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Bathroom Design Mistake You Should Avoid

Feb 10 2022


Your dream home is incomplete if you do not build an immaculate bathroom that looks elegant and stylish, besides being exceptionally functional and relaxing to use. Your bathroom is like a haven where you're most at ease with yourself. It is a place where you prepare yourself to face the world or relax after a challenging day at work. So a bathroom must comfort you with its design and offer you maximum comfort. 

Designing or renovating your bathroom can be a dream if you understand how to do it. However, if you don't, it can be the biggest nightmare of your life as there can be nothing more dreadful than an uninviting bathroom design that upsets your mind the minute you walk in. So we can say that the key to a successful bathroom layout is preparation, and that applies whether you are aspiring for a new look or just a few simple renovations. 

From deciding what water system model you have to pick or choosing taps you would like, there are multiple things to consider when designing or renovating your bathroom to ensure it looks fantastic and works perfectly functional than ever. 

To help you in this direction, we've compiled a list of top bathroom mistakes you must avoid. 

  • Ignoring the door clearing

When designing or renovating a new bathroom, it is easy to overlook your detailed requirements and how you use the entire area. In addition, when choosing from different bathroom layouts, people usually ignore the door design that can impair the look of your bathroom. 

So, before doing or settling on a bathroom door design, it is better to check how your bathroom would look. In addition, thinking about your door clearing requirements will help you develop a bathroom that's both contemporary and functional, and you will avoid making costly mistakes. Furthermore, if your bathroom area is compact, you can try installing a slider instead of an oversized door that can assist you in maximizing the space you have in a small bathroom. 

  • Not treating wood fixtures 

Wooden fixtures have now become a modern luxury bathroom trend. However, before installing wood finishes such as country-style wooden paneling or an oak-coated vanity bureau, you must ensure that these wooden fixtures have the correct treatment. These treatments guard your wood finishes against humidity and moisture, which could lead to quick wood deterioration. 

  • Inadequate pipe planning

It is yet another common design mistake that many homeowners commit. Even when you opt for a clinical and subtle bathroom style, exposed plumbing or inadequate pipe planning is a big no-no. In addition, there's no doubt that an exposed pipeline is a significant eyesore for new house buyers. Not to mention, it can be dangerous for kids. 

Moreover, you must consider getting all your pipelines covered for a safe bathroom, as not everyone loves watching metal and other elements in their bathroom. Therefore, it's always a great idea to conceal the unsightly piping in all the crannies and nooks. 

For better pipe planning, you must begin with the soil pile, the broad line that takes off wastewater from your sanitaryware. Your toilet must be a maximum of 6m from the soil line for proper drainage. In addition, baths, showers, and basins should be approximately 4m away. It is important to understand how undersized pipes will reach the soil line. It may get impacted by the design and shape of your underfloor beams.

  • Dismissing privacy

Compared to other rooms at your place, the bathroom is the most private area. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the space as segregated and secluded as possible. It doesn't imply you have to extend your house and create a hidden corridor to your bathroom. 

It simply means having a common bathroom area. Moreover, nothing can be more unsightly than having your bathroom near the dining or living room. So it is advisable to keep your bathroom area private from the rest of the rooms. 


  • Ignoring wall space

While bathroom wall space usually gets overlooked, thinking about your bathroom wall space can be a valuable storage provider. Racks with towel storage make an ornamental statement, and cutout nooks add depth that is ideal for contemporary toiletries and restroom plants. In addition, as the saying goes, 'buy inexpensive, buy twice, so when adding bathroom storage cheap wood will deteriorate, rust and may even harm other surfaces. 

On the other hand, stainless steel holds long-lasting and hard-wearing qualities that will endure for years to come. Moreover, as people do not like sharing their bathroom wall space, it is better to plan the area to ensure that your place does not look cluttered. 

Furthermore, mismatching features and wooden finishes for handles, doorknobs, taps, and even lighting fixtures is a bad idea. So be it brushed nickel, polished silver or bronze — you need to determine the look you like and keep it constant for all fixtures to give your bathroom a balanced flow.

  • Forgetting to futureproof

If you live in your dream home, you must think about setting up your bathroom to be functional and safe as you and your family grow older. Non-slip tiles, grab doorknobs, flat walk-in showers, and swapping twisting knobs for lever faucets can make the transition a little more effortless. 

If you're not entirely ready for that, you can leave the area to add these details later. In addition, the bathroom must remain fit to last for decades. Therefore, investing a considerable amount of time in its layout, structure, and design is highly advisable. 

  • Poor ventilation

One of the most prevalent problems in a bathroom renovation is discovering tiny black bits of mold striding up your recently painted walls and roofs or grout pipes turning dim and grimy. As your bathroom is the steamiest room in your place, this horror usually points to improper ventilation. 

In addition, even when you have full-size windows in your bathroom, there are some technical points to keep in mind, like establishing a ventilation system to remove all the steam left behind after your hot shower.  

