The ABCs of Building Your Dream Home

Feb 21 2024

Hemali Ben

Building a home is a remarkable journey that involves dreams, hopes and long-term visions along with bricks and mortar. But, it requires careful planning, consideration, and decision-making, whether you are hoping to upgrade your home or a first-time homeowner. Hence, thorough knowledge of building a dream home is most important to fulfilling your desire to have one. 

In this blog, Brick&Bolt brings a detailed guide on the ABCs of building your dream home. This guide takes you through each stage of the whole building process, from choosing the ideal home location to the complicated process of designing and building your home

So, let’s start the journey of knowing the ABCs of home building with the elements that make a house a dream home:

What Makes Your House a Dream Home?

A dream house is one that fulfils all of your needs, even ones you weren't aware you had and goes above and beyond your expectations. It gives you a sense of tranquillity and reflects your own style. Dream homes can have distinctive interior designs made especially for the owner, and they can be large and luxurious or small and cosy. But there are 12 crucial things that make your house your dream home.

12 Features That Make Your House Your Dream Home

The following are the most important features that help you to make your house a dream home-

  1. Natural Light & Ventilation

  2. Energy Efficiency

  3. Landscape

  4. Open Living Plan

  5. Ample Kitchen Counter Space

  6. Separate Pantry Space

  7. Kitchen Island

  8. Master Bedroom

  9. Outdoor Entertainment Area

  10. Ample Storage Space

  11. Garage 

Sounds interesting!

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What Makes a House Your Dream Home?

After the features, you need to know how to choose the best location for your dream home.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Dream Home


The location of a home is a fundamental component of every dream home. The ideal environment can greatly improve your daily life and highlight the beauty of the home. However, choosing the ideal home location to construct your dream home can be difficult and time-consuming. So, follow the below factors while choosing your dream home location to land on the best one.

Factors for Choosing the Right Location for Your Dream Home

The ideal home location factors to take into account are as follows-

  1. Set Your Priorities

  2. Budget

  3. Safety and Security

  4. Proximity to Workspace

  5. Proximity to Key Amenities

  6. Connectivity and Transportation Infrastructure

  7. Infrastructure Development and Future Growth

  8. Neighbourhood and Community

  9. Proximity to Leisure Activity

Want these location selection tips in detail? 

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9 Factors for Choosing the Right Location for Your Dream Home

Once your location is finalised, it’s time to think about designing your home.

How To Design Your Dream Home?

Your dream home design requires a combination of practicality, functionality, and creativity. Whether it's a modern architectural marvel, a cosy cottage, or a classic masterpiece, start by imagining the overall style you want. Consider the number of rooms and their size. You can design a sustainable and cosy living space, considering the components like energy efficiency, natural light, and ventilation.

You have several options for creating your ideal home, including-

  1. Design Your Home by Your Own

  2. Collaborate with Architect and Designer

  3. Buy a Ready-made House Design Plan

  4. Using Home Design Apps

Moreover, you can find additional inspiration for home design by exploring online magazines and architectural publications. But keep in mind that the task at hand is much more complicated and demanding overall.  

But don’t worry! 

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Ultimate Guide on How to Design Your Dream Home

After site selection and designing your home, know how you can build your home.

How To Build Your Dream Home?


Construction of your dream home is the next step after you have a detailed design in place. While it’s an exciting project, it can also be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the building process and don't know where to start. There are a lot of things to take into account, including arranging finance, hiring architects and contractors, obtaining permits and approvals and so on. 

So, consider following each building process, step by step, to know how and where you can start your dream home construction. 

  1. Decide On a Budget

  2. Find the Right Location

  3. Arrange Financing

  4. Finalise your Architect and Contractor

  5. Decide on Your Home Design

  6. Obtain Required Permits and Approvals

  7. Determine your Construction Schedule

  8. Construction Site Clearance and Preparation

  9. Build the Foundation

  10. Build the Superstructure

  11. Finish the Interior and Exterior

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A Guide on How to Build a Home from Scratch


On a final note, it is important to keep in mind that your dream home is more than just a building; it is a representation of your individuality and a haven of happiness. Hence, it’s crucial to know the ABCs of home building. Choosing the right location is the first step to making the stage for a happy living environment, while careful and creative design ensures that every square foot is functional and beautiful. The building phase requires precise attention to detail, high-quality materials and supplies, and efficient communication with the construction team. You can start a journey towards creating a space that is exclusively yours, a sanctuary that bears witness to your goals, by adhering to this guide on the ABCs of building your dream home.

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