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Energy Efficiency Using Home Automation and IoT

Jan 20 2020

Malak Mehta

Can you imagine how simplified your life could be if all the devices at your home could be connected to internet? Amazing right? Well, using home automation and internet of things this is possible in real! Not only your computer or phones can be connected to internet but also various elements of your home such as window panes and doors, speakers, lights, air conditioners and fans, kitchen appliances etc.

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, home appliances and other items connected with software, sensors such that the devices can be controlled with computers or smart phones or even smart watch.

Home automation based on Internet of things turns the home into an energy efficient one. Energy saving can be done in various ways which in turn also saves your money and makes home your home environmental friendly in the long run.

Scheduling devices

The scheduling of all appliances can be controlled based on user activities, weather conditions, timely use etc. The water heater can be tuned such that it doesn’t work when people are at work and not at home. In the same way even the air conditioning system can be timely set such that energy is not wasted in cooling your home when nobody is there at home.

Controlling appliances

The appliances at home can be controlled from any room and also from outside your home. In case you forget to turn off the television or even switch off oven or microwave then you can easily do it on one tap. This saves in turn a lot of energy that would otherwise be wasted. The heavy load taking appliances such as TV and AC when turned off in time helps make home energy efficient. Moreover, with the control of blinds, awnings, windows, vents and fans you can improve the passive cooling of your home and so the cooling devices are only needed when the desired temperature is crossed.

Help from the sensors

While it is very common for people to not switch off lights when they get out of one room and go to another. This can be taken care of by the sensor system that automatically turns of the light when a human being is not present in the certain radius.

Saving resources

Motors operate fans, dampers, valves and pumps which can allow water or air to flow under the influence of the fans and pumps. These motors can be controlled by timers and sensors. This prevents an extra flow of water once the tank is filled and saves waste of water.

Additional use of renewable energy

The energy of various renewable energy sources (wind turbine, solar panels etc.) is computed and incorporated into existing energy sources, for operating various home appliances to cut electricity costs.

The smart home concept is day by day gaining popularity because there can be big savings in time, energy and money with relatively small efforts and investments. Installation of home automation technology must be thoughtful and designed effectively such that it helps in energy efficiency and overcomes the initial cost at the best.

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