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Compound Wall Gate: The Classification and Types

Oct 29 2019

Dileep Chandrashekhar

The Gate is the entry point of the home. It is given to the compound wall or the exterior wall of the home. The Gates are of available in a variety of designs made up of different kinds of materials. In India, they are made up of either wood or steel. The Wooden Gate for Compound wall is most uncommon these days as they are expensive and non-durable. The Steel Gates are usually made up of Stainless Steel or Mild Steel. Stainless Steel Gates are lustrous and silvery. They are left unpainted to maintain the property of lustrousness. While the Mild Steel gates are painted or powder coated to enhance the appearance.

The following are the classification of compound wall gates based on the material used.

  1. Wooden Gate: These gates are made of wood and require high maintenance. They are not suited in high moisture zones as the wood swells on absorbing water. It also degrades periodically by fungus or termites if not serviced properly. The three types of wooden gates are:
  2. Teak Wood Gate.
  3. Sal Wood Gate.
  4. Plywood Gate. 
  5. Steel Gate. These gates are made of Steel or Iron by experienced fabricators. They are relatively more durable than the wooden gates. They are prone to corrosion and also require periodic service. They are relatively affordable and the cost per gate depends on the designs and materials used, however, a typical 4 feet gate starts from Rs 6000. 
  6. Stainless Steel Gate: Stainless Steel Gate are most stylish and durable. They are less prone to corrosion and require less maintenance. But, they are relatively costlier as it is done only by Stainless Steel fabricators and material cost is high. Always be sure with the thickness of the Steel Tubes used in the Gates. (Adopt 16 gauge or 1.29mm as the minimum thickness of the tubes used.)
  7. Mild Steel Gate: The Mild Steel Gates can be made of CR Tubes, HR Tubes, MS Steel bars or a combination of all certain unique designs. 
  8. Cold Rolled Tube Gate: These tubes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with gauges ranging from 19- 14. (Adopt 16 gauge or 1.29mm as the minimum thickness of the tubes used for better durability.)
  9. Hot Rolled Tube Gate: These tubes are less used and are relatively economical. They cannot be powder coated as the texture on them is relatively rough and can only be painted.
  10. Non-tubular Gate: These are made from steel bars, gate channels or angles. 
  11. Integrated Tubular Gate: These are made from Tubes in association with steel bars and angles. 
  12. Aluminum Gates: These are made up of Aluminum and are rarely used as the strength of aluminium is not as good as that of steel. 

The following are the classification of compound wall gates based on the serviceability used. 

  1. Sliding Gates: These gates are most stylish and space orient. These are best suitable for car parking. These are the handiest variety of gates.
  1. Track Sliding Gate: It will have a track laid with steel bars or angle that run the Sliding part. It is prone to track jams and requires periodic maintenance. 
  2. Cantilever Sliding Gate: It is a sliding gate that has wheels, track and a cantilever projection. It has no track jams and requires less maintenance.
  3. Telescopic Sliding Gate: It is a sliding gate which can be split into parts of track sliding gates. It's best suited for places where there is paucity in space for opening the gates. 
  4. Swing Gates: These gates are most used and are widely available. 
  5. Single Swing Gates: They are single leaf gates with either clockwise or anti-clockwise opening. 
  6. Double Swing Gates: They are double leaf gates with either exterior or interior opening. 
  7. Collapse Gates: These are old-fashioned gates and requires periodic maintenance. They collapse themselves before sliding through the track provides for opening the gate. 
  8. Folding Gates: These are double swing gates which fold at certain intervals to fit cars inside them. They are usually provided at places where there is ample of space for opening the gate.

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