So for this, you must ensure that you get in touch with an expert contractor to ensure that your existing ventilation points will work with your newly designed bathroom and deliver appropriate air circulation. Also, remember that while adjusting ventilation points can give you the design you like, it can also mismanage your finances, so it's suitable to do it accurately the first time.

Consider all the diverse sorts of ventilation systems that could be perfect for your bathroom. There are numerous alternatives available in the market nowadays, including silent exhaust fans that quickly draw out dampness, opening windows during your bath, and brushing down your shower floors and walls after use to expedite drying and remove excess water. 

  • Choosing incompatible fittings

Choosing incompatible fittings is another prevalent mistake that can make your bathroom look disorganized. Also, as a rule of thumb, your bathroom should always create a cohesive look. Mismatching fittings and finishes for handles and doorknobs, faucets, and even lighting is a bad idea.

  • Inadequate drainage

An exquisite wetroom-style bathroom sounds beautiful, but without adequate waterproofing and drainage, there's a real possibility of water leaking or even flooding that could have catastrophic and expensive consequences. So it is prudent to consider area, flooring, flow velocities, and drainage before going ahead with the layout. 

You must also remember that when water does not drain entirely in your bathroom, it can result in a foul smell. So to make sure the drain remains at the right place, you need to calculate the new shower pan or bathtub to the inch before final installation.

  • Putting wall tiles on the floor

When you like any particular tile design, you want to use those tiles in your entire bathroom. However, this is a bathroom design mistake that you must avoid. In addition, you must note that designing wet areas, like the bathroom, require tiles that come with an extra finish that makes them less slippery. 

So when choosing bathroom tiles, it is prudent to take your time to pick the right material, texture, colour, and size. Also, keep in mind that the tiles that you choose for your bathroom floor should be different from your wall tiles and should be more slip-resistant and durable. 

  • Inadequate lighting

Many people usually ignore layering in the proper bathroom lighting. Merely resorting to luminous overhead lights over the dressing or bathroom mirror, shower or toilet can result in your bathroom area not living up to its maximum potential. 

It is likewise important to understand that installing too many shining lights usually leads to your bathroom being too bright and missing a subtle ambiance, which makes it far from a calming and relaxing space to spend your time.

After all, bathrooms are the central place for numerous crucial parts of your day-to-day self-care practices such as skincare, shaving, hair styling, and applying makeup. These activities need good lighting, and installing merely general light doesn't fulfill the purpose. 

So your aim should be to install a layered structure in your bathroom that comprises different lighting heads so that the space does look neither excessively bright or too pale. Your bathroom should highlight ambient lighting (likewise known as universal lighting) that delivers an expansive wash of glow throughout the bathroom space.

In addition, stifled LED strips light make for perfect ambient lighting as they consume less energy, mimic natural light, are environmentally friendly, and glow beautifully in the dark. Moreover, these lights have shade temperatures varying from warm to bright tones.  

You can also try layering the lights to make your bathroom look well-lit. For instance, you can use accent lights, such as a grand chandelier with dimmer switches hung over the bathtub to add dimension and depth to the background and get a warm, bright glow. Also, if you have an elaborate wall tile layout that you'd like to emphasize, these accent lightings will be a perfect choice. 

  • Rushing the bathroom layout process 

If you've been aspiring to renovate your bathroom for a long time, it's easy to get carried away by your inner excitement and not entirely consider your bathroom layout. No matter how much you have prepared or have planned your finances, rushing your design process (which typically requires at least four to six weeks) can turn a dream bathroom into a structural nightmare. 

So when you plan for your bathroom renovation, you must remain ready for the variety of individual elements that come into play when embarking on a layout project. Thoughtfully evaluating every step will improve the chances that you'll be content when the renovation work is complete. 

In addition, there's a fair logic interior designing holds various phases — to guarantee flawlessly calculated and constructed renovations. So it is prudent to rationally think when designing a bathroom and provide yourself ample time to pursue the proper measures to save yourself from stress, numerous replacements, and repairs down the line.

It is better to have a set strategy when it comes to purchasing and installing fixtures. So make sure you have exact dimensions and square footage estimates (including overage) for wall and floor tiles to help ascertain how much you require - and how it suits your set budget. 

The bottom line 

To summarise, we can say that proper planning plays a crucial part in renovating or designing a new bathroom. That being said, it is okay to make some mistakes, too, if you are doing it for the first time and there is no need to panic. In addition, you must note that numerous common bathroom design mistakes can readily get rectified in no time. Moreover, apart from avoiding these structure blunders, you must also specify a reasonable budget for your bathroom layouts. 

For this, you can get a quote from various vendors and then compare them based on cost and expertise. If you are looking for a reliable professional for your bathroom renovation or design, you can unquestionably choose Brick & Bolts. 

Brick & Bolts is a reputed construction company that can take care of your bathroom construction needs and helps you get the most functional bathroom that suits well within your budget and needs.

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