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Design ideas for balcony or porch

Dec 25 2019

Malak Mehta

A balcony or a porch acts as a buffer between the outside and the interior of your house. They bridge the gap between open external world and the closed interiors. These are semi-enclosed spaces and can be treated in various manners. Additional elements when added to balconies and porches can give them a different experience enhancing the quality of that space.

Turn your balcony into a little green pocket

Greenery is always soothing to eyes. Turning the balcony into a greener space by using variety of plants can change the micro climate surrounding you. Depending on the amount of sunlight received and the wind flow experiments can be done with indoor and outdoor plants. If the balcony faces the sun most of the time, then grasses herbs and succulents are suitable. But, in case of shaded balconies lilies, foam flower, English ivy etc. work best.

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Convert balcony into garden

You can even convert a small sized balcony into a balcony garden. Planting small trees and lush green grass that grows well even in the shaded area will give you a calm and serene feel.


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Converting into a lounge

Placing sofa sets in the balcony or porch area for greeting guests or just spending your evenings outside can give a feeling like a lounge. From small to large, all the spaces can be converted to lounge. You can even move your dining area to this space.

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Making balcony a cozy hideout space

Small box balconies can provide a perfect cozy feel. Providing a soft mattress to on the floor and getting lost in your own hideout space is one of the simplest options. You can even work out with small pot plantations to add greenery.


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Add a shed or canopy

A canopy or shed works best with open balconies to prevent extra harsh sun from spoiling the day out in the balcony.

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Expand your room with large doors

You can also expand your room into the balcony. Provide large glass doors may be pivoted or folding doors such that the balcony space becomes one with your bedroom.

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Enclosed reading space or library

The open balcony can be enclosed with windows and converted into a reading space with shelves for books too.

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Swings in the porch

Providing a swing in the porch has been a traditional way to make that space interesting. Blending in nature and adding artifacts gives it a more traditional look.


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