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Brick&Bolt - Best House Construction Company in India

Jan 06 2023


The house construction process is challenging, and finding the perfect construction company is nothing less than an exciting adventure! Constructing your dream house gives you the exposure to design a home that completely fits your lifestyle. It depends upon whether you do the house construction according to your actual needs and requirements and materializes it using cutting-edge design and technology.

The house construction process involves a lot of time, money, planning, and decision-making. There are many factors to consider while building a house, such as the best location, the best materials, and the most important thing is finding the best construction company.

If you’re trying to find the best house construction company in India, Brick&Bolt is your one-stop solution for all your home construction requirements. We are ranked among the leading construction company in India and are determined to provide a solid foundation that will last for generations. We are renowned for constructing the best houses with beautiful designs and modern aesthetics.

If you own land, then choose us to convert your dream house construction into reality and get all the important updates during the construction process from our technical experts and trustworthy contractors.

Our top priorities are customer-centricity, business ethics, timeless principles, and transparency. Engineering, conceptual design, detailing, project management, procurement, fabrication, construction, exteriors, and interiors are all areas of our incredibly comprehensive multi-domain offering.

Let us check how Brick&Bolt is changing the housing construction industry in India:

Assured Quality Control: We perform 340+ quality checks per construction floor. Each step of the project is evaluated for quality by our project management team. Multiple technological platforms are used to monitor the project's quality and progress, ensuring that every quality check is noticed while the house construction is going on.

Safe Money Transaction: Brick&Bolt use an Escrow Model for money transactions work. The contractor is never paid in advance for any stage. Usually, a project is divided into several stages. For every stage, the customer transfers only the stage amount to Escrow. The money is only transferred to the contractor after our project management team has approved the project.

Absolute Transparency: Customers, contractors, and project management teams communicate in real time on one single platform where everything is controlled. From the project's start to the end, the customers get all detailed information regarding the project.

Online Tracking: Our construction project management software helps to manage construction activity and gives customers live updates. The customers can also track the projects online. This unique software helps to avoid any delays in construction projects.

Timely Delivery: Brick&Bolt hates delays! We hand over projects on time. In case of avoidable delay, we pay the penalty for every day we delay.

Construction of House Step By Step

Building your new house becomes exciting when you understand how construction works. Let's check the six initial stages of the construction project