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Bring Some Positive Energy into Your Home – Feng Shui Tips

Apr 22 2021

Anwesha Nandy

We all want to welcome good energies into our homes and fill our lives with happiness and prosperity. Positive energy is very important for your home environment. We all want a home that rejuvenates us, you should know that the energy of a home affects the people who live in it. Your environment has a major role to play in building a foundation for your mind, body, and soul. Attracting some positive energy to your home is what we all need. Here in this article, we will be talking about how to bring positive energy into your home and boost positive vibes.

10 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

Sunlight A Natural Mood Booster

Sunrays are very important to enhance positive energy all over the house. It is known that the rays of the sun are beneficial in eradicating the negative energy from home. Also, vitamin D instantly makes you feel happier and elevates your mood. You need to stress the importance of natural light at home as it has an immense effect on your life. A room becomes radiant when the sunlight gets in. Allowing the natural light to enter your home will automatically bring positive energy into your space. Hence ensure that you keep the windows of your home open, for some time in the morning as fresh air and sunlight aids positive energy at home.

Clutter-free Home

Clutter often reflects life’s unfinished business. De-cluttering your space has a profound effect on the positivity of a room or space. Clutter causes stress, throw away all your broken and unused old items such as electronic items, watches, clothes, etc. The best idea is throwing them away as such pieces not only add to the clutter, but things that are beyond repair bring in negative energy. A clean home will make you happy and bring good vibes into the house. Hence, keep the surroundings of your home clean and let your home be filled with positive energy.

House Plants for Good Vibes

When you are tired of facing the so-called mechanical world, the only place you want to get back to is your home. When your home oozes a sense of positivity it does wonders, not only psychologically but also physically. Get rid of the negative energy in your home by placing some indoor plants. House plants not only beautify the space but also eliminates the negative vibes and bring in positive energy inside the house. Plants like the lucky bamboo are said to bring in happiness, good luck and health also plants like peace lily, jasmine, and orchid aids good sleep, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When you have some freshness and greenery of plants at home it will most definitely boost positive energy by increasing the flow of energy and it has many other advantages. So bring nature inside and enjoy a beautiful life.

Spiritual Vibrations for Good Energy

Praying every day is the key to bring positive energy into your home. Always chant clearly and loudly, keeping your home space clean before praying is equally important as positive energy cannot reside in a dirty place. You should pray from your heart there is no definite prayer to chant. Make spirituality a part of your daily life. In most Indian homes, a small room is dedicated only for praying. A pooja room is considered to be the most auspicious place in any home. It is the main source of the house for driving positive energies in the entire home. Every prayer thought word deed involves a flow of energy. This energy has the power to lift us, heal us, comfort us, and inspire us on the positive side.

Sea Salt Purifies Home Space

Sea salt is known to be a healer. Placing sea salt crystals in different corners of the house including bathrooms will absorb negative energy inside the house. You can also clean the floor of your house with sea salt and water at least once a week to cleanse your house and attract positive energy into your home.

Keep Your House Smelling Pleasant

Lighting scented and aromatic candles diffuse negative energy and create positive energy inside the house. Lighting incense sticks can also help to purify the house of bad energy. Did you know that lemon/citrus drives away negative energy? Most Indian households cannot do without lemons at home. To make a DIY lemon and herb fresher at home simmer water in a small pan and add slices of lemon and herbs of your choice like basil, mint, lavender as the water simmers it permeates a sweet smell throughout the house. Also, you can use some non-toxic, customizable essential oils that can make a room smell fresh, bright, and happy for hours on end.

Hang A Wind Chime For Boosting Positivity

Wind chimes bring in some good positive energy into your house. Hang a wind chime as it will negate all the bad energy and purify the energy as it enters your house. It is believed that hanging wind chimes in your home can help in keeping negative energies away. The soothing music of the wind chime can bring in positive vibrations in your home. The gentle tinkling sound that emanates from it helps this energy to linger on and meander gently in your space thereby attracting prosperity.

Crystals For Positive Feeling

Crystals give out good energy there are several crystals that you can keep in your house clear quartz cleanses negative energy, and amethyst drives away bad energy. Placing rose quartz in every room of the house will help in dispelling all the negative energy and bring happiness, love, and joy into the household. By placing a hematite crystal under the doormat at the entrance will obstruct the negative energy which is often brought in by the people visiting your home. Crystals create a holistic home sweet home by transforming the energy and mood of your entire space.

