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Everything You Should Know About construction of borewell

May 31 2021

Anwesha Nandy

The availability of water is the most important element before starting to build a dream home. The entire construction process depends on the water source available on the construction site. Once you start living in this building, you can also meet the basic needs of daily life. There are several ways to check the source of the borewell. Some of them are classic and based on the opinions and experience of others, while others are more modern with the help of available machines and technology.

It is always recommended to go with the modern approach of finding the available source with help of modern equipment and technology.

Before digging a bore well, we suggest you consider the following points:

  • Talk to your neighbors: Talk to your neighbors about the success and failure stories of borewell drilling in your locality.

  • Depth of Water source Availability: A geologist can help you to estimate the depth of the water source. However, we recommend that you talk to your neighbors to know the depth at which they receive the water. By doing that, you have the second source of information that relates to the depth of the water source and it must match with the input of your geologist.

  • Rock availability: As mentioned above, the information gathered from both the localities and geologists will provide information about the presence of hard rock at the expected depth of the water source. This will also affect your budget and expenses.

  • Approval for borewell: Before digging a well, you must first obtain a permit from the relevant authority. You need an approval letter from the local council and also a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the nearest neighbor. The digging process must be carried out on the date and time approved by the local government.

  • Borewell vendors: Always choose vendors that operate near the area. You can also consult the contractor to see if there is a reliable vendor. Before making a final decision, compare costs and quotes with at least 2-3 vendors. You can also instruct your vendor to use hydraulic equipment for faster execution.

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How to find the best of best borewell contractors near you?

Borewell contractors are employed for digging new borewells. Many of us have many questions before choosing the right contractor. Drillers for digging new borewells come with different quotes that can raise doubts and delay in deciding which borewell contractors are the best.


Have a look at the below steps to find best of the best borewell contractors near you

  • Government-approved Borewell contractors: Always look for government-approved

  • Borewell drilling contractors. These contractors have years of drilling experience and have handled many customers during borewell drilling.

  •  Groundwater survey service: Borewell digging begins with finding the right source of groundwater. Only professional geologists can conduct geophysical/groundwater surveys and find the correct drilling points, giving a continuous supply of groundwater.

  • Experienced borewell contractors - The drilling contractor must have local geological experience and knowledge.Officials/supervisors should work with contractors to inspect existing wells in the area, as it provides important information on typical flow rates and water quality, permeating aquifers, borewell design, and construction trend, previous success rate perforation.

  • Use of the latest equipment - Look for borewell drilling rigs with the latest advancements in drilling technology. The high-performance sensor equipment can easily find the underground water source, and has high accuracy in the excavation of the borewell, and can drill new borewells in bad weather.

It is always recommended to go with borewell contractors with the latest borewell machine that can dig deep down underground of almost 2000 Feet depth under any type of soil condition. When drilling in a single apartment or house, enterprise, industry, or farm, the builder of each well needs a good drill with advanced drilling technology that can drill the borewell with high precision at the accurate borewell location in any type of borewell surroundings.

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Borewell drilling quotation

Choose the best affordable borewell estimate quote from your borewell drilling vendor. Some of the borewell factors that can determine the choice of the best drilling company include the cost of borewell digging as per depth, the cost per feet of MS casing, the cost per feet of PVC casing, transportation costs, welding costs, labor costs, flushing, spraying charges. Water interjection cost etc. Based on the number of feet depth, choose the borewell drilling contractor with the best economical borewell quotation that fits your budget.

Borewell drilling service

Borewell drilling contractors must have a strong customer service system with great prestige among their customers. Check borewell contractor's review online before hiring any specific borewell drilling contractor. Go for professional borewell engineers who understand your borewell requirements and provide a fast drilling solution with an affordable budget. Borewell drillers require a team of excellent employees who are constantly involved in the drilling work and deliver a perfect borewell drilling process.

 At last, get borewell estimate cost and compare it with other borewell drilling contractors near you. Do the borewell drilling survey by yourself and get confidence before employing the best borewell contractor in your locality!

Classification of borewells

Borewells are also classified according to their performance:

  1. High-performance wells (HCB): Wells with 10" or 12" casing and> 80 m depth, with a design rate between 20,000 and 45,000 GPH.
  2. Medium-sized production well (MCB): 8-inch case hole> 80 m deep, with a design capacity of 10,000 GPH to 20,000 GPH.
  3. Small Volume Borehole (LCB): A casing hole with a diameter of 6 inches and a depth of 30 to 50 meters, with a rated value of 1,500 to 5,000  g/hr.

 How much do the borewell drilling contractors charge?

 Borewell contractors charge per feet based on the following factors:

  • Borehole drilling cost
  • Cost of the casing pipe cost
  • Pipe installation
  • Flushing and cleaning cost (after the drilling work)
  • Transportation cost to bring borewell machine rigs to the borewell site.

 How is the borewell drilling cost calculated?

