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30*40 Construction Site Cost in Bangalore

Jan 05 2021

Anwesha Nandy

In a city like Bangalore where people are coming from all over in search of employment, there is a huge demand for housing in the residential real estate sector in and around Bangalore.

The cost of a 30*40 plot varies from Rs 2600/ sq ft (outskirts) to Rs 8500 (prime locations.)

What are your requirements for building in a 30*40 construction site in Bangalore are?

·     Construction Type: Individual House, duplex house

·     Floors: The number of floors you are going to build

·     Budget: Depending on your budget you can make a choice

The cost of a site in Bangalore varies depending on the amenities like schools, colleges, malls, hospitals, etc.

What Can You Construct on a 30*40 Site?

  • You can plan to build an independent house like a small 2bhk and then construct the other floors in the future depending on your budget. You also have to plan well and have a proper structural drawing prepared by an experienced Architect.
  • You can also have a duplex on a 30*40 plot size along with some rental units.
  • You can have an independent Duplex House where you can construct a 3bhk on Ground+1 Or Ground+2 floors.
  • If you are looking for an investment then rental houses would be a better option where you can get a better return on investments compared to the options I have mentioned above.

Construction Cost of a 30*40 site in Bangalore

The construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 1650 to Rs 2000/sq ft depending on the design and specifications given by the architects.

The construction cost to build a house on a 30*40 site/plot is as follows:

·     Ground floor: 17 Lakhs

·     Ground +1 floor: 33 Lakhs

·     Ground+2 Floors: 50 Lakhs

·     Ground+3 Floors: 66 Lakhs

·     Ground +4 Floors: 83 Lakhs

Construction Cost of building a 3bhk G+1 duplex house on a 30*40 site

The construction cost to build a 3bhk on a 30*40 site in Bangalore varies from a minimum of 45 Lakhs to Rs 65 Lakhs depending on the materials used for construction.

Cost of 30*40 construction in Bangalore for G+1, G+2, G+3, G+4

In Bangalore 30*40 construction cost for the Ground floor is 16 L, ground +1 is 32L Ground plus 2 is 49 L, and ground plus 3 is 65L and Ground+4 floor is 81 L

Duration of time for building a Duplex or Rental House on a 30*40 site/plot

·     30*40 only ground floor (3 months)

·     30*40 Ground + 1 (5 to 6 months)

·     Ground Floor +3 (8 to 9 months)

·     Ground + 4 (10 to 12 months)

Setback That you need to leave on a 30*40 construction site in Bangalore

The setbacks for a 30*40 construction site as per BDA/BBMP/BMRDA by law is to have a minimum setback of 8% on all the sides and 12% on the roadside.

Elements that comprise the construction cost of a 30*40 Construction site cost in Bangalore

·     Materials required for 30*40 construction site cost in Bangalore. The choice also affects the construction cost. One way in which you can help yourself by saving some money.

  • Labor required for the construction of a 30*40 construction site cost in Bangalore.
  • Installation for the consumption of water like bore well, Underground compound wall
  • Gate etc.

Additional Cost of constructing a house in a 30*40 construction site cost in Bangalore

Finishing materials like electrical cabling, fixtures, and switches.

Plumbing installation like the washbasins, taps, etc.

Flooring/ tiling on the walls

Ventilation like the exhaust fans

Kitchen finishing like the can also affect the cost based upon the choice of granite, artificial granite, etc.

Approvals for home building in a 30*40 construction site in Bangalore

Building a home requires approvals from various government bodies like

  • Plan approval
  • Electric connections

For the required approvals you will be asked to present a few valid documents.



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