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Construction of building Process

Jan 13 2020

Malak Mehta

The construction of the building process requires a lot of planning for the construction to begin.

I have mentioned all the steps for the construction of the building process.

Site preparation or leveling

The site needs to be cleaned and leveled before further processes. Sometimes the site may not need leveling.

Excavation and PCC

Excavation is the digging of trenches in the ground for making it ready for the foundation substructure of the building. After excavating the ground, a layer of PCC (Plain cement concrete) is laid in the dug portion before placing the reinforcements for the foundation.


In the construction of the building process foundation is the lowermost part of the building that is in contact with the soil. It transfers the load on the building from the superstructure to the soil and needs to be extremely strong to handle the load. The reinforcement for the foundation is then prepared after excavation and concreting is done. The level of the base of foundations should be checked before pouring the concrete. The earth filling is done in the excavated portions after the concrete foundations stabilize.

Plinth beam and slab

Once the foundation is built, the ground beam reinforcements are prepared, and then concrete is done. Later masonry is done above the ground beam and concreting of plinth beam is done above that. The void between the foundation and plinth level is filled with compacted soil.

Superstructure – Column

In the construction of the building process, the plinth slab is cured then the main structure for the house is started. The columns are brought up and the frame for further construction is prepared.


In the construction of the building process, the walls are prepared with different materials such as bricks, concrete blocks, fly ash bricks, etc. according to the prepared drawing. Masonry work is carried out with cement mortar. Cement mortar is a mixture of cement & sand. Then gaps are laid for doors and windows during the masonry work. Bricks have been a traditional material used in construction ages.

The lintel over door window gaps

Lintels are prepared with reinforcement and concrete to support the masonry work over the doors and windows.

Upper floor slab with beam or Roof structure

In the construction of the building process, after the masonry work is completed then the slab for the upper floor is prepared with the beams resting on the concrete columns. The reinforcements for beams and slabs are assembled and then in a single day, the concrete is poured. Later curing is done.

Door window framing and fixations

Once, the covering is prepared with walls and structure, the door and window frames are installed. Later the doors and window panels are fixed without finishes.

Rough ins

The electric and plumbing cables and pipes are installed in the walls and slabs such that they are concealed and not visible after the finishing work is done. The cables and pipes are left out protruding such that later they can be finished with the electric fitting and plumbing fixtures.

Exterior finishing

The exterior plastering and painting are also started once the superstructure is ready. Waterproofing is also done to prevent weather effects. Cladding can also be done to enhance the elevation of the house.

Terrace and roof finishing

Waterproofing is done on the terrace and usually, terrazzo tiles are applied on the slabs to keep prevent the passage of heat.

Internal finishing

The walls are plastered and the flooring is leveled and tiling is done. Later on, the walls are painted and tiled. Artificial ceilings are hung from the slab to give an attractive look to your house. Have a better understanding of the different types of false ceilings

Woodwork and Fixture fittings

Once the construction process is done. Furniture work is started. Side by side, electric lights, switchboards, and other electric fixtures are fitted. And plumbing fittings are complete in the bathrooms and kitchen areas too. Have a better understanding of the various types of teak wood and the average cost.

Interior decoration is the last step in completing the house with proper furnishing and fabric used.

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