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Benefits of Low-cost house construction in Hyderabad 2021

May 31 2021

Anwesha Nandy

One of the most essential requirements for every human being is a house or a home to live in. However, with the growing population in the urban areas, the cost of construction of houses and buildings has been rising rapidly. With the arising of such circumstances, low-cost house construction has recently been in buzz in the world of construction. It is now known to us that with certain knowledge regarding the products and techniques that are used during the construction of a house, the cost of construction can be reduced drastically. 

Low-cost housing construction techniques for urban areas

Well, good news! It turns out that by doing some research online as well as offline, you can come across various techniques that can help you effectively with the low-cost building construction in Hyderabad. All you need to do is talk to some people who are in the know in this sector, and surf over the internet about the techniques and products that shall be used. You will get so many ideas that would not only reduce the construction cost of your house but will also open new ways you can modify your building to make it even better. 

Given below is a list of few techniques that prove to be a boon for those who are looking for low-cost house building ideas:


  • Choose the perfect plot: Selection of the right plot for the construction of your building plays a major role when it comes to low-cost home construction. Make sure you choose a plot which is close to public transport facilities and is well connected to the road. This would save you from the extra cost of building a connectivity lane to the nearest road. See to it that the plot has the availability of utility services like municipal water supply, proper drainage pattern, garbage disposal facility, etc.

  • Plus, the plot shall be square or rectangular so that you can make use of the whole plot, and shall not have any steep slope or other such anomalies, as that would require you to fill the area and level it and hence increase in cost. Make sure that you do the soil testing to determine its stability and lay the foundation based on that report. 

  • Opt for the perfect design: Opting for the perfect design or plan for the house would further work a great deal in low-cost house building. Make sure that your construction is based on a proper plan and a well-laid outbuilding design. It is always advised to start the work of construction with an adequate plan and design which shall be prepared with the help of an experienced civil engineer or architect. This will ensure that your plan covers every aspect of construction, saving you from extra costs in the future which might have occurred, had there been no solid base plan. 

Make sure that you have had clear communication with your architect and have explained to him/her clearly what exactly your requirements are and what are your expectations from this construction. Letting your construction be handled by an experienced professional would also result in him procuring the materials at a lower cost and hence helping you with low-cost building construction.

  • Pay attention to the materials being used: In any construction process, the materials used for the construction happen to be the main source of expenditure. It is thus very important that you work your best in doing the research and taking all possible measures to bring down the cost of the materials while ensuring that there is no compromise with the quality of the product. This step works a great deal in the low-cost construction of your house. Make sure that you buy from genuine and reputed traders and opt for only standardized products from the most trusted brands so that the life of your house is increased. 


Do not hesitate from taking as many quotes from the local dealers of your area and also from online websites like buildersmart, materialtree, and/or property, etc. Decide the best deal for you based on both the price and quality of the materials and try to buy in bulk as that would give you products at a good discount rate. 

  • Door frames and doors: Another part where a large amount of construction cost is spent is the doors and windows of our buildings. Thanks to the advancement of technologies, we can now save a lot of construction costs by using RCC door frames instead of using traditional wooden doors. These structures are not only useful when it comes to low-cost house construction but also add to the strength of the doorways. You can also use factory-made flush doors for the rooms or the PVC doors for the bathrooms. They are quite economical and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • Electrical wires, switches, and connections: The work related to electricity and plumbing are the two aspects that are very vital when it comes to comfortable living in a house. You would never want either of these to go wrong as that would increase costs in the longer run. Instead of settling for just any appliance, ensure you opt for the wires and switches, etc. which are safe and economical at the same time.

Always go for branded electrical wires as they will be safe and will last longer. Similarly, the switches and sockets, etc. should also be purchased keeping the best qualities in mind as they might be a bit expensive for the time being. But in the longer run, they save you from a lot of extra expenditure. 

  • Economical sanitary wares: The bathroom fittings and sanitary wares also take up a large amount of the construction cost. If you want a low-cost construction of this part of your home, it is advised that you opt for the best dealers and opt for the types of sanitary wares which are right for you as per your requirement, so that they can save you money. Plan and decide the type and ensure that you buy them in bulk so that you can bargain and get better deals at a greater amount of discount on all your products. 

  • Experienced and knowledgeable contractor: Wanting low-cost home builders is not wrong, but make sure that you don't just pay attention to the amount they charge. It is more important to see to it that they are well experienced, reputed, and trusted. This would ensure that there would be no fraud done on their part and they would do the work on time in a correct way. And there would be no incurring of surprise costs in the middle of the construction. The experience and good construction contractors will always know how to deliver the best work at a given range of prices. This would further help you in your achievement of low-cost home construction. 

