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Adding Trust and Transparency into Construction Space

Dec 10 2019

Malak Mehta

Do you think construction is a very precarious and tedious process? Do you feel that you cannot match up to what you have thought would be your dream home? Are you afraid of the increasing budget and time delays? Well, this has been a scenario and things are about to be fore headed this way. If you are a customer or a service provider, there is a need to understand that trust and transparency in the construction process is essential.

A healthy contractor-customer relationship is not only good for customer’s satisfaction from the work done but also keeping the costumer stress free while this construction process is going on. Lot of difficulties arise if the nature of construction space is impervious and sceptical.

Trusting a contractor just with intuitions and then not getting a satisfactory result in the work might be heart breaking.  Choosing a proper contractor is also an important decision to make. Different contractors work at different market rates. An analysis and comparison of who would suit you the best is necessary. Also, on other hand creating a platform for such contractors to enter their detailed specifications and rates would give the customer an idea of whom to choose. Online contracts where the contractor has to enter work related details, work schedule, quality standard, legal clauses etc. makes the system transparent and trackable.

But, just having a great contractor does not promise you an astounding and desired quality of work in time.

Time delay has been a major concern for the clients. Safeguarding the customers with a guarantee of completion of their projects within the time period is a big deal to work out. But, it is very hard to keep this time constraint and make things go better. Delays are caused due to various reasons, one of the main reason being poor planning and management. Even if a single task doesn’t take place in time, it causes the following processes to get delayed too. Weather problems and unavailability of resources are other issues that arise on the construction site hinder the work process. In addition to that problems with labourers may further aggravate the situation.

Until there is a sense of responsibility among everyone to ensure work completion before the end date, these delays cannot be avoided. In the Real Estate sector, the government of India has come up with RERA to ensure fair transactions and timely delivery of property to the customer has made this sector extremely organized. A similar service provided at a smaller level in construction or renovation to keep a track on the work done and delays can also make a big difference to the construction space. Surely the contractor will work on time if there has to be payment of penalties in case of delay and even the customer would get the compensation if any inconvenience is created.

The fears regarding the contractors taking money and not working properly have always been instilled. Making the client understand how and where their money is being used can be of great help in improving trust. A complete detail of various phases of project and a record maintenance of expenditure at the end of every phase regulates the money flow. It also makes the customer believe that the payment is worth it.

Safeguarding money of the customers such that they pay money only when they get desired quality of work would enhance their faith in the system. A facility like escrow account where customer’s money is deposited and only transferred to the contractor upon the satisfactory completion of certain phase of construction or renovation, would be of a great benefit to the customer.

Bricknbolt is one such company that is proving trust and helping people in simplifying the construction process. Additionally it is also providing services not only regarding new construction but also renovation and introduction to contractors and professionals.

A third party involvement to keep a check on accomplishment of work within deadlines would be of great help in safe guarding the customers. Moreover, it would also make sure that trust and transparency is maintained while undergoing the construction or renovation process.

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