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COVID-19 Crisis Can Delay Your New Home Construction - Not Anymore! | Contactless Construction

Apr 24 2021

Anwesha Nandy

The construction industry stands in a unique position when gauging the impacts of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Largely declared an essential industry, many construction projects were not shut down, even in the early months of the pandemic. In this article let’s take a closer look at how today's advancement in technology can help the entire construction industry cope with the effects of Covid-19.

The situation surrounding the novel coronavirus has grown to exponential proportions. People are being strongly advised to practice social distancing and stay in their homes unless necessary. However, despite these trying times, the construction industry continues to remain resilient despite the tremendous challenge brought about by these trying times.

The Covid-19 outbreak has significantly disrupted the Indian construction industry in a variety of ways that span from material supply and pricing, worker availability, and project completion schedules.

The pandemic is causing anxiety and some major changes in the home construction market. Everything from the building process to the settlement process we are expecting a delay. Homeowners are delaying plans because of the pandemic.

Is Covid-19 Pandemic Changing Our Dreams

The most pressing issue for home builders right now is the fear of Covid-19 and because of which they are facing trouble in making a decision. The coronavirus pandemic complicated both short- and long-term plans for many. You are probably worried about the uncertainty and challenges of a building during the pandemic. While the environment is certainly different, is now the perfect time to build your home?

Construction in Covid-19 Outbreak


The answer is technology. In this article, we will be talking about new trends in technology that can help maintain a high level of productivity despite the crisis.

Technology in Construction

With the right technological support, construction is safer, faster, and more reliable than conventional construction work. The use of smart lot devices, project management, and accounting software, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help the contractors streamline their tasks related to supply chain, machine maintenance, and even the most fundamental tasks like concrete production.

In the construction stages of a building, the behavior of each element has a high degree of dispersion and mobility. Therefore, construction and project management suffers from a serious lag and asymmetry considering all the numerous variables involved. The sector also has interlinkages with multiple industries and has historically been labor-intensive. Given the backdrop of being sticky with regards to technology, the pandemic worked as a catalyst to push the construction sector towards tech adoption

Brick&Bolt, India’s number one tech-enabled construction company, uses technology to trust, transparency, and predictability in the construction space. It solves the most pressing issues prevalent in in-house construction like cost overruns, contractor delays, and facilitating payments. Brick&Bolt ensures accountability at every step of construction – from procuring materials, project execution, timely delivery, and taking complete ownership of the entire project timeline. Brick&Bolt caters to complete end-to-end solutions in the construction space ranging from design to project completion.

Brick&Bolt creates an automated workflow and ensures project monitoring through a dashboard that helps the management track project updates. All changes/updates to inventory, schedule, resources, and progress are made available in real-time to facilitate better communication and collaboration between vendors and customers and at the same time maintaining social distancing.

Smart technology can transform the construction sector by ensuring high-quality standards. The collaboration of the technology with business will not only enable the contractors to have complete control of the site but also improve the project flow by keeping the inventory ready for upcoming activities.

The internet of things has managed to achieve the integration and synchronization of all exogenous and endogenous factors. Integrated solutions that sync in real-time, connected equipment, data monitoring, mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, drones, etc are now being deployed and the construction process is gradually becoming more linear and streamlined. Given the technological advancements, the need of the hour, however, is to build seamless tech that integrates with construction management practices. This is what we are building at Brick&Bolt. A system that puts trust, predictability, and efficiency in the home construction process.

We realized early on that pay transparency is one of the biggest concerns of customers today. The contractor-client expectation mismatch results in half-constructed projects and ultimately bad debts for customers. We wanted to create a model where customers have ownership of their money till the final delivery date. That's why we built an escrow arrangement with contractors, releasing milestone-based payments.

Our platform also connects customers to contractors as well as vendors for building materials. Our project management software enables predictability and monitoring of the construction process at every stage. We aim to simplify and automate construction so that customers, contractors, and all parties involved get real-time updates on the project. Our vision is simple, we want to bring predictability and trust to a market that lacks standardization.

Brick&Bolt’s management ensures accountability for everything that’s happening on a project right from delegating tasks to project monitoring and timely completion of the project. We work to ensure that every construction we undertake is predictable in quality and time and leverage tech to achieve transparency in the construction process.

Contactless Construction Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Don’t let Covid-19 destroy your dream!

And to cope with this situation Brick&Bolt will now construct your house from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy contactless Construction with Brick&Bolt How?

Get Detailed Plans

Talk to our experts and get customized floor plans, elevation, and structural designs. Our architects will provide exhaustive drawings and designs till you are completely satisfied. A project manager is allotted and the project management team works on your contract. All project details like specifications, work, and payment schedules, etc are fed into the system, and all of this is done virtually.


Get Virtual Quotation

Get a quotation by talking to our expert over a video call our experts will guide you to select the right package and solve any queries that you may have.


Quality Checks on Your Behalf

Get videos and images of each quality check done by Brick&Bolt on your behalf. We assess all projects on the same quality standards called QASCON-BNB (Quality Assessment System for Construction - Brick&Bolt). This has 310 quality checks per floor of construction. Our project management team assesses the quality of these parameters. Quality and the progress of the project are monitored through multiple technology platforms which ensures no quality check is missed during the construction process.

Track Your Project

Get videos and images of each quality check done by Brick&Bolt on your behalf. Our project management team tracks and monitors your project through our system and processes. You get the project updates through our customer application.


Handover After Sanitization

Receive the keys to your home and move into post sanitization.

Contactless Construction is a safer alternative. You can work with the contractors and project managers over the phone or video conferencing with the experts on the design of the house. Documents can also be signed electronically. Virtually you can approve plans and shift to your home only after construction is over. This limits your exposure and reduces the amount of contact you have with other people.



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