Different Door Types and where they are used

May 10 2020

Varshnee Raj

Well, irrespective of what your interior design is all about, the first door you have for your home is a pleasant welcome. A building has different types of doors and windows in different materials for different purposes based on its use for various rooms in the home. The door not only has to go well with your interiors deign but different types of doors and their uses vary as per. It should be sturdy, waterproof, long lasting etc,.

There are various types of doors for home and different types of doors architecture. So, to explore the options on different types of doors for your houses below listed is a simple guide.

Based on Materials :

  1. Wooden or timber door : While extensively used for exterior applications at home although it can be used in any other part of the house.. The doors are sturdy, soundproofing and provide insulation and the material is easily available.

Battened, ledged , framed and panelled doors are some of the different types present within the wooden door segment. While battened and wooden door refer to a door design where there are vertical wooden battens which are usually tongue and groove jointed. This provides rigidity and god protection and is especially used in main entrance doors. Similarly, Framed doors have the basic frame made out of wood and a panelled design.

  1. PVC Door: Made of polyvinylcarbon these doors are very easy to use as it is light weight. It comes in various colours and is scratch proof and easy to maintain. These doors are commonly used in bathrooms or store rooms.  
  2. Fibre glass door  : These are used mostly in external application and come is various styles, design and shapes.
  3. Glass door : The eternal beauty of glass doors gives privacy and durable and a wonderful appearance. It could be used in main entrance doors, partition doors as well as bathroom doors.
  4. Steel and Aluminium doors : While steel doors and heavy and beautifully designed as garden doors etc, aluminium doors are very light weight and the frame is good for use at home as well as offices. Aluminium doors will not be affected by termites and can last in harsh conditions.

Based on Operation :

  1. Hinged doors : The doors is hinged in on one side and is the usual type in case of wooden doors. In case of swing doors the hinges are on both sides of the doors with the entrance in the middle.
  2. Revolving doors : Commonly used in high traffic areas in public places such as hospitals, these doors revolve on one side of the shutter and will get closed on its own.
  3. Foldable and sliding doors: Commonly used in doors with glass panels or fibre panels, foldable doors and sliding door are commonly used is partition or in balcony. The door has one or more shutter based on available space in case of sliding whereas folding doors are usually used as folding partitions in a room.

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