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Experiment with Different Ideas to Utilize your Terrace Space

Apr 17 2020

Varshnee Raj

A brisk walk in an open and spacious terrace can make a great day. Terrace spaces are usually a great place to display ample creativity by decorating compared to other spaces at home. The open space offers a million ideas that can be incorporated to make use of this awesome place.

The space opens up to the beautiful sky and with the right decorations can become your personal pod.  Instead of having just a terrace how about a useful space made of it ? check out few amazing ideas that can be used to utilize the terrace space in and efficient manner

  1. Your own garden

    Terrace gardening is the most common way to utilize your terrace space. You could either choose to go completely decorative with fancy plants, creepers etc,.  or with a little more effort you can also try terrace farming. If you wish to spend a little more, you could roof the top and decorative with beautiful lights. You can start off with small herds before if you want a cheaper option.

  2. A dining space

    How about a moonlight dinner in your terrace space? Dreamy, I believe. You can make this happen with just some simple arrangements in your terrace. You can look for some simple furniture – a dining set and arrange it. Add some decorative pot plants around and a decorative lamp and you are all set to enjoy an open terrace dinner, a perfect place to enjoy some family time. You can also make this your recreational area by opting for colourful cushions over a dining space.

  3. You very own peace pod

    If you have a considerable small terrace you might want to convert it into your peace pod. Invest on a small camping tent or you could make a canopy with colourful material. You can add a small book stand , a mattress or carpet for the floor and you are all set for a beautiful day of reading. This could be your peace zone where you can enjoy some music, or read or watch movies with your friends. You can also add a handy telescope to enjoy the night sky showering beauty.

  4. The bean bag paradise

    Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a chatty time with fresh breeze easing on a bean bag chair. You can arrange a small centre table with an elegant flower vase surrounded by bean bag chairs. This would go light on the pockets as well as be a great hang out space for you at home. As an alternative to bean bags , you can also install terrace swings or terracotta furniture as per your taste and budget. This will also be a great terrace design.

  5. The Hammock design

    Sometime or the other we all have dreamt of chilling on a hammock. So, why not fix one up in your terrace and enjoy a beautiful day. You can add some easy to fold chairs, a small table or some cushions to the design. To up this a notch you can make a small fire place with some DIY tips for a cozy winter night

Image Source: Essential Living

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