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Construction Cost For 1200 sq. ft. House

Dec 22 2020

Anwesha Nandy

Budget plays a crucial role when you planning your home construction. Hence, calculating the construction cost is critical in project planning and scheduling to ensure your project remains under budget. It consists of estimating all construction-related costs, such as labour costs, material costs, architect and contractor’s fees, etc. However, many factors affect house construction costs, including location, material and finish selection, structural complexity, market fluctuation, etc. Thus, precise cost estimation is crucial for making sound decisions.

Therefore, Brick&Bolt brings the calculation for construction cost for a 1200 sq. ft. house. This guide will help you to understand the estimation and cost segregation for your home construction project.

Before we start estimating the cost to build a 1200 sq. ft. house, it’s important to understand its importance.

Importance of Cost Estimation

Construction estimation assists you in evaluating how much a project will cost. You may also use it to ensure that you stay under budget, have enough money to buy everything you need during construction, and you can avoid any delays due to financial issues.

However, as we mentioned earlier, your house construction cost depends on many factors, such as the location, the type of designs you choose, material quality, market fluctuation, etc. Building a custom home will usually cost more than buying a new, ready-to-move home. So, when calculating the average cost to build a 1200 sq. ft. house, you must consider all the factors.

The basic factors that majorly impact construction costs are:

  • Labourers

  • Building materials 

  • Architect’s and contractor’s fee

Other factors are:

  • Approval fees from government authorities

  • Plan approval

  • Electricity approval

A water meter is also installed in some places to measure water consumption.

Labour Cost


You require various types of labourers to complete a construction project, such as masons for constructing walls and slab casting, helpers for cleaning, digging and moving materials, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, etc. 

So, you must know the labour cost when it comes to your 1200 sq. ft. house build cost because it's around 30 to 40% of the overall construction cost. It's a variable cost that varies with supply and demand. 

When calculating the actual labour cost, you should consider the historical data on the construction projects. But this will only be useful if you leave room for changes that may inevitably occur.

The cost of labour in construction is not something that you should take lightly. Be careful right from the initial stage of the project.

Material Cost

Construction consists of a huge range of materials. To build a house, you require primary construction materials like cement, sand, aggregates, bricks, steel and finishing materials like tiles, marble, wood, false ceiling, paint, primer, etc. The material cost is around 60% of the overall construction cost. Hence, it's important to calculate this material cost precisely.

Hence, it's beneficial for you to check out Brick&Bolt's Exclusive Building Material Calculator to estimate precisely how much your building materials will cost.

Architects and Contractor’s Cost

Hiring an experienced architect and contractor can keep you a little stress-free about the project. They work efficiently and know all the necessities of your project. Hence, the professional’s fees are most important to calculate your average cost to build a 1200 sq. ft. home. Their charges will vary according to the location, size of the project, their experience and market value. In addition, the details of your plan also impact the costs, and any confusion and delay resulting from unclear plans can create a mess in the process. That leads to extra expenses from your estimated budget.

Hence, when it comes to the selection of an architect and contractor, make an informed decision. So, we are recommending you Brick&Bolt. It's a construction company that not only provides you with affordable house construction services at the best package but also transparency, money safety and on-time delivery.

Calculation of Construction Cost for a 1200 sq. ft. House


Let's assume your plot size is 30*40 feet, and you have all the requirements like living room, master bedrooms, kitchen, balcony, terrace, foyer, backyard, and parking. You are giving a lot of space to the architect to explore all the possibilities in terms of planning, zoning, and elevation.

Then, your average cost to build a 1200 sq ft house can range between 1200 to 2200 rupees/sq. ft. However, it depends on your location, design complexity, labour cost, and quality of materials you use for construction.

Out of the total cost of building a 1200 sq ft home, at least 40% will be calculated as labour charges and 60% for construction materials.

For Example, if your construction cost per square foot is 1200 rupees, your 1200 sq. feet house construction cost is 14. 4 lakhs (1200*1200/sq ft = Rs 14.4 lakhs). In which,

  • 40% labour cost

  • 60% material cost


  • The labour cost will be 5,76,000 rupees, 40% of the total construction cost of the house. 

  • Material cost will be 864000 rupees, 60% of the total construction cost of the house.

However, the following points are not part of your cost of building a 1200 sq. ft. home, but you can include them in the package while selecting the design when finalising your construction contract.

  • Interior designs

  • Woodwork

  • False ceiling

  • Modular kitchen

  • Wardrobes. etc.

Expenses Other Than the Construction Cost of the House

When calculating an average cost to build a 1200 sq. ft. home, you must keep the 10% amount aside for clerical works such as sanctioning your house plan and other permits by your government authority. You should always keep some contingency charges aside for unforeseen events or circumstances. So that, if any unfortunate event happens, you can deal with it smoothly without any financial stress.


On a final note, calculating the construction cost for a 1200 sq. ft. house is a very complicated process. Because so many factors affect the construction cost, including location, size, design, quality of materials, etc. Hence, it's crucial to consider all these factors to get an exact amount. Moreover, you need to know that you can never really know the precise amount from the estimation before the execution of the project. Still, you can have a basic idea of how the construction cost is calculated at different stages, and you can make arrangements for your finances for smooth and hassle-free construction work. In addition, you can also use the online house construction cost calculator to get a basic estimate for your construction cost.

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