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Everything You Need To Know About KHATA and KHATA Transfer in Bangalore

Feb 06 2021

Anwesha Nandy

What is KHATA?

KHATA is a legal certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation in Karnataka to compute property taxes. KHATA is a legal document needed by property owners in Bangalore. It includes all the important details such as:

  1. The owner's name
  2. Location
  3. The plot sizes
  4. Property identification number etc.

A KHATA Has Two Elements

A Certificate

KHATA certificate is required for property transfer and property registration.

An Extract

A KHATA extract has all the details of a property.

Documents Required To Obtain KHATA Certificate

Usually, a KHATA is applied for registration of newly allotted properties, transfer of properties, bifurcation of properties, and merging of properties. All property owners can apply for the KHATA certificate by furnishing these documents –

  1. Attested copy of the title deed
  2. Allotment papers issued by the State’s Housing Board
  3. Previous tax paid receipts (if any)
  4. Possession documents
  5. Property location
  6. Building layout plan

Plots Are Further Classified Into Two Types

A KHATA: A KHATA is a document that has the details of the property such as the plot size, location, built-up area, etc. A KHATA property means it's legal property, and you have the right to construct it. A KHATA owner has to obtain all the necessary permissions from the BDA, BESCOM, and BWSSB.

B KHATA: B KHATA is issued when a property has pending property tax dues to be cleared. It is a temporary certificate that needs to be converted to A KHATA. Also, B KHATA is issued when a property has pending property tax dues to be cleared. It is a temporary certificate that needs to be converted.

How A KHATA And B KHATA came into existence?

A KHATA and B KHATA denote the two types of KHATA that exist under BBMP. The concept of KHATA came into effect in 2007 after BBMP was formed to simplify the collection of property taxes in Bangalore. Khata was introduced to improve the procedure of property tax collection.

Understand The Difference Between A KHATA and B KHATA

  1. The owner of an A KHATA property can apply for essential amenities such as water connection, electricity connection, etc. whereas the owner of a B KHATA property cannot apply for the same.
  2. A KHATA property owner can apply for bank loans from any nationalized or private bank regarding their property, but B KHATA property owners cannot avail of bank loans on their property.
  3. In the case of trade licenses, it is only the A KHATA property owners who are granted the privilege, while B KHATA property owners remain deprived of the same.
  4. Owners of both types of KHATA documents can pay property taxes, the government marks A KHATA properties as legal while the B KHATA properties are labeled as illegal or semi-legal.
  5. What any property buyer should know while buying a property in Bangalore is that it should have A KHATA.

A KHATA means you are buying a property that is legal, and it will allow you to construct on it and obtain a trade or building license. Here are some further details on the difference between A Khata and B Khata.

Importance Of KHATA?

A KHATA is an important document required to acquire a building license, trade license, bank loan, to sell the property, or to show the legal ownership of the property in BBMP records.

What Is KHATA Transfer?

When the ownership of a property is transferred to another for reasons other than outright sale, is termed as KHATA transfer.

KHATA Transfer Is Now Just A Click Away 

A petition was filed against BBMP for the delay in the transfer of KHATA.

Earlier KHATA transfer was under the Sakala service. However, it was very time-consuming. Citizens had to do multiple visits from submitting documents to payment of fees. They were also forced to run from pillar to post to know the status of the application till they got the KHATA extract. But now, under the same stipulated Sakala service, one can get their KHATA transfer job done.

KHATA Certificates Are Now Going Digital

BBMP administrator Gaurav Gupta and commissioner N Manjunath prasad very recently announced the launch of the new portal e-aasthi which has been customized for the civil body by the national informatics center (NIC). The new software is expected to reduce property registration-related fraud as the revenue officer will have to link his/her Aadhaar number before logging into the account for making any property-related transactions.

Following are the new rules of E-Aasthi:-

  1. If the property is a Building, then Building Picture has to be mandatorily uploaded into the website.
  2. If the property is a vacant site, then a picture of the vacant site along with the nearest landmark has to be taken and uploaded to the website.
  3. Property Owner's pictures will have to be uploaded to the website separately.
  4. If Encumbrance details are available for the property, then it has to be mentioned on the website.
  5. In the schedule of the property, the neighboring property PID Number has to be mentioned mandatorily. In case the PID number is not available for the neighboring property, then its Municipal Number has to be mentioned.
  6. Property Tax details have to be mentioned. The latest Property Tax Receipt must be submitted.

Some Features Of E- Aasthi

  1. Property records can be created using the existing KHATA master database
  2. Users can update their property records following various transactions such as sale, inheritance, partition, gift, will, land acquisition, etc.
  3. Download digitally signed records on the web
  4. Correct the documents if there is a court decree, or removal of the court say, etc.

Other Benefits Of E- Aasthi

  1. Users can log in to the web application by providing their Aadhaar number.
  2. Officials also believe the new software will provide
  3. Better management of Property records
  4. Complete elimination of illegal properties in the record
  5. No fake documents
  6. Reduction of property disputes
  7. Easy access to the web interface

Do you want to know about the Documents required for Khata registration in the BBMP Eaasthi portal? Click below to know more about

Documents required for e-aasthi

For Your Information

Bangalore Development Authority hikes KHATA transfer fee, fines property will also be hiked from march 2021 and is dependent on the BBMP fixing rates for its properties- The Indian Express

Earlier, B KHATA properties were entitled to some of the rights which A KHATA properties have. However, after the Karnataka High Court passed an order in December 2014, the former lost whatever legal status it had. As of now, B KHATA properties are identified as illegal properties, and they must be converted to A K to enjoy trading, construction, and transferring of property rights.





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