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Design Ideas For Study Room – Lets make the space more interesting!!

Mar 14 2020

Varshnee Raj

Interior designing ideas for different rooms of your house are very much available. But a personal fond space to decorate at home would be the study room. While the name already fills the right vibe, a few add-ons to your study room can make it one beautiful space.

Unlike living room design ideas , there are a very few suggestions available as standard for this special space.  As the holiday sets to break its time to make some simple design for small room that can be customized to make it your own.

  1. Storage – Pick open book shelfs and tables that come with inbuilt shelfs on their sides and design your own labels to divide the space. In case you need extra space, you can opt for storage boxes that can be stacked on the table with creative self designed labels on them.
  2. Bean bags- While these fit in almost any room you pick in your house, they will be perfect for a study room. Along with style they also offer a relaxing effect while you enjoy your favourite book. They will go well with your Interior designing ideas.
  3. For the bibliophile – If your love for books is never ending then choose large shelfs to store your treasure. For those going to a gigantic and dreamy study rooms a classic wooden shelf will always stand as a choice. Today you can also pick from easy to assemble shelfs in vibrant colours.
  4. Your own cork board – You can attach a cork board to the wall to pin your lists and decorations. You can also add you best pictures from your achievements that will get you motivated.
  5. Paint them bright – A bright colour to your study room can be a great experiment. You can add complimenting furniture that will reflect the essence of the room.
  6. Posters and holders- Study room designing can take in some a beautiful collage of the best posters. One can also pick a mug with a great quote and use it as a stationary holder. Choices can also spread to picking wooden carved pieces as wall hanging that can get your energy back each day with its motivational quotes. For a perfect finish add some small festival lights to them.
  7. A design for small room – While most of us do not come with a dedicated study room, it is an essential part of a home. So instead of converting your bedroom space look for a comfortable nook like may be under a staircase which is spacious enough to hold a book shelf and a table. Now you can decorate the space with basic stationary in hanging baskets, a foldable lamp and preferably a foldable table that can be go easy on the small space.
  8. Leisure space – Apart from being the place to study, study room can also be a great place for other leisure activities such as music. So, make space for your musical instruments or gaming equipment’s. You can wall hang them if space permits.

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