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Building Contractors in Bangalore

Dec 08 2020

Anwesha Nandy

A building contractor is someone who supervises, inspects, and directs a construction project from start to end.

You as a property owner need to have a contract with a building contractor for the construction of a project and a building contractor will have a contract with the subcontractors and suppliers.

General duties of a building contractor

  1.  A building contractor is responsible for providing all the materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project.
  2. A building contractor will coordinate with the vendors for building materials. The duties of a building contractor will vary depending on the project.
  3. A building contractor will create a project plan and will make sure that he delivers it on time.
  4. A building contractor also keeps a track of the materials and also gets the equipment required.
  5. The building contractor establishes a budget for the construction project. The budget is helpful to track project costs.
  6. A building contractor plans, leads, supervises and inspects a construction project.
  7. A building contractor ensures that a project has all the specifications as mentioned in the contract.
  8. A building contractor finds and schedules all the subcontractors that are necessary to complete the project.
  9. Building contractors have different roles and each role comes with a different responsibility.

Responsibilities of a building contractor

Project planning: A project needs to be planned with all the activities of the construction project.

  1. Time is allotted to each activity with the budget.
  2. The project plan will also include the project completion date.
  3. A building contractor must meet the deadline.
  4. Any delay in the completion of the project will not be accepted from the building contractors’ rate.
  5. Only if the delay was made by an external factor beyond the building contractor's control can be adjusted and the number of days will be extended until the construction project comes to an end.

Project tracking: Building contractor is responsible for tracking the progress and make changes mid-way.

  1. A building contractor also takes into consideration the time, and budget of the project before making any changes.
  2. A change is made mid-way only if is very important and a decision has to be made by the building contractor trying to not exceed the time of the project.
  3. The project tracking process involves:
  4. Construction Site safety
  5. Quality checks
  6. Ensuring materials are purchased well in advance

Legal Measures: A building contractor must acquire all the necessary permits and licenses before the project starts.

  1. Not staying updated on the construction projects is not acceptable when it comes to construction.
  2. A building contractor must have all the construction permits and licenses.

Furnishing Project Needs: A building contractor should have all the resources to complete the first stage of the project.

A building contractor should get all the funds required from the project owner to furnish the project needs.

A building contractor in a basic project will need

  • Licensed subcontractors
  • Construction materials
  • Construction Equipment

Safety Measures: The building contractor deals with emergencies at the construction site.

  1. A building contractor must create awareness among workers to avoid any safety lapse.
  2. A building contractor is also responsible for proper equipment operation.

Project Management: The different project management activities involved so that the building contractor completes the project on time are as follows:

  1. Funds are available for the construction of the project.
  2. Pre-plan and arrange the materials required at the construction site.
  3. Purchase materials well in advance to avoid any shortage at the construction site.
  4. Hiring skilled subcontractors to complete the work.
  5. Progress reports for clearing payments of the subcontractors and workers.

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Building Contractor’s in Bangalore

To find the best building contractor in Bangalore:

Hire an end-to-end construction service provider in Bangalore.

Check online on trusted sites to know about the building contractor’s reputation and ratings.

To avoid the risk of hiring the wrong building contractor

When it is an important construction project a little planning and preparation is required.

  1. If you want to find a certified building contractor for your project then don’t let price be your decision.
  2. A building contractor will arrange all the raw materials and construction tools required for the construction of the project.
  3. You have to be very specific and be clear about the timeline from the start so that the building contractor knows when to complete the project.

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Overview of a building contractor

  1. A building contractor will arrange all the raw materials and construction tools required for the construction of the project.
  2. A building contractor is expected to have all the relevant skills to ensures the success of the project.
  3. Building contractors have different roles and each role comes with a different responsibility.
  4. A building contractor should be able to make quick decisions and be ready for uncertainty at the construction site.

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A building contractor with a good track record and good experience will manage the construction project very efficiently and provide a quality service by completing the project on time.

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