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Compound wall construction and design

Feb 16 2020

Malak Mehta

Compound wall construction and design can be done with various materials like brick,concrete, pre-cast concrete, metal grills, bamboo and stone. These days even garden green walls are used as compound walls.

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Compound walls act as the frame to the house adding to the aesthetics and overall appearance of the house. These are most ignored and usually designed with just the trends without taking into consideration the context and the design of the house. Compound walls need not be just simple straight walls. They can be designed in different ways using different materials.

Plastered brick wall

Brick wall with plaster and paint are most commonly used for making compound walls. Variation in laying such as steps or voids is done to drift away from the simple straight horizontal wall and make the wall look appealing.

Metal fenced wall

Metal grills of infinite designs are placed with brickwork or concrete columns to add to the beauty of the compound wall. Such walls give an aristocratic look.

Exposed brick work

Fine quality of bricks are used to build such compound walls. These walls provide an earthy feel to the house.

Pre-cast concrete wall

Pre-cast concrete slabs are used and stacked up to build compound walls. These are also known as ready-made compound walls.


Bamboo is a unique material which enhances the feeling of the space. Using bamboo for fencing or compound wall not only proves to be inexpensive but also enriches the space. Keeping the bamboo intact gives a more ordered look.

Wall garden – vegetative compound wall

Vegetation can be grown on walls making the aura more green and fresh. These kind of walls improve the quality of air and space too. Different plantations can be done in stripes or random to give different appearance.

Stone masonry

Rubble stone masonry is used in construction of compound walls.

Foundations for compound wall

Open foundations are simply a layer of foundation concrete provided at the base of the compound wall. Concrete pedestals are provided below the beam over which the compound wall is built.

Wall footing and stepped wall footing are used while the compound wall is made up of brickwork.

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