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Choose the Best Color Combination for your Modern Kitchen

Jan 27 2021

Anwesha Nandy

Do you love to cook?

If yes then the kitchen is the most important room in your house.

The kitchen is that place of the house where you want to spend most of your time of the day. For obvious reasons you either love experimenting with food and want to try out different dishes.

While we take a lot of care to design it elegant and efficient, like the rest of your home a little experiment with colours here can go a long way.

Imagine walking into a brightly lit red themed kitchen for the first cup of coffee in the morning. Dreamy isn’t it. So, if you are looking to drop boring old colours and add some fresh, vibrant shades. Read on to know more

The Citrus Scheme:

The colour scheme involves playing around with lemon yellow, a slightly higher shade of yellow and orange mostly. The colours by itself add great energy to your kitchen an invoke a fresh morning. The colour scheme has also been proven to boost good mental energy and bring home happiness. Also, the advantage of this colour is that you can experiment with shades of blue, red, brown etc for the decorations and another workaround. 

The Pastel scheme:

Soft shades with subtle tones of colours are one of the all-time favourites. But you can experiment with newer shades rather than white or cream and look for turquoise that will blend so softly with a beautiful winter morning, that you will feel like a dream.

The Bold Scheme:

One of the greatest advantages with choosing modern kitchen colour schemes is you get to play around with kitchen wall colours that are bright, bold and beautiful. A magnificent shade of red for your walls will give a posh, sexy, fierce look to your kitchen counter. You can also try your luck with purple for a bubbly look for your modern kitchen.

The Grey Scheme:

This scheme is the perfect example of perfection with just a tinge of colour. The elegant cabinets emanating class with its steel finish and the overall look of the kitchen oozes beauty. The scheme looks graceful and fits in your home with ease. Complimentary modern kitchen furniture can make it look like a dream.

The Blue, Green Scheme:

Bringing some earthy, natural shades within your kitchen designs a touch of green and blue shades can be a great modern kitchen colour scheme to try. The colours add a rustic mystery to your kitchen. You can try shades with green with cream colour to soften the overall tone and you will feel like a visit to a country kitchen here.

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