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All About Modular Kitchen

Oct 25 2019

Malak Mehta

The standard modular kitchen layout usually comprises multiple cabinet units on the side and overhead and drawers below the platform. These cabinet include wall units, floor units, tall-storage cabinets, etc. which are installed based on the need and size of the kitchen. They can be designed using different types of wood and finishes. You can choose between them depending on your interests and budget. You even have enormous options with the kitchen accessories to be used in the drawers and baskets. 

Types of plywood 

MR grade plywood 

MR grade is moisture resistant plywood, also known as commercial plywood. It is not completely water or humidity resistant but can withstand it with much less damage. Such plywood work well with the kitchen cabinets. These are comparatively cheaper and cost around Rs __ per sq ft.

BWR grade plywood 

Boling water resistant plywood is made up of plastic raisins which are waterproof in nature. It is extremely good in quality and provides a greater resistant to humidity and water. 


MDF is medium density fibreboard which is widely used in the interiors for making cabinets of all types. It is not resistant to water and gets damaged easily but is very cheap as compared to wood . Usually modular kitchen cabinets are made up of MDF and then laminated on all the sides such that there is no seepage of water inside. The price of these boards is Rs10-20 per sq ft.

Types of finishes

Acrylic Finish 

Acrylic finish to the cabinet is a reflective high gloss finish. It gives an extraordinary shine to the cabinet which gives a mirror-like reflection. It has a higher cost as compared to the laminates. It is mostly used in the overhead cabinets or side cabinets where not much abrasion would take place. The acrylic finish requires maintenance and cleaning regularly such that shine doesn’t fade away.

PU finish

PU finish is also one of the reflective finishes done by painting MDF boards. But it is not very effective in resistant to scratches and is comparatively costlier than laminates.

Glossy Laminate 

High glossy laminates are laminates with a shiny texture and high reflectiveness. These are used as an alternative to Acrylic or PU finish as they are relatively cheaper and require a very low maintenance. 

Matte Laminate

Matte-finish laminates provide an elegant look to a kitchen space. This laminate has moderate reflectiveness and a standard finish with great resistant to scratches. They can be cleaned easily and do not require much maintenance. These are the cheapest option available and are most preferred. They are also available in solid colors, textured and various patterns.

Types of baskets

Cutlery basket

These are thinner baskets designed to store spoons, knife and other cutlery used in the kitchen

Cup-soccer drawer

These are designed to store cups and soccer. They have special partitions such that the soccer can be placed in line. 

Thali basket or drawer

These are specially designed to store plates or thalis, pans and other flat items.

Plain Baskets

These are designed to store large utensils. These do not have specific dividers as in the upper ones. There are different models available with a few dividers and various accessories if desired. A plain baskets, say 15x20x4 dimensions, can be availed at a cost of Rs.1,300.

Types of channels

Channels used in the kitchen drawers differ in mechanisms and also act as a major contributor to the cost of the kitchen. 

Telescopic channel 

These are most commonly used channels in the kitchen drawers. They are the cheapest and are about Rs 250 or so per drawer.

Soft close channel

Soft close channels are channels that have a soft closing mechanisms for the drawers or the baskets. These channels when closed do not hit hard rather have a smooth motion. These are preferred for drawers with breakable items such as cup and soccer or ceramic plates etc. They cost about Rs 590 onwards.


Tandem box channels are box like closed channels with a soft close mechanism built in it. They are most widely used to give a rich and classy look to the kitchen. They are considered the best options when a greater and heavy storage is there. A tandem box kit with drawer slides, rear and front brackets, rod and screws would cost about Rs.2500 onwards depending on the company and type of drawers too.

Overhead cabinet options

Traditional shutters

These are shutters with wooden or aluminium panels. A modern look can be given with a laminate or finish added to the wooden shutter. Usually tinted glass is used with aluminium panel to give a aesthetically appealing view.

Lift up mechanism 

Lift up shutter are a latest technology using hydraulic pump mechanism such that shutter can be lifted vertically upwards. These are widely used these days in modern modular kitchen but are comparatively costlier. 

Vertical rolling shutter 

A tall rolling shutter is usually used in the corner of the kitchen such that it gives a centralized storage with adjustable shelves inside giving a great organisation. A tall door with multiple blinds rolls up and down smoothly and can be effectively designed as per the height of the user.

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