges approximately from Rs 2300 to Rs 3900 per square foot. 

Building a new home is the realization of a lifetime dream. Every individual aspires to build a home where they can embrace their memories. However, when it comes to realizing this dream, it can be a laborious task as it requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge of the ‘estimated cost to build a house. 

This is because even a 600 sq. ft. house construction cost is not inexpensive nowadays and for middle-income group people, constructing a home is about spending their entire life income. 

Consequently, people always keep on exploring ways to save on house construction costs to cut down on their expenses. Hence, to assist you with this predicament, mentioned hereunder are some tips to reduce construction cost per square foot in Hyderabad without jeopardizing the quality of construction. 

Plot selection

The initial step of reducing house construction costs in Hyderabad is choosing the appropriate plot. This is one of the primary expenses to dispense with when it comes to building your residence. Hence this is the sole step that assures that you are working towards curtailing your construction expenses right from the ground level. While choosing a plot for your house building, you must examine the location of your plot. 

If you wish to cut down on this plot expense in accordance with your estimated cost to build a house, you must invest in plots that are slightly distant from the main road. Since the plots situated on the main road are considered to be in a prime location, the prices are usually high as compared to plots situated distant from the road, and this proximity makes them economically priced.

In addition to this, you must further ensure to pick a plot on the corresponding level as the ground or road and not lower so that you do not require to create additional expenses on filling supplies.


When looking for house structure and interior design, many people wish to go for layouts that are highly in trend or blindly follow what other people suggest. However, this is not a suitable approach, and this way, you can end up increasing your total construction cost. 

Therefore, a particularly significant factor when it comes to reducing the house construction cost is getting the structure and interior design made. A comprehensive plan for the exterior house structure and the interiors is a must as it can save you from making a lot of unwanted expenses.  

When you hold all the proper construction designs in place, you understand what supplies and furniture require to be obtained well in advance. Hence providing you sufficient time to look around in the market and obtain the most competent rates. Apart from this, to cut down significantly on your house construction cost, always opt for a simple structure that requires fewer building materials. 

Building material

Choosing appropriate, good-quality building material and negotiating the rates is the most difficult part of construction in Hyderabad. Spending on building materials plays a pivotal role in house construction, and if you wish to reduce your overall estimated cost to build a house, you must save on your building material expense. 

To save on this expense, you must always order supplies in bulk. Amongst all other construction materials, cement, bricks, and sands are the most significant part of building materials. Hence you can order these supplies in bulk and get heavy discounts from the dealers. 

Smart technology

The arrival of the latest technology has remodeled the field of house construction in numerous ways. These contemporary construction methods are notably beneficial when it comes to attempting higher precision levels. Also, using the latest technology can make you well-versed with the present construction trends and save you a lot of time and capital and reduce the range for error in construction. 

Apart from this, you can also try Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Green Housing which are some of the most advanced trends in the construction sector, and take the help of online construction cost estimators to get a hang of expenses to be incurred. These two construction types are widely considered nowadays to curtail the total construction expense and decrease your dream home's completion time.

Experienced professionals

Most people are anxious about hiring an expert interior designer or an architect as they feel it would add up to the cumulative construction cost per square foot. However, not hiring a professional can cost you more as you would not hold any guidance, and you might end up spending more. 

Hiring experienced professionals will ensure that you remain well-versed with all the compliances and latest construction trends to make informed spending on construction. 

Avoid making alterations halfway

Many people hold this habit of finalizing a construction blueprint initially in haste and then changing their plans often. However, you must note that altering the layout, again and again, can highly affect and increase your construction cost per square foot and can further trouble the workers. 

While slight changes and structural alterations are fine, you must avoid making major changes and finalize the designs well in advance to reduce your expenses. 

Look for electric and water supply 

House construction demands constant water and electricity supply to perform daily construction operations like electrical and plumbing fittings and efficiently carry out the building process. Hence, you must consider the status of the electricity and water supply in the area in which you are planning to construct your house.

Doing this will save your expenses that would otherwise incur on taking separate electricity poll and water supply which can be an inordinate expense that can over budget your construction. 

