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Checklist Before Buying A Plot In Bangalore

May 31 2021

Anwesha Nandy

Bangalore has been blessed with amazing weather and beautiful geography, accompanied by all kinds of urban facilities and entertainment available in the city. To buy a plot in Bangalore is to secure for yourself a property that assures good returns in the future. There are, however, several things to keep in mind before going ahead with a big investment such as this. Read on to find tips on creating an essential checklist that everyone should have before they buy a plot in Bangalore.

Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Plots

Making sure that you have the right documents required for plot registration is essential before going forward to buy a plot, as is the process of verifying and evaluating the sellers and contractors. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you set out selecting a plot in Bangalore. 


Make sure you choose a location that is accessible, and close to any facilities you may require, like a hospital, a provision store, shopping malls, etc while deciding to buy a plot in Bangalore. Even though plots in more obscure locations may be priced less - they are cheaper for a reason, investing in a good plot in an accessible location ensures a return on investment in the future.

Area of the plot

How big a plot do you have in mind? If you have a home design in mind, talk to an expert before you set out to buy a plot in Bangalore and figure out how much area you would need to build it up without a hassle. Try to find out more about the quality of soil and the evenness of the land in the plot so that the land remains unaffected even during tumultuous Bangalore storms, and so you can cultivate plants around your home.

Value of the plot

The location, area, and other factors determine the actual value of a plot, but the figures you get from a local contractor may not always be trustworthy. Read up on methods to calculate the value of the land before making estimates. Ask people who live in and around that area whether your estimates are right, and contact a verified real estate agent or expert to double-check your decisions.

Seller verification

To get an idea of your builder’s credibility, it is advised to cross-verify the seller so that you can avoid getting involved with a plot that is under litigation or muddled up in other issues. Posting your queries in online forums like Quora can also help you get an idea of how trustworthy the builder is.

Title deeds

Only go ahead with the purchase if the seller has complete rights over the property. Ask to see the title deed of the land before the purchase to confirm the seller’s name and his rights to trade the property.

Approval Certificates By The Local Body

The next step is to ensure that you cover all the details of the plot registration process. Buy residential plots that have been approved by the local government body and the Bangalore Development Authority. To make sure the necessary documents have been vetted and approved, it is advised to hire a good lawyer. Obtain permission before you begin construction.

With the busy lives led by most people who have achieved their long-term financial goals and are gearing up to purchase plots, checking and verifying so many things can be a hassle. Handing over the reins to a reliable construction management company like Brick&Bolt can take away the headache of completing the complicated plot registration process and the even more strenuous construction period afterward - hand over the keys and get regular updates every day on how the construction of your dream home is progressing!

Bangalore - The Ideal Investment Destination

Bangalore is swiftly becoming one of the best spots in the country to invest in. With the rapid cosmopolitan nation the city is undergoing, people from all cultures across India and the world come together to coexist in the beautiful streets of Bangalore City. The suburbs, where you can find peace and serenity, is known for their reassuring greenery and calming silence. 

All of these factors have contributed to making Bangalore a coveted spot for real estate marketers across the country. Here are some other advantages one can enjoy if you decide to buy a plot in Bangalore:

Bangalore - The IT Hub of India


Bangalore’s corporate boom is still riding on its peak with many multinational companies choosing to build their headquarters in the city. Ideal for start-ups, Bangalore’s diverse population has resulted in a great commercial space where small businesses can flourish. There are spaces within the busiest spots in the city that you can invest in and buy plots in Bangalore. These plots can be rented out in the future at great prices. People are always looking for places to stay in Bangalore, which is why there will never be a scarcity of potential tenants. With well-paid software engineers flooding into areas like Electronic City and Koramangala, there is a high demand for luxurious homes with quality amenities.

The epitome of a smart city

With a fully functional metro system that connects the corners of the city, Bangalore’s mantle of being a ‘smart city’ is fully deserved. With smart and green homes, a well-managed waste disposal system, and cutting-edge technology available in stores around every corner, buying plots in Bangalore is a great option for those who like to live a tech-integrated lifestyle.

The weather and the greenery

Bangalore is well-known for its beautiful, clear skies and pleasant climate. For most parts of the year, the city has gentle warm mornings, bright sunny days, and lovely, cool nights. Many families choose to move to Bangalore because of the climate, the greenness, and the fresh air in the city being a bonus. A large number of parks and eco-friendly spaces like Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh has allowed Bangalore to control its population levels despite these famously busy roads that are usually chock-full with vehicles.

What Documents To Check While Buying A Property In Bengaluru?

It goes without saying that one should pay extra care in making sure that the documents required for plot registration are all in order. To ensure the hassle-free completion of the plot registration process, we need to investigate all the documents provided by the person selling the property to you as well as cross-check any documents that need to be submitted to the government.

There are primary and secondary documents of title that need to be arranged for the plot registration process. 

