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Bring home some positive Chi - Feng Shui Tips for positive energy at home

Apr 02 2020

Varshnee Raj

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that studies the flow of life energy through the environment and the surrounding space. The word Feng Shui menas ‘Wind and Water’ .They  are believed to dispel and keep in check the essence force of things respectively. This art has been practised for many years now with the hopes of encouraging prosperity, happiness and good health.

Understanding the under lying meaning of how various elements at home affects these forces we can increase positive energy at home. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to bring home positive energy.

  1. Always study the outside energy to decipher the inner energy of the house. No good can come from any tips unless the outside energy or Chi has good elements to bring home. A brief suggestion on how to study the outside Chi can be referred from this article.
  2. Keep your homes free of cluttering : A home with cluttered spaces and items is a bad symbol. Feng Shui requires one to remove such cluttering at home in order to divert positive energy to your homes. This will help attract and keep wealth as well.
  3. Keep a strong front door- Feng Shui suggests having a strong front door can bring home good energy. Also, the front door must be bigger than all the other doors in the home for  good relationships and marriage.
  4. If there are any beams directly above places you study, eat or rest, this will affect the energy and disrupt your though process. Hence hanging a wind chime directly from the beam can help remove this negative energy.
  5. Adding a Feng Shui Aquarium – A Feng Shui Aquarium is considered a good symbol of wealth , prosperity and positive energy. You can keep one at home.
  6. Placing a wind chime or bamboo in the entrance or in the windows helps remove reflect away negative energy.
  7. 7. Adding a Feng Shui tortoise or a buddha status to you garden is considered a good symbol. It is believed to bring stability at home as well as protect and promote the energy of your house.  
  8. The best Feng Shui Tips for money is to use symbols such as fountains or mystic knots in the areas that can be mapped as the money centres at home. This will help in bringing abundance of energy and power to your home.

  9. Feng Shui also considers holidays as a great opportunity to revive and bring positive energy home. These days energize the elements in your home and shower you with positive energy and happiness.

Image Source: Natura Home

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