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3 Simple Floor Plans For 2BHK House

Oct 17 2019

Malak Mehta

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The entry to the house gives view of living that looks through the balcony. The longitudinal space joining the kitchen and the dining gives a spacious feel to the kitchen. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and a balcony too which overall enhances the experience of the room.


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This design with entry foyer and a balcony with living room. The dining area is a part of living room. The kitchen is pretty huge with C- platform , a utility area ahead, a store room and a Pooja room. The master bedroom has an attached toilet and a balcony too.

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This design is a typical 2BHK house usually found. The indirect entry to the apartment later dividing the space into left the kitchen and dining and right the living room. The kitchen has a utility area as small balcony. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom. The other bedroom has the common bathroom nearby.

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