Primary documents

Parent Deed

The Parent Deed, one of the most inclusive and necessary documents required for plot registration, includes the Sale Deed, the Gift Deed, the Partition Deed, and an Allotment letter - all of these certify that you are the present owner of the property and that you have the title to the property. To trace the title to its first owner, look for the first available document that has been ordained by the court of the government. Trace every document that certifies the passing over of the property through various hands, in sequence, up until it has been handed over to you. If one of these documents is hard to find, you can settle for the earliest registered document and seek the help of a doctor to make sure the titles are clear and the purchase has been done.

Secondary documents

Building Plan Sanction

For individual houses or apartments, every property owner must have a BBMP-issued Building Plan Sanction. It can also be issued by the Bangalore Development Authority or the village panchayat under which the property is registered. For empty plots in layouts, you should acquire a layout plan sanction issued by the plan-sanctioning authority.

A Khata

The A Khata is a part of the plot registration process that consists of the Khata Certificate and the Khata extract.

Khata Certificate

The Khata register maintains the accounts of every registration that has to do with property transfer under the local bodies. The BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) and local Panchayats are responsible for opening accounts of all properties in the name of registered owners, who have to pay to submit an application for the registration process. The Khata certificate is an essential document required for plot registration that serves as proof of owning a property. It also contains a brief description of the plot and the tax that has been calculated and paid. To apply for water and electricity or for a building or trading license, this certificate is a must. BBMP is very strict about releasing Khata Certificates and will do so only to proven property owners and their legal heirs.

Khata extract

The Khata extract is the copy of the page from the Khata register where your account has been maintained. Also issued by the BBMP, the extract contains details of the plot size, built-up area, etc. The Khata Extract costs a hundred rupees, for which you will also receive a requisition letter. Only property owners are eligible to receive Khata extracts

B Khata

Another one of the mandatory documents required for plot registration is the B Khata. Unauthorized layouts and revenue sites and any property that has been constructed without obeying the authority-prescribed laws are registered in the B Register, where the tax details of the same are maintained. 

Encumbrance Certificate

This records all registered transactions over property, including the sale, mortgage, court attachment, and lease. If the property is situated inland that was previously agricultural, you need to have a conversion order that allows it to be converted into non-agricultural land. The conversion order is issued by the Deputy Commissioner.

Tax Paid Certificates

These record the payment of taxes for the property and are issued by the BBMP, BDA, or the village Panchayat.

Prevention of Transfer of Certain Lands (PTCL) Act Endorsement

Issued either by the Deputy Commissioner or the Tahsildar, the PTCL Endorsement is one of the most necessary documents required for plot registration that ascertains that the property is not being built on land that belongs to members of the SC/ST Communities.

Land Acquisition

Make sure there are no acquisition proceedings underway with respect to the property by consulting the Special Land Acquisition Officer of the BDA, NHAI, BBMP, KIADB or the KHB.

Family Tree

Issued by the Village Accountant or Revenue Inspector, the family tree documents the genealogy of the present and past owners of a property.

General Power of Attorney

This notarized document allows other people to act as your legal representatives. It is enough for the GPA to be just notarized if it’s done in India, but for people who live outside the country, the executed GPA must be notarised and stamped within four months. Make sure that the GPA is not revoked and is provided by the person who has the right to provide it. 

Vastu Tips To Follow While Buying A Residential Property In Bangalore

The ancient art of Vastu Shastra has been coming back into popularity as more eyes turn towards Ancient Indian architectural practices for guidance. Focusing on combining all the five elements in nature, Vastu Shastra focuses on balancing humankind and the materials they use to construct homes so that the experience of living inside a property is pleasant and peaceful. Before you buy a plot in Bangalore, make sure that it complies with the requirements of Vastu:

Find an apartment that is well-shaped. The ideal house according to Vastu Shastra is shaped like a quadrilateral - square and rectangular houses are considered ideal. Also, east-facing apartments are ideal choices as they attract natural light in the mornings and radiate positive energy.

Make sure that the entry to the house is from the northeast or from the northwest. Avoid any houses with entrances facing the south.

The kitchen should ideally be located in the northwest or the southeast, and should not directly face the entrance.

The master bedroom should have an entrance facing the southwest. The living room should be in the direction of the north.

It is recommended that the water storage Tank be placed in the northeastern corner. Black and blue colored water tanks are recommended so that the water becomes pleasant and lukewarm.

Consult construction management agencies like Brick&Bolt to ensure that the design, building, and documentation of the process are taken care of without any hassle to the customer. Focusing on bringing trust, predictability, and financial safety into construction, Brick&Bolt will make sure that the construction and plot registration process is supervised at every stage, with regular updates sent to the customer, who can sit miles away and still be fully aware of everything happening on his property at any given time.

Investing to buy a plot in Bangalore is a great addition to your financial portfolio and is sure to reap great returns of investment in the future.

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