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Basement Design and Usage Ideas

Dec 02 2019

Malak Mehta

Having a basement in your house? Are you worried about basements tuning out to be dark and dingy? Here are various design ideas which will help you to make your basement prove to be more appealing and much preferred space to spend time in. You can also make use of your basements for different purposes depending on your interests and size of your basement.

Using open planning layout

Basement spaces should be planned such that they are open and do not have hindered offsets to make the area look larger and spacious. Rooms with partitions and cluttered furniture make the spaces feel small and dark too. That should be avoided with the basement.

Pastel colors

Pastel and neutral colors which are soothing to eyes work best for basement. They give space a rich and classy look and are also enhanced under artificial lighting making the basement feel lively.

Analysing the natural light

If there is window in the basement, even a small one letting in natural light, then that area can be designed such that there is nothing blocking this window. The light should be allowed to flow throughout to make the space feel brighter and naturally lit.

Proper artificial lighting

The basement should have sufficient installation of artificial lighting such that the space does not appear dark and doomy.

A basement can be used for different purposes, with some of them suggested below.

Using as a lounge

The best and easiest way to use your basement is by converting it into a lounge by moving in the furniture and designing it in a way that suits you the best for relaxing and having your own time.

Converting to home theatre

If you have a pretty large room without any offset, then you can convert the room into a small home theatre with a projector screen and sofa chairs.

A bar

You can use your basement however small or large by installing cabinets and refrigerator.

Workout space

Are you a workout freak? Or don’t have any extra space for the treadmill and other workout machinery ? Then your basement can definitely become the best workout space for you.

Children play area

The basement can be simply used for your children’s’ play area just by using floor mats and unpholisted furniture nearby. It would provide a large free space for the kids to move and play too.

Hobby space

If you are an artist or a musician, you can just change the dark area into a live studio for your work.


You can simply convert your basement into a library by building up shelves and storage for books. It’s a perfect peaceful space away from outside disturbance.

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