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Different Types of False ceiling

Nov 05 2019

Malak Mehta

False ceilings are artificial ceilings which are hung from the slab. They are used to provide an attractive look to the ceiling. In offices and malls they are used to hide the services too. Moreover they are also used to hide structural systems and ducting. They also work as an acoustical barrier by reducing echo problems and insulators to heat and cold. The false ceiling type to be used depends on their place of use, the ambience needed and budget. Various types of false ceiling are available based on different materials.

Plaster of paris false ceiling 

This type of ceiling is most widely used false ceiling material. It is cheapest amongst all the false ceiling materials. POP is mixed with water and is applied to fibreboard or wood base which suspends from the slab above. It requires specific time to dry. But, it easy to construct and can be designed in different forms. These are most commonly used for residential purpose.

Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum boards are suspended using metal grids to form the ceiling. These are widely used in offices. These boards are extremely light weight and flexible.

Wooden false ceiling 

Wooden ceilings are constructed with plywood planks being nailed or glued together. These are usually expensive but give a great visual appearance. They are widely used in areas with cold climate for great insulation property. 

PVC ceiling 

PVC ceilings are also used these days. These are water proof, require very low maintenance and are also water resistant. 

Metal ceiling

These metal ceiling panels are installed either on steel T- sections or cross sections and then suspended by rods. These type of ceiling are suitable for large range of applications. They are ideal for concealed wiring. Easy to install and access Easy to clean and maintain.

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