Choose finishing materials wisely

Not just the building material is solely liable for increasing construction expenses as finishing materials can also add up to the expense. While you contemplate construction finishing work, huge expenses are mainly made on doors, flooring material, and windows, and particularly wooden and frame-built works for the interior. 

However, this expense can be subdued by comparing the cost of finishing materials charged by numerous vendors and purchasing bulk material from a single dealer so that you can get the best possible rates. 

Take help of prefabricated parts

To reduce your house construction cost in Hyderabad in present times, you must take the assistance of state-of-the-art and most advanced technology. To embrace this latest technology, you are suggested to utilize prefabricated parts for the construction of your house. 

In this kind of prefabricated construction, a portion of the house is built at the plant or on a separate site and then consolidated to your construction site to assemble your house. This utilization of prefabricated parts not simply decreases the construction expenses but further diminishes the time of construction.

Go for fly ash bricks 

If you wish to diminish your house construction cost, then opt for fly ash bricks rather than red bricks or other blocks of bricks. Not only these Fly ash bricks are less expensive than red bricks; it further holds immeasurable strength and grip for more solid construction. 

Hence, investing in these fly ash bricks can diminish construction expenses by a substantial amount and present more strength to your beloved home. 

Save on labor expenses 

Labor plays a pivotal role in your house construction, and if you live in Hyderabad, you might know that labor rates are expensive in this city. 

However, labor cost is something that cannot be curtailed easily; you can save up to a few bucks by estimating and identifying the number of hours for which you would require laborers and the duration for which the laborers are required to work so that you can predetermine your expenses. 

Choose a suitable house shape 

The shape of your house further adds to raising the expense of construction. This is because when the area of your house increases due to its shape, it expands and increases the exterior area and eventually the value of construction. 

Hence you must try to outline your house in such a style that it will diminish the exterior area and reduce the construction expenses. 

Choose appropriate paint and putter

The cost of coloring can also be a huge expense in your house construction. However, with slight modifications in your color selections, you can reduce overall construction expense. If you want to diminish paint cost, opt for lime-based shade and apply this coat twice to make the tone more vivid.

In addition to this, to avoid additional cost for putty, always buy good quality sand for plastering, which can diminish the requirement of putty and save your expenses. 

Save flooring expenses 

Nowadays, tiles arrive in an extensive pricing range. Choosing the right flooring that fits your budget can also be a great way to reduce your construction expenses. Apart from this, concrete flooring is a transcendent alternative for diminishing expense and is one of the long-enduring floorings. 

Cut down on the number of walls

Another pro tip to reduce your house construction cost in Hyderabad and make your house roomier by decreasing the number of walls. Reducing the number of walls eventually decreases the surface area of your house and further reduces the expense and construction cost. 

In addition to this, reducing the number of walls in your house will allow natural sunlight to penetrate the house and also limit the electricity expenses. 

Choose a house construction cost estimator to get clarity on how to reduce construction expenses

Constructing a house is a dream of numerous people. Nevertheless, you ought not to get into mortgages and credits that you return for your remaining lives. All you require to perform is to assure that you take into account practical home construction tips and comprehend ways to reduce the expenses of construction and construction cost per square foot. 

Along with choosing the appropriate construction company that can ease up your construction process and be accountable for all your house building obligations, you must also get a definite estimate of your house construction with the assistance of a construction cost estimator that is easily available online. If you have lately bought land in Hyderabad and are now seeking a reputed company to steer you through the construction process, then you must undoubtedly prefer Brick&Bolt. 

Bricks & Bolts is a preeminent home construction corporation that takes charge of your complete construction specifications directly from the beginning till the time your house is ready for possession. The specialist crew at this company takes into consideration even the sparest stipulations of their clients to assure that people own the home that you have eternally yearned for. 

Right from stock acquisition to designing blueprints to accomplishing it, Brick&Bolt takes charge of all these construction activities and that within the clients' defined budget. They employ and combine the latest technology in their construction, and clients can check the progress of construction right from the solace of their place. 

Hence you can always count on this company for obtaining your dream home at the most affordable rate of construction to ensure that you are not surmounted with any financial burdens. 

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