Brick&Bolt: Transforming Dreams into Reality with Exceptional Construction Services

Feb 15 2024

Archana Ajith Beena

Beginning a construction project is like embarking on an incredible journey!

Whether you're building your ideal house or re-establishing a treasured place, your journey will undoubtedly be filled with enthusiasm, aspirations, and a dash of anticipation. You need a reliable construction partner by your side to ensure this process goes smoothly and your vision is realised. That's where Brick&Bolt comes in as your guiding star on your construction journey.

In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of working with Brick&Bolt as your construction partner. They're not just any construction business - they're the architects of your future, with unrivalled knowledge, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a passion for making your dreams a reality.

Why is it Important to Understand the Role of a Contractor in your Home Construction Project?

Understanding the role of a contractor during home construction is critical for a number of reasons, which include:

Effective Project Management

Ideally, an efficient contractor can effectively take in charge of overseeing the scheduling of work, working with subcontractors, and ensuring that the project stays on track and within budget.

Quality and Compliance

A good contractor must understand building codes, laws, and best practices to ensure that the construction project fulfills all necessary safety, structural integrity, and local regulations standards.

Cost Control

Contractors play an important role in controlling the cost of construction projects,  by delivering accurate estimates, sourcing supplies efficiently, and effectively managing subcontractors to reduce cost overruns.

On-time Project Delivery

Understanding the contractor's role helps homeowners understand how the project timeline is produced and managed, including weather, material availability, and subcontractor collaboration.

Communication and Collaboration

Contractors serve as the homeowner's primary point of contact, promoting clear communication and collaboration with the construction team to ensure that the client's vision and requirements are understood and properly accomplished.

Benefits of Choosing Brick & Bolt as Your Home Construction Partner

  1. Money Safety

At Brick&Bolt, we protect our client's interests by ensuring money safety through our ‘ESCROW MODEL’. The way the transactions are set up ensures that the contractor receives ‘No Advance Payment’ while the project is being built. 

Here's how the model functions:

  • The customer deposits the project funds into the ‘ESCROW Account’ in accordance with the construction stage.

  • The money that the client deposits is released to the contractors upon the completion of the stage and approval by our in-house project management team.

For the clients, this model facilitates as a money safety mechanism.

Money Safety

  1. Quality Assurance

At Brick&Bolt, we provide a high degree of confidence and consistency about the calibre of the building materials utilised as well as the finished project's quality.

We accomplish this using our patented quality assessment system QASCON, which conducts 370+ distinct quality checks. Our internal tech-based platforms and apps are used to implement QASCON. 

Brick&Bolt's dedication to guaranteed quality control is fueled by this quality assessment system, which gives customers a greater sense of assurance over the completion of their house construction projects.

Quality assured

  1. Supply of Building Materials

We are a full-stack organisation that takes pride in supplying building materials to our sites. By doing this, we make sure that high-quality products are delivered on time to support execution. 

This is made possible by our solid and reliable relationships with downstream supply chain systems and manufacturers, which enable us to provide our clients with cost savings.

Our supply chain solutions have the following characteristics:

  • Lower material costs as a result of the volume of business activity

  • Sufficient availability of both structural and non-structural building materials.

  • The construction site will be tracked and monitored via an internal supply chain platform.

  • Assessing the supply of materials and labour in light of the buyer's system-driven creditworthiness.

  1. Absolute Transparency

At Brick&Bolt, we guarantee complete transparency to our clients by facilitating real-time communication between clients, contractors, and the project management team via a centralised artificial intelligence platform.

To achieve transparency,

  • All items must be listed in detail in contracts and specifications, with no room for misinterpretation.

  • Automation of workflow to guarantee that all quality checks are completed on every visit and to enable real-time client updates.

  • The technology that is utilised to prepare, present, and identify designs, schedules, problems, etc., must be updated regularly.

  1. Regular Site Audits

At Brick&Bolt, we implement a “3-Level Audit System” to make sure that every project is completed on schedule and to the highest possible standard.

The auditing process for this is as follows:

  • Firstly, the construction partner uses the partner app to carry out the initial round of quality inspections.

  • Secondly, the site engineer uses the inspection app to carry out the second round of checks.

  • Lastly, the project manager uses the project management platform to confirm that the quality checks have been completed.

This audit procedure is carried out regularly to make sure the problems are found, reported, and fixed in the allotted period.

  1. Contactless Construction

At Brick&Bolt, we assist our clients in creating their dream homes while they remain comfortable in their own homes by offering "Contactless Construction" services.

Here's how we go about it:

  • Schedule online meetings and send our clients digitalised quotes.

  • Work together with architects to provide house design plans.

  • Using the customer app to access project dashboards, designs, contracts, and other documents.

  • Access to site images and videos at your fingertips via our app.

The goal here is to offer a more convenient and safe option for clients to construct their dream home.

  1. Home Warranty

There are several benefits to building a new house, including the opportunity to choose the flooring, wall colour, tiling, and much more. Everything is customisable to your preferences.

However, other crucial elements must also be taken into consideration. One such element is your "Home Warranty." It shields homeowners from unplanned or natural disasters.

At Brick&Bolt, we provide our customers with a ten-year home warranty and money refunds for delays to provide them with this kind of protection.

  1. Dedicated Tech Support

At Brick&Bolt, we believe that construction operations can only scale as technology advances.

To ensure this, we have built a 'State-of-the-Art' technology comprising ‘16+ applications’ to manage our projects and clientele base to make sure that the construction process is predictable and of the highest quality.

The following are the systems that we employ to make construction more predictable:

  • A ‘Design Platform’ consisting of parameterised plans that the client can access from any location.

  • ‘Contractor Management Platform’ to help qualify, rate, and assign jobs to contractors.

  • An ‘Inspection App’ that uses 'Workflow Automation' to ensure that our site engineers verify and inspect sites consistently.

  • A ‘Supply Chain Platform’ to ensure that the supply of building materials to the site is done as and when needed.

  • A ‘Contractor and Customer App’ provides the contractor as well as the client with a 360-degree view of their project, and that too at their fingertips.

  1. Reimbursement for Delays

As per industry reports, more than 50% of real estate and construction projects are delayed in India due to a lack of standardised practices and limited access to resources.

To avoid such aversions, we at Brick&Bolt follow a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach towards any delays, and this is how we do it:

  • First, our project management app monitors the project against the work schedule daily and raises the alarm when necessary.

  • Then, the automated task management tool assigns tasks to the team to guarantee that corrective steps are taken whenever problems arise.

  • In case a project is delayed due to whatever reason, we ensure that suitable refunds are issued in accordance with our ‘Strict Penalty Clauses.’

  1. On-time Project Completion

Completion of a home construction project within the stipulated time, without any delays, is a dream for every homeowner. We at Brick&Bolt are committed to ensuring on-time project delivery with no cost overruns by giving our clients access to ‘Online Project Tracking’ to understand the timeline of each project stage.

Furthermore, we have in-house tech-based platforms that track and monitor delays through corrective actions and tasks that are completed on a regular basis to maintain an enjoyable client experience.


In the construction world, selecting a construction partner can make or break the success of your project. But Brick&Bolt emerges as the clear winner in this regard, thanks to its unwavering commitment to excellence, transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

When you choose Brick&Bolt as your construction partner, you get more than simply a contractor; you get a team of dedicated and trained professionals who share your vision and work relentlessly to make it a reality. 

So, while planning your next building project, consider Brick&Bolt - the partner you can rely on to make your dreams a reality.

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