Colors Can Bring Positivity

Colors can bring a different energy into your home. Subtle colors are mostly preferred as they create soothing and positive energy. Light colors tend to evoke positive energy and an energetic feel in your home. Research has shown that colors can greatly affect our moods and behavior. You must pick the right color for your home. So before considering a new paint color in your home, think about how you want a room to feel. Also, colors like icy blues and greens create a serene, calming and joyful space.

Hang Positive Paintings At Home

Hanging positive paintings at home that provides a constant reminder of happiness can immediately make a room feel more positive. Everything we see, experience, and understand is filtered first visually and then mentally. While selecting a painting pay attention to the expression or general feel of the artwork. Pick works that evoke happiness, positivity, and divinity. Go with your gut feeling. The bottom line is that when you look at the artwork it should make you feel good, positive, and vibrant.

Feng Shui For Positive Energy at Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that studies the flow of life energy through the environment and the surrounding space. The word Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’. They are believed to dispel and keep in check the essential force of things respectively. This art has been practiced for many years now with the hopes of encouraging prosperity, happiness, and good health.

Understanding the underlying meaning of how various elements at home affects these forces we can increase positive energy at home. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to bring home positive energy.

Always study the outside energy to decipher the inner energy of the house. No good can come from any tips unless the outside energy or Chi has good elements to bring home. A brief suggestion on how to study the outside Chi can be referred from this article.

Keep your homes free of cluttering: cluttered spaces and items are a bad symbol.

Feng Shui requires one to remove such cluttering at home to divert positive energy to your home. This will help attract and keep wealth as well. Keep a strong front door- Feng Shui suggests having a strong front door can bring home good energy. Also, the front door must be bigger than all the other doors in the home for good relationships and marriage.

If there are any beams directly above places you study, eat or rest, this will affect the energy and disrupt your thought process. Hence hanging a wind chime directly from the beam can help remove this negative energy.

Adding a Feng Shui Aquarium – A Feng Shui Aquarium is considered a good symbol of wealth, prosperity, and positive energy. You can keep one at home.

Placing a wind chime or bamboo in the entrance or the windows helps remove reflect away negative energy.

Adding a Feng Shui tortoise or a buddha statue to your garden is considered a good symbol. It is believed to bring stability at home as well as protect and promote the energy of your house. 

The best Feng Shui tips for money is to use symbols such as fountains or mystic knots in the areas that can be mapped as the money centers at home. This will help in bringing an abundance of energy and power to your home.

Feng Shui also considers holidays as a great opportunity to revive and bring positive energy home. These days energize the elements in your home and shower you with positive energy and happiness.

5 Simple Things That Bring Positive Energy To Your Home

A Dream Catcher

It is an artistic home décor item that brings happiness and positivity at home. You can use it in any form such as wear it, hang it, or bookmark it. It provides great peace of mind. Dreamcatcher creates positive energy in the house. This also brings positive thinking among the family members. The best place for it to have the maximum effect is it should be placed on a balcony or a window. According to ancient beliefs, dreamcatchers were employed to overcome nightmares. This not only brings positive energy to the house but also protects you from evil and bad dreams.


Fish is lucky and symbolizes good health, prosperity, happiness, wealth, and power. If you decide to keep an aquarium the ideal proportion of fishes in your tank should be eight goldfish and one blackfish. As number eight represents prosperity and the blackfish is believed to absorb all the negative energies. Arowana wealth fish the most popular and effective feng shui wealth fish is the Arowana or the dragonfish.



An elephant-shaped cushion or pottery object brings good luck, protection, wealth, and wisdom as this animal is a sign of good luck, understanding, and loyalty. Elephant imagery in the home invites good luck and fortune. Elephants are often depicted with the wish-fulfilling jewel, to grant good fortune. You can place elephants at the entry door to invite in this positive energy at home. This can also be located near the desk for more luck in your career.


Placing the statue of Buddha at the main entrance brings in positive energy and good vibes. It is said, if one rubs the Laughing Buddha’s great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Keeping a Buddha statue in your house not only attracts positive energy but also repels negative forces. It is recommended by Feng-shui be kept in a place of eye-level or upward height and should be facing the east.


A tortoise represents longevity and has the power to spread positive energy at home. Crystal turtle tortoise was considered a spiritual creature that indicates longevity. It is a great way to channelize the positive energy within the house. Placing it close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank will magnify the power of the tortoise

I would like to end by saying that I have mentioned all the possible ways to bring some positives vibes at home, but if you want to have a home full of positive energy, you should start thinking and feeling positive and have strong willpower. You will very soon start seeing changes in your home and feel the positive energy for a prosperous and happy life. Remember every thought produces a vibration in the universe. The energy of the vibration produced increases as the intensity of the thought increases. These vibrations have power. They have the power to change the surroundings and make the world around you filled with positivity.


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