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Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas and optimising Bathroom Space

Feb 20 2020

Malak Mehta

In small houses, where there are restrictions with space, usually bathroom spaces are compromised. Within this optimal space also an effective expansive feel can be provided. Various techniques or design ideas can be utilized to in making small bathrooms look desirably enlarged and useful.

Smart Storage

Using effective store cabinet in the bathroom reduces plenty of space. Providing cabinet below wash basin is a great idea to avoid clutter shelves in to place things in the bathroom. Making niches in the wall or overhead shelves to place stuff also work. Finished edges overall give an enlarged look to the space in bathrooms.

Walled shelves

Space overhead can be utilized by making shelves to keep stuff.

Proper lighting

Proper position of ventilation window such that maximum natural light enters bathroom is a must. Lighted bathroom automatically gives an expansive feel.

Avoid recessed ceiling or false ceiling

Lowering down the height of the bathroom makes it look even smaller. Avoid using false ceiling for

Relevant tile size

Using extremely large tiles or too tiny tiles can make the bathroom look disproportionate. So, using relevant tile size is really important.

Reflective Colors

Lighter tones of warm or cool colours that reflect light make bathroom look brighter. Brighter bathrooms tend to look more pleasing and large.

Bathroom fixtures

Using minimum bathroom fixtures make walls appear blank and large. These fixtures of same material or color enhance the contrast and give a relative good appearance.

Variety of textures

Adding textures to blank tiles can be an option. Using variance in tile colors or patterns add to the quality of bathroom space.

Use of transparent glass

Use of glass partition or shower door is preferred over frosted or opaque glass. This would expand the field of view in the bathroom making it appear large. In opposition to that frosted glass would give privacy but make the bathroom look smaller.

Large Mirror

Placing a large mirror in the bathroom reflects lot of light and is good for small bathrooms.

Use of countertops

Countertop basins tend to provide a more expansive look rather than the wall mount basins which look more as an obstruction. Reflective countertops also add to giving an enlarged appearance. Moreover, cabinets can be placed below the countertops for storage.

Main Image Source: Cute DIY Projects

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