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Construction Cost For 1200/sq ft House

Dec 22 2020

Anwesha Nandy

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The construction cost of a 1200/sq ft house construction depends on many factors such as the location, and the kind of designs used. Building a custom home will usually end up costing more than if you were to buy a new home already built.

The basic factors that majorly impact construction costs are:

·       Building material 

·       Labor,

·       Contractor’s fee

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The other important factors are:

·       Approval fee from govt departments

·       Plan approval

·       Electricity approval

In some places water meter is also installed for the consumption of water, borewell, underground sump, compound wall, and gate are also to be considered.

The construction cost of 1200 sq ft house in 2021

Covid-19 has impacted the construction industry in numerous ways:

Labor cost has also increased

About 40 to 50% of the construction cost is labor. Therefore, you should know that the construction cost of labor is based on the square foot.

Labor costs have also increased by around 7-10% with increasing demand is creating a second challenge for the already stressed real estate industry.

When calculating the actual cost of labor, you should consider the historical data on the construction projects. But this will only be useful if you leave room for changes that may inevitably occur.

The cost of labor in construction is not something that you should take lightly. Be careful right from the initial stage of the project. Depending on the location, this could take up about 25% of the total costs

Construction material price has also increased

Over the past few months, the materials used for construction including basic building blocks such as sand, cement, and steel have increased by 10%. The rate of construction materials was found to be increasing at such a rate that did not seem justified and impacted the cost of construction in a major way.

Construction Cost Calculation of a 1200/sq ft house

The basic construction of a 1200 sq ft construction cost can range between 1200 to 1600/sq ft.

The most basic construction including the plot cost can be covered in approximately 90 lakhs.

A 30*40 feet size plot can have all the requirements and can also give a lot of space for the architect to explore all the possibilities in terms of planning, zoning, and elevations.

Out of the total construction cost of a 1200/sq ft house, at least 25% will be calculated as labor charges and 75% for construction material.

For Example: 1200*1200/sq ft = Rs 14.4 lakhs

·       25% of the labor

·       75% material

Labor-Rs 3,60,000 i.e., 25% of the total construction cost of the house

Material- Rs 10,80,000 i.e., 75% of the total construction cost of the house

An estimate of Construction Materials from the total construction cost

·       Steel -14% of the cost of construction

·       Cement- 16%

·       Sand- 8%

·       Aggregate- 4%

·       Miscellaneous- 33% for paint, windows, doors, tiles, plumbing, sanitary electrical fitting, etc.

Cost may add and add to the existing cost by selecting

·       Interior designs

·       Woodwork

·       False ceiling

·       Modular kitchen

·       Wardrobes. etc.

However, the above-mentioned points are not part of the construction cost but can be included in the package while selecting the design at the time of finalizing the contract.

The table below will showcase some basic values of the cost of construction of a house in Bangalore

A 30*40 feet i.e., 1200 sq ft plot is the most common dimensions of the available plot. It is also the most demanded site-size.

  • 30 by 40 feet (1200 sq ft) Ground Floor with BUA of 972 sq ft will be 15.5 Lakhs
  • 30 by 40 feet (1200 sqft) Ground Floor + 1 with BUA of 1944 sq ft will be 32 Lakhs
  • 30 by 40 feet (1200 sq ft) Ground Floor + 2 with BUA of 2916 sq ft will be 46.65 Lakhs
  • 30 by 40 feet (1200 sq ft) Ground Floor +3 with BUA of 3888 sqft will be 62.2 Lakhs
  • 30 by 40 feet (1200 sq ft) Ground floor +4 with BUA of 4860 sqft will be 77.7 Lakhs

A budget for construction costs more than just the money, materials, labor, and the plot.

Budget other than Construction Cost of the house

·       10% must be kept aside for clerical works such as

·       Sanctioning the plan by BBMP

·       Meeting BWSSB and KEP charges.

Also, you need to know that you can never really know the exact amount from the budget but you can have a basic idea of the construction cost is calculated at different stages.

Architects Fee & Clarity

Hiring an architect who is experienced can keep you a little stress-free about the project. Similarly, a contractor or an engineer who is experienced can work efficiently and know all the necessities of the project.

The plan and details of the plan also have an impact on the costs. The confusion and delay as a result of unclear plans can create a mess in the process.

Contingency charges should always be kept aside for unforeseen events or circumstances.

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