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Best Balcony Gardening Ideas For Your Home

Jan 30 2021

Anwesha Nandy

When it comes to decorating the balcony, we usually choose the conventional furniture or some basic decorations with festivals lights. Having a garden at home is s dream for so many of us. But with increasing apartments culture having a personal garden is not possible. So why not make a petite garden for your apartment in your balcony? A few ideas that can make the gardening for your balcony more fun, as well as attractive, are listed below.

A Tiny Park

A tiny yard is very much possible in case you are looking for balcony décor ideas. You can lay down Astroturf on the floor to create a yard. Now you can add some wooden crates filled with plants that can be arranged around to decorate. Try using bright coloured plants to mix it up a little. If possible add a flowering plant to add some beautiful colour to your balcony garden.

The DIY Project

You can bring a sense of uniqueness for your balcony garden by getting a little arty. Pick a couple of old bottles preferably glass or plastic. If they are not coloured, then try colouring them with mild shades or with simple designs or you can use some beautiful stickers. Tie them up together to form a complete stand and add small plant seeds in them. This will a great gardening idea for a small garden in your balcony, especially for tiny balcony ideas.

The Hanging Plants

You can buy a couple of small planting pots and create a beautiful garden, perfect for tiny balcony ideas. Stack them up on a rod and using eye hooks hang them in the balcony. This will save you ample space and sits perfectly well for small balcony gardening ideas. This is called vertical gardening.

Hang them from the Walls

This is my personal favourite being that it not only looks amazing from inside the house but gives a magical, mystical garden feeling from the outside too. So, you can opt for creepers like money plants and let them grow beautifully on the balcony wall. This kind of gardening will also be suitable for terrace gardening ideas and looks fabulous if you have rods railings.

Self-sufficient Gardening

Given you chose gardening for your balcony, why not seed in some items that can come handy in your kitchen? You can use a couple of wooden pallets and experiment with small herbs and food gardening.

Vibrant Pots

Experimenting with bright colours is an amazing way of adding focus to your balcony. In fact, it helps add fresh energy to your home. Pick out bright coloured pots and have them arranged on the sidewalls of your balcony. This gardening will be a great décor idea for your balcony. It will be a visual treat from the streets.

General advice -During vertical gardening creations ensure you drill small holes in the bottom of the layers for the water to pass through which will keep the plant and its roots healthy.

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