Nobody would want the quality of the construction of their building or house to be compromised in any way just because they focused way too much on getting a low-cost building construction. But then what can be done so that we ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of the building and at the same time the cost of construction is lowered significantly?  

Here are a few methodologies to keep in mind to have low-cost home builders expenditure at the best quality:

  • Pay attention to the plot and soil: The first thing that you have to pay attention to is the plot of land and the soil it is composed of. Make sure that you choose the plot which does not have any steep slope at any side or any such anomaly which may require the leveling of the land as that increases the cost of construction. Further, do the soil check of the area and ensure that the soil is suitable and not very loose soil. This prior inspection is a great method if you want to go for low-cost construction. 

  • The connectivity and amenities: Next step is to focus on the connectivity and the facilities available in the area. See to it that the plot is having a good connection with the road and lies within the reach of the basic facilities like the electricity connection, the municipal water supply, the drainage system of the area, the garbage dumping facility, etc. The cost for construction of these means will be saved and would result in low-cost home builders' expenditure. 

  • Prepare a plan and do not make changes after construction starts: Before you start the construction, you shall have a pre-planned design of the building which is prepared by an expert civil engineer or architect as per your requirements and budget. Make sure that you don’t make any changes in the middle of the construction as that increases the expenditure amount. If you want a low-cost home construction, then avoid any last-minute changes or mid-construction changes in the design or plan. 

  • Go for prefabrication work: Using prefabricated items like walls and certain parts of the house which are made separately in factories, will not only reduce the time required to build the house but will also help you achieve the objective of low cost house building. 

  • Use fly ash bricks instead of red bricks: Fly ash bricks are less costly as compared to red bricks or other bricks, but possess good strength for construction purposes. It is hence advised to use fly ash bricks instead of red bricks or other bricks as that would reduce the cost of construction considerably.

  • Saving on flooring: You can save a great deal at the low-cost building construction when you are deciding the material to be used for flooring. The tiles used for flooring come in a wide range of prices. You can use the most economical one for your house. You can also opt for cement flooring or red oxide flooring which are a good option for durable, low-cost house construction. 

Foundation for low-cost house construction

The foundation of the house alone takes up around 10 to 15 percent of the total expenditure in the building. If planned according to the plot and soil of the plot, and keeping in mind other factors, we can save a great deal on the foundation of the house itself while ensuring that the foundation of the house we are constructing is not compromised in terms of quality and durability in any way. 

It is advised to adopt arch foundation in ordinary soil, reducing the expenditure to 40 percent, and in case of black cotton and other soft soil, it is recommended to use under reamed pile foundation which would save 20 to 25 percent of the cost compared to the conventional method. 

Hollow concrete block load-bearing walls for low-cost house construction

For low-cost home construction, it is advised to use concrete block hollow load-bearing walls for construction. It has a lot of benefits; for instance, it provides insulation from heat, sound, etc., requires less cement mortar, or might not even require plastering, thus speeding up the process, and reducing the cost by making an overall save of 10 to 20 percent.


Filler slabs for ceilings in low-cost house construction

Filler slabs are the normal RCC slabs in which the bottom half concrete part is replaced by filler materials like cellular concrete blocks, bricks, tiles, etc. These materials are placed in such a way as to ensure that there is no compromise with the structural strength, and at the same time, the non-functional concrete is removed. This makes the slab economic, safe, and sound, and also provides an aesthetic look to the ceiling, saving you the cost of plaster too. 

Prefabrication of structural elements for low-cost house construction

Using prefabricated material is a great methodology used for low-cost house construction. This would not only reduce the price of the constructed structure per se but will also save you from the extra cost which otherwise would have been resulted from the labor, materials, energy, etc. It also saves time and the quality will be consistent and standardized as per the norms of the manufacturing company. 

Doors and windows that can be used in case of a low-cost house construction

Make sure you avoid using wood for the doors and windows if you wish to have a low-cost house building. Instead, you can opt for concrete or steel section frames that might reduce the cost up to 40 percent. You can use RCC door frames, which are lighter, durable, and less costly. You can go for factory-made flush doors for inner rooms and PVC doors for the bathrooms. 

If you are in search of a reliable source for low-cost home construction without having to work way too hard and sweat all day in that extreme climate, reach out to us at Brick&Bolt! We bring to you a list of the best contractors who will efficiently do the work. We take care of robust quality checks and ensure that the best is delivered to you.  

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