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Hacks to Keep Your House Cool During Summer – Tips & Tricks

May 14 2021

Anwesha Nandy

Summer has arrived, and the days of scorching weather are rapidly approaching. With this heat and temperature, keeping your house cool on a hot day this summer would be a real challenge. Although fans, coolers, and air conditioners can all help, dealing with the summer requires a little more caution. And if you're wondering how to cope with the summer's hotter days, look no further.

In the summer, homes get even hotter, more like an oven, making it unbearable to sit inside. The majority of the houses we stay in are constructed of concrete. In the summer, concrete retains a significant amount of heat. Even if you turn on your fan, it won't help much because of the heat and hot air circulation inside the building.

Few Useful Ways to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

1.     Window Planters for Home

Window planters can help to cool and humidify the hot air in your home. They will purify and refresh your home by detoxing it. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, plants like aloe vera, areca palm trees, Ficus trees, and ferns will help keep indoors cooler by purifying the air and having a high transpiration rate, which will help keep the temperature down.

To stop extra daylight from getting into your house, you can hold some plant life in flower pots, in the grill outdoor your windows, plenty of inexperienced money plant, Tulsi, Croton (one of the most colorful evergreen shrub that we grow indoor). Water the flowers typically both morning and evening.

2.     Ventilation at Home

Ventilation can be moved by strategically opening windows. The best times to take advantage of the breeze are from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The air is pleasantly cool in these situations, and by opening windows, a natural breeze can be produced, keeping the indoors cool. Since the temperature drops in the summer, keep the windows open, particularly at night, to allow the air to circulate

3.     Choose Mild Colours for Home

Summer is the first-class time to opt for a seasonal upgrade that can be final throughout the year. Consider mild colors for your partitions that mirror warmness and light (say sky blue, pastel yellow, aqua, beige) These will keep the indoors cool and even give your home a fresh, new look. Plus, mild colorations make interiors appear brighter.

4.     Choose Breathable Curtains

Unwanted heat usually enters the residence through windows and investing in shades, curtains can assist decrease indoor temperature vastly. Close your blinds from late morning to early night-time and make investments in breathable curtains like cotton, sheers, jute displays, or bamboo shades. Dark synthetic drapes are not advisable in summer. Instead, choose white or pastel hues that are made of mild and ethereal material.

5.     Have a Dehumidifier

The indispensable function of a dehumidifier is to not cool the room by means of producing cool air like an air conditioner however to draw out the moisture from the air. This can keep the domestic notably at ease with the aid of reducing the temperature. Dehumidifiers also dispose of environmental risks (dust, grime, pet dander) from any room and defend valuables that can be damaged by moisture.

6.     Avoid Black Curtains and Black Pipes

To keep your house, cool during summer avoid black curtains and limit black pipes. On your roof keep some coconut tree branches and leaves and pour water on it because these don’t allow water to evaporate easily. Keep the doors and home windows open of your house. This will keep your house cool during summer.

7.     Follow an Old school Method

If possible, you can pour water on the terrace on the region of your pinnacle roof in the evening, so that it remains cool in the course of the night.

8.     Install a Programmable Thermostat

Introducing a programmable indoor regulator can help keep your home cool. In case you're out of the home the entire day, your indoor regulator can be modified to decrease the temperature a couple of degrees before you get back home.

More Hacks That Can Be Incorporated to Keep House Cool During Summer

Summer might seem unliveable without air conditioners today, but people used a variety of hacks to keep their homes naturally cool in the pre-air conditioner period.

  1. For natural shade, plant trees in the front yard or backyard.
  2. If you're building a new home, make sure it has thick walls and high ceilings to keep it cool.
  3. If you're building a new home, Luke Coutinho recommends marble or wood flooring to keep it cool. He advises that carpets be removed. Mats made of straw (chatters) or cloth can be used in their place.
  4. Place a bowl of ice in front of a table fan to create a cooling effect.
  5. To keep your home airy and light, declutter your room, use minimal furniture, and get rid of unnecessary items.
  6. In the afternoons or at night, hang wet mats or sheets on windows/doors to let cool air in.
  7. At home, use LEDs or white lights instead of vivid, yellow lights.
  8. To let air in, use light-colored cotton curtains, bamboo shades, or jute screens instead of thick curtains.
  9. Infuse lemongrass, other essential oils, or cucumber juice into water to make your own sprays and mists.
  10. While fans, air conditioners, and coolers are useful, nothing beats new, natural air. Simple tricks like timing the opening and closing of windows and placing water pots in front of windows will make a big difference.

If you're tired of coping with the oppressive sun, try some of the tips listed above to keep your home cool on a hot day.

Few Ways to Help Reduce or Contain Heat from Within and Keep House Cool During Summer

1.     Lights that are incandescent should be turned off

Just 5% of the energy used in a standard incandescent bulb is converted to light. The remaining 95% is converted to heat! Switch to energy-saving LED bulbs, which emit 90 percent less heat and use 75 percent less energy. While they are initially more costly, they are generally less expensive in the long run than incandescent bulbs because they use less energy and last so much longer.

2.     Cook in the microwave, on the grill, or in a pressure cooker

The microwave produces virtually no heat and uses much less energy than a stove or oven. With its low energy consumption, the pressure cooker produces less interior heat. Of course, the barbeque holds the heat outside.

3.     Electronics should not be placed near your air conditioning thermostat

Because of the heat generated by these appliances, the air conditioner would have to run longer.

4.     Reduce Humidity Sources

When you lower the humidity in your house, fewer condensation forms on your air conditioner coils, saving you money and reducing this secret source of heat. To minimize humidity, do the following:

  1. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  2. Cover pots while cooking
  3. If you have a crawl space, cover some bare dirt with a plastic ground-moisture barrier

5.     Using a Window Fan to Ventilate

A window fan may be used to replace hot indoor air. Place the fan on the downwind side, with the fan blades pointing outwards. Open a window in each room and make sure all interior doors are open to improving airflow.

6.     Switch off the gas supply to the fireplace and heaters

The pilot light creates a lot of heat and should be turned off during the summer. In most units, re-lighting the pilot light in the fall is as simple as pressing a button. During the hotter months of the year, fireplace dampers should also be closed to prevent the loss of cool air from inside the house.

7.     In the summer, turn off the hot water circulation pump.

Consider turning off your hot water circulating pump for instant hot water at all faucets during the summer. Since most households lack insulated water pipes and you pay to heat the water as well as remove heat from your home with your air conditioning, the minor inconvenience is well worth it in terms of energy savings.

Ways to Keep Your Room Cool During Summer

Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat and keep your home cooler

  1. Use Cotton Sheets on the Bed
  2. Use Ceiling Fans
  3. Try Out A bamboo mat
  4. Create a Cross Breeze
  5. Add Some Permanent Shade
  6. Use Energy Efficient Bulbs
  7. Use Your Exhaust Fans
  8. Invest in a Bedside Fan
  9. Invest in a Bedside Fan and
  10. Keep the Blinds Closed

With some easy ways enjoy your summer at home and create great memories that you’ll look back fondly for the years to come.

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