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Best House Elevation Designs In India | Brick&Bolt

Jan 31 2023


We all desire to own a lovely house because they are a silent reflection of our sense of style. A house can look beautiful by using standard house elevation designs. Any house's elevation design directly affects the property's value. Therefore, to attain the highest level of beauty, you must be careful while choosing the house front design. Generally, architects and designers draw the home's dimensions to scale. The finished home measures are usually drawn to scale, and their length and thickness match exactly. With the help of these elevation designs, you may know more about how your house will look from different angles.

The architecture of a house greatly depends on the front design of house. Making decisions about the materials, features, colors, and architectural themes can be difficult when designing a simple front design of a house. This blog will give you an overview of the standard house front design and house elevation that will help you acquire the necessary information before meeting an architect.

Types of House Floor Elevation Designs in India

Front Elevation Designs for A Single Floor: One of the elevation designs for any house is the front elevation. The front design of house gives a perfect view of the house right from the entry level, which includes the main gate, windows, entrance, etc. The front view only reveals partitions if they are purposefully constructed or protrudes from your property. This simple front design of house gives the property a luxurious appearance and an ultra-modern feel.