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Brighten up your bedroom- 4 Simple designs for your bedroom

Mar 21 2020

Varshnee Raj

A perfect sleeping space can fix the present and make a great start for a new day. A bedroom needs to be a personalized space that relaxes you as well as drips with elegance. Apart from choosing the right colour and interiors, the way your bedrooms designed overall can be of great value. While bedroom furniture designs can work their way to bringing this to reality and few simple design ideas can make your sleeping space not so sleepy. So, before you pick you choices for your bedroom space, check out 4 interesting ideas you can replicate in your bedrooms for a fresh look.

  1. Saving up space in small rooms : You can go for a basic wooden bed frame either platform or panel. A good start would be to opt for sliding doors over traditional wardrobe design for bedrooms that will add up to the interior design as well as be an efficient cupboard design for small bedrooms. You can also alternatively place the bed attached to two walls leaving space on one side or leave a little space for a side table. You can try placing the bed in a partially blocking manner to the window eliminating the need for blinds or curtains.

  2. A little more than your basics: Another add -on to your basic bedroom design will be a simple wooden bedframe preferably platform frame. To the design you can add a small chair along with a lamp table for one part of the room. If you are looking to include a TV in your room you can add a wooden table to your interior which can be used as a dressing table too. A simple side table can be added to give a complete look. You can use the cupboards or add a simple wardrobe to complete the look.
  3. The cozy style space : You can opt out of the traditional wooden bed and go for modern bed styles. You can add to the wardrobe design for the bedroom with a stylish external wooden cupboard. You can also add a computer station or table to the design along with some fancy designed furniture and a book shelf.  You can choose French beds to go for this style of decoration and laminate tables for your computer.

  4. Bunker bed for your bedroom : If you are looking to decorate the space for your kids, adding a bunker bed would be a great idea. A small computer station in the corner of the room that can also be used as a study space can be dedicated. Also, adding a shelf for storage apart from the cupboards can be useful. You can either choose a traditional closet or take a stackable storage drawers for the room that will be a great addition to the interior design.

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