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Duplex House Construction Cost in Bangalore

Dec 03 2020

Anwesha Nandy

Duplex house construction is mainly done with two or more floors with an internal staircase connecting them.

How many floors we want to construct impact the duplex house construction cost.

Duplex House Construction Cost in Bangalore

Duplex house construction cost depends on the variations in size, style, and material.

The duplex house construction cost is also influenced by location, with some areas having higher construction costs.

Duplex house construction cost is mainly divided into two parts:

1: Construction materials Estimate

2: Finishing materials Estimate

Price per square foot to build a duplex in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the cost to build a duplex starts from Rs 1535/sq. ft. including GST

A side-by-side duplex is most expensive, regardless of whether they are a single story or a double-story.

The additional costs are for the roofing, framing, and plumbing.

  • Foundation is 9% of the total cost of the project
  • Walls and exterior finish 6% of the total cost
  • Roof-10% of the total cost.

For your information, 30*40 feet i.e. 1200 sq. ft. plot is the most common and demanded site size in Bangalore and the most basic construction including the plot cost can be covered in approximately 90 lakhs.

Factors that affect the Duplex House Construction Cost in Bangalore 

A breakdown of various components will give you a general idea of where your money is spent on the project

Architecture Fee

The architecture can charge 3 to 5 percent of the total cost of the project in case the project is large. Hiring an architect can be expensive but it can turn out to be worth every penny. It can take all your worry if an experienced and reputed architect is involved in building your Duplex house as a reputed architect will work efficiently and make sure the project is done on time. 

Project Schedule

The cost of Duplex house construction can increase if the time of the project takes longer. The duration of the construction project affects the cost.


It includes shipping charges; the cost of materials keeps changing and the materials are the most expensive aspects of construction. If the materials are not delivered on time the construction gets delayed. To material cost calculator will help you to understand the materials cost prior to construction.

Design and Planning

A well-planned design with reducing the hurdles of the project. A planned design of a duplex house will increase the efficiency of the project.

Fees of the Structural Engineer

It is very important to get skilled professionals to complete the task. A skilled engineer will most likely charge a high amount of money for the project. Therefore, a team of experts like the architects, and civil engineers will work efficiently and make sure they complete the project on time.

Approval/Plan Sanction from BBMP BDA

Approvals are very important to get started with the construction project in Bangalore or it can be considered illegal. A certain amount has to be paid as registration charges to the concerned authorities.

Condition of Construction Sites

The site of the construction can change due to heavy rain and cause soil erosion and can increase the cost of duplex house construction. It can also increase the duration of the project and can end up being more expensive. Site conditions such as poor soil conditions, wetlands, can increase the project cost during the construction phase.

Priorities of the Client

It’s the client's money that is used in the construction. Hence, it is the most important factor that affects the cost of a duplex house.

Labor Rates

Labor rates keep changing from time to time. If the project gets delayed for some reason then the labor rate goes up and therefore increases your duplex house construction cost.

It is always advised to at least add 10% contingency to the total duplex house construction cost for unforeseen costs. 

Evaluate your plan by reading the factors that affect the duplex house construction cost and take your final decision. Learn more about duplex house construction and floor plans.

 A duplex house construction usually has three bedrooms, a dining and kitchen, and a balcony or a small terrace. A duplex gives a feeling of a bungalow or villa but within a smaller plot area.

Below are two duplex house plans to give you an idea about how the spaces are organized in a duplex house.

The striking feature of this design is the green pockets within the house to enhance the quality of spaces. This design has a garden at the entry near the parking. A small green space near the porch and a court visible from the living room, dining, and while going up from the staircase too. The living room and dining room have green space on two sides that give a great aesthetic appeal. The ground floor has a living, dining, kitchen with store and utility, a bedroom, and a common toilet. The upper floor has two bedrooms with attached toilets and a study room. Both the bedrooms look upon the green pockets. The master bedroom has an additional balcony that stands on the porch below the green pockets. The master bedroom has an additional balcony that stands on the porch below.

This design is one of the most common types of duplex design. Parking with entry into the living room. The ground floor has a common living, dining, and kitchen space enlarging the small area by reducing the walls. It also has a common toilet and a bedroom with additional open space behind along with a wash area. The upper floor has two bedrooms with attached toilets and balconies. The central area between the two bedrooms can be utilized as a storeroom or Pooja room.

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