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House Interior And Design For old age

Dec 17 2019

Malak Mehta

Designing homes for the old age people is not the same as designing normal homes. Challenge lies in providing mobility and easy access to spaces such that they lead a comfortable life. Various design criteria need to considered while deigning homes for the elderly.

Relocate bedroom to the ground floor

The bedroom for old people must be on the ground floor so that they do not need to climb the staircase daily.

Provide ramp to climb instead of stairs

Old age people walk with sticks. So climbing a ramp with the help of the stick is easier rather than climbing stairs.

Provide railings in passages or hallways

The elderly always need support to walk so it’s better to provide railing wherever necessary especially near stairs and passages so that they can hold it and walk.

Minimum furniture for no obstruction

Minimum cluttering furniture should be used such that wide open area are available for the elderly to walk around without obstructions.

Provide large doors in rooms and bathrooms

The doors should be large enough such that the wheel chair can easily pass through the door without any hindrance.

Proper lighting

A good quality of light is important for the elderly such that they can see clearly. Dull darker spaces are more prone to accidents.

Safety in bathroom

Functionality, safety and comfort are essential while designing bathrooms for the elderly. Bathrooms should have anti-skid flooring to prevent the old age people from losing grip and slipping. Even the water closet and the bath areas should have grab rails for preventing them from losing balance and making movements of standing and sitting easier. The sinks and toilets must be comparatively taller, wider and more accessible. Additionally, the bathrooms size need to be large enough for a wheelchair to gain entry and move around with ease.

Color scheme

Colors used for the spaces occupied by elderly must be soothing and bright such that they can see properly. Dark and dull colors usually cause depression among the old people and so these colors must be avoided in the rooms. Contrast colors should be used in the toilets such that they can see the equipment clearly.

Alarm switches or Bells

Alrams or bells should be placed in reach such that the elderly can call for help whenever necessary. It can be placed on side of the beds or in the bathrooms.

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