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Jan 11 2023


Planning to construct your dream house can be challenging if you don’t know how much it will cost to build it. You can make a proper plan if you thoroughly understand how much it will cost to construct a house. The price of a house majorly depends on the location and the house construction cost per square foot to build the house in that location, and the total square foot of the house.  

Bangalore provides a booming opportunity for the most recent technological breakthroughs as it is the IT capital of India. As a result, more people move to Bangalore permanently in search of educational and employment prospects. Most of them eventually want to construct their dream home here. Over the past ten years, the real estate industry has experienced a tremendous increase in house construction in Bangalore. Being a metropolitan city, building a home in Bangalore is a complex process because the cost of building and obtaining labor and supplies is high compared to other cities. However, your task will be easier if you find the perfect construction company like Brick&Bolt, who can handle all your interior and construction demands under one roof.

Importance of Cost Estimation

One of the critical challenges in the construction industry is managing projects with unique requirements and features. Every construction project deals with the same key elements, such as schedule, scope, and budget. The construction cost estimation accuracy helps the project run smoothly without any difficulties.

The cost estimation helps project owners, builders, and remodelers determine the project's scope, budget, and feasibility. It provides project owners with a comprehensive understanding of the project's suitability and feasibility. It also helps in the project's finance and in making decisions on the materials needed and the cost of the project overall.

Brick&Bolt House Construction Cost Calculator

A house construction cost calculator is essential for budgeting, controlling, and maximizing profit. The Brick&Bolt house construction cost calculator is simple, and you don't need any prior construction experience to understand its usefulness. You can use our house construction cost calculator  to calculate the construction cost per square foot

This cost calculator will help to estimate the cost of building a house based on your estimated plot size and home configuration.

The actual pricing quote for your project may change depending on your chosen finishing materials and the construction area. If you are working with a specific budget, our team can work with you to customize the project configuration to achieve your budget. Price ranges are for estimation purposes only. For your city, the actual cost estimates can differ. For more precise pricing information, please book a free consultation slot with one of our technical experts by calling +91 7505 205 205 or visiting our website.

Factors Affecting House Construction Costs in India

Many factors influence a building project's cost estimation. Any project's construction cost estimate preparation is a very difficult procedure. To determine the entire project cost of construction, each variable must be accurately assessed based on a thorough analysis of the relevant data, prior knowledge, and research. The following are a few factors that significantly impact project costs and the construction cost estimate:

Location of Construction: The cost of a building project rises when it is located far from the needed resources. The cost of transporting workers, tools, materials, and other supplies increases with distance and is added to the project cost.

Cost of Construction Material: The costs of raw materials, shipping, and taxes make up construction costs. However, depending on the project's location, the cost of each of these three components may change. Additionally, the size of the project also plays an important role. For instance, if a project is bigger, more raw materials will automatically be required, and vice versa.

Construction Site Conditions: Construction costs may rise as a result of project site conditions. If these variations are not taken into account during estimation, site conditions like poor soil, wetlands, contaminated materials, environmentally sensitive areas, groundwater, river or stream crossings, buried storage tanks, archaeological sites, and similar existing conditions, among others, may increase the project cost during the construction phase.

Labor Wages: The labor pay varies from one place to another. Therefore, the local pay rate should be considered during the calculation. The probable variation in the calculation should be considered if the project is getting started after several months of estimating the project cost.

Size of the Project: A large construction project may have a significant labor requirement. More than local laborers might be needed for such demands, so laborers from other regions may need to be contacted. These initiatives and the kind of building project requiring specialized labor may result in additional construction costs.

Quality of Project: The project's quality and design considerations significantly impact how much it will cost to construct a building. The project's quality substantially impacts how much it will cost to build, regardless of whether you want to incorporate modern facilities or keep things simple. High-quality raw materials are also used in high-grade projects.