 The borewell drilling cost is calculated depending on the following factors: 

 You must consider various factors and thoroughly calculate the borewell drilling costs. Here is how:

  • Cost for Drilling a 6 ½ "dia & hammer with the depth of drilling.
  • Casing pipe cost. The casing pipe used is usually M S casing pipe
  •  Outer pipe installation cost. The outer pipe used is usually PVC pipe which is of 10" pipe.
  •  Charges of the borewell cap and collar.
  •  Cost of welding of the casting pipe.
  • The cost also includes the diesel price involved in the transportation of bringing the borewell machine or the borewell drilling rigs to the borewell site.
  • Labour work charges
  • Installation of borewell pipes
  • Cost of water flushing and cleaning after the borewell drilling work process.
  • Borewell price also depends on the type of ground soil and the price for the groundwater survey by expert Geologists or Hydro-geologists.

Borewell drilling cost

After placing the borepoints, you need to find a Borewell drilling machine. Borewell cost may vary from region to region and also depend on the cost of diesel. Let's have a look at the average cost of borewell digging.

 Up to 100 feet: Rs. 60 to Rs. 70/Feet

Above 100 feet and below 200 feet – Rs. 80 to Rs. 100

 Above 200 feet – Rs. 100 plus

However, you may negotiate on prices with the borewell owner. Apart from this, you may need to pay for the casing. The casing needs to be carried out for the first 20 to 40 feet while drilling. The casing length required depends on the type of soil, for loose soil, you need a longer casing. The casing normally costs you about Rs. 200 per foot.

 If you are going for 40 feet, it costs you – 40 feet * Rs. 200 = Rs. 8,000

 In case, if you don't get the water at that specific point, they will remove the casing and charge you half price which is Rs. 4,000

For the first 100 feet – Rs. 60 per feet = 100*60 = Rs.6,000

From 100 feet – 200 feet: Rs. 80 per feet = 100*80 = Rs. 8,000

For 40 feet casing – 40*200 = Rs.8, 000

Miscellaneous charges – Rs. 1,000 (The labor who are working can request tips).

Total cost (A) – 6,000+8,000+8,000+1,000 = Rs.23,000

 The above borewell cost does not include any other equipment charges.

The total cost of a borewell

Now, let us calculate the total payment of 200 feet borewell which involves digging cost-plus equipment cost.

 Let us take into consideration the following assumptions:

  • Established transformer
  • Existing borewell
  • Borewell depth – 200 feet
  • Recommended pumpset – Texmo

Here are the cost components of Borewell Motor:

  • Texmo Submersible Pumpset(SHP) = Rs. 26,000
  • Starter Box(L&T) = Rs.4,500
  • Cable wire required for 200 feet (from motor to starter box) = Rs. 10,000
  • Bore pipes (20 feet each), for 200 feet. We will be setting up with 160 to 170 feet depths, so we require 8 pipes. So, the price for pipes = 8*625 = Rs. 5,000
  • 3 phase service cord wire from the electric pole to starter box: Rs. 2,000
  • Gate valve and other Miscellaneous items: Rs. 2,000
  • Fixing charges for electrician any other labor = Rs. 2,500

Total Equipment and Labour Cost (B) = 26,000+4,500+10,000+5,000+2,000+2,000+2,500 = Rs.52,000

 Total Cost for 200 feet borewell with all machine & equipment,

 Borewell Drilling Cost(A) + Total Equipment Cost (B)

= 23,000+52,000

= Rs. 75,000

So, the total amount of establishing a borewell costs you -  Rs. 75,000

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Borewell drilling in a constructed house

 Once the plan is approved and you are ready to start constructing your dream home, you need to run the plumbing installation to make a water arrangement. A lot of water is needed during the construction process. In most cases, BBMP, BDA, Grama Panchayath, etc. will not provide water for building houses. You must organize the water supply yourself, take water from a neighbor or a well on the land, or buy water from the water supply from a water tank.

If you want to build a small house, it is best to buy water pipes from a tanker truck supply. If it is a multi-story building, it is recommended that you use your water supply arrangement.

After the construction of the house, the house still needs a constant water supply. Borewell is an important component in an apartment building.

How safe is it to drill a borewell near your home?

If the house is built on an ordinary foundation, it is usually recommended to build a well near the house. The shock waves generated during drilling are distributed on the ground and rocks. However, if you plan to drill a borewell near a large building that can withstand heavy loads, it is best to check the stability of the foundation.

For more information - Safety concerns regarding building near borewell

Borewell drilling after constructed house

Since the construction was completed as planned, the house still needs a continuous water supply, so having a bore well is the best option. Borewell plays a very essential role in the construction of a residential building.

Proper care and maintenance of the water source are essential to protect your water supply. Good monitoring methods can identify changes in water levels and water quality before

they become serious problems. Regular and systematic inspections and troubleshooting will help extend the life of the bore well. During the preventive drilling process, regularly measure the water level and water quality.

Can you drill a borewell in a constructed home?

If you have a space of at least 10 feet * 10 feet that is open to the sky, you can set up a small platform, take the suggestions of a structural civil engineer about building safety and groundwater level safety. There is a robotic platform whose drilling cost is twice that of a traditional platform. Therefore, check all the parameters in advance to determine the feasible options before proceeding.

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