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House Plans and Design for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK And Duplex

Feb 05 2021

Anwesha Nandy

What is a floor plan?

A floor plan can depict an entire building, one floor of a building, or a single room. It includes measurements, furniture, appliances, and everything else necessary for the plan.


The concept of interior design was introduced in the year 1950 when people had more money to spare on their house design in a huge housing market. From the 1950s till now the interior designs have undergone tremendous amounts of innovations and these changes played a pivotal role in setting up a tone for different kinds of home design plans. 

With the passage of time, the house layouts and designs have also changed. As compared to the early 2000s, where the main focus was the exquisiteness of the place, the contemporary era focuses more on the technological aspect and a mix of the old and new culture as the home plans now require spaces that are beautiful as well as useful. More and more people nowadays have started looking at house designs that look spacious in a compact space and more ecological at the same time to ensure that they are moving towards sustainable living. 

Premium House Plans & Home Design collection

While designing a home there are many factors that influence or warrant the preference of size or the level of comfort needed when designing a home. Everyone has their own view about what the term luxury entails. For instance, most of the time the homes include modern technological sways, modern amenities, and matchless beauty. 

While many people think the size of a house defines its luxury it is not always the case, if planned gingerly, luxury can be found in any size be it a bungalow or a villa. When looking at a collection of premium house plans, you must ensure that the plans must always hold the potential to be fully modified according to your requirements and further focusing on your specific needs.

The premium house plans and collection design include the following features:-

  • Foyers: The two stories foyers endow a luxurious view of the living room and spread in multiple directions giving access to a diverse interior.

  • Floor plans brimming with characters: These kinds of floor plans are both closed and open. While the closed floor room gives a more ceremonial approach the open floor gives a more informal flow.

  • Big Kitchens: Epicurean and state-of-art luxuries define a premium kitchen with distinct pantries, fridges,s and eat-in bars for a more exquisite touch.

  • Bedrooms and Baths: The large bedrooms often contain separate drawing rooms with elegant fireplaces and tile-shaped ceilings. The bathrooms on the other hand contain a spa and walk-in shower to give a sensation of ultimate relief.

Single floor house design & floor plan

The modern single-floor house design has an eternal appeal as they are ideal for almost everybody which makes them one of the most voguish house design plans. The biggest benefit of a single floor house design is the lack of stairs as many people don’t like the stairs or have problems going up to them and because this kind of plan houses everything on the ground level it makes it far more accessible and pleasant to reside. 

The single floor designs have another advantage these kinds of houses tend to have very smooth and modifiable plans which also helps in maximizing the area of the house. They also have another advantage as they are more economical to build as compared to the two-storied house. There are many different kinds of house styles that come under the single floor house design, these are craftsman, cottage, ranch. Mentioned below are some of the most popular single-floor house designs and floor plans.

  • Belfort floor plan

This is a design that was specifically tailored with regards to the aged and retired people. This plan includes a single floor 2,397 sq foot space with two bedrooms, a basement, and a garage. The impeccably beautiful entrance mesmerizes the guests, and a modern kitchen connected to a drawing-room. The bedrooms are created to provide much-needed privacy with a guest room and its own full bath.

  • Abbeyville floor plan


This Abbeyville floor plan has two bedrooms sitting parallel to each other and also has a guest bedroom with bathrooms and the kitchen consists of wooden cabinets and granite tops which gives it a lavish look.

Beautiful Duplex House Design

Duplex houses are houses that consist of two entrances. The duplex house contains a large space so there is much more room for creativity. Duplexes are more affordable than a family home and contain a living room and kitchen on the ground floor with the upper floor having a master bedroom. 

Let's take a look at different duplex house design:

  • Basement Duplex Plans

This plan consists of two master bedrooms and a garage which is located in the basement. This large house also contains a porch, an open kitchen, and a master bedroom on the ground floor. The ground floor also contains the service entrance consisting of a half bathroom and pantry while the upper floor has a second master bedroom with a bathroom along with two other bedrooms and bathrooms. This plan can house at least 3 families.

  • Corner Lot Duplex Plans

This plan contains three bedrooms with two full and one-half bathrooms and a single garage. The main floor consists of multiple windows which provide ample light and this plan features a lavish kitchen and pantry while the living room consists of a fireplace. On the upper floor, there are three large bedrooms whereas the master bedroom contains a large bathroom with a huge shower, double sinks, and a closet. This floor also has a laundry room. 

  • Multigenerational Duplex House Plans

This plan contains six bedrooms with an apartment in the basement. This large house contains a lavish porch with an open living room and an open kitchen with two bedrooms on the ground floor. There is a service entrance on the side with a half bathroom whereas the upper floor has four bedrooms and large bathrooms. 

30 by 40 House floor Plan

Every human dreams of living in his or her own house, while some think it to be more cost-effective, others just want a niche of their own. Whatever may be the reason there is a prevailing sentiment to have a dream home. 

Basically, there are two options available to them: one is to buy a house which is already built and the second is to design and build on their own. There are many different kinds of house plans for a 30 by 40 house and one of the best plans is the “barndominium floor plan” consisting of a barn-like construction. 

A barndominium is very affordable, orderly, and easily manageable, with an open ceiling and high spaces the place provides ample natural light and fresh air. Listed below are some of the most popular 30 by 40 or 1200 sq ft house plans. 

  • Open concept 30 by 40 plans

This is the ideal plan for aged couples that provides an open living room, dining hall, and a kitchen. There are no dividers constructed, so the passage would be easy without any obstruction. This plan includes two bedrooms with bathrooms, which is very comfortable when some guests visit This open concept 30 by 40 ideal plan for a small family with two or three kids as the house contains wide space so the parents would not needlessly worry about the kids getting hurt.

  • Floor Plans for medium-sized families 

This vintage design features a house with common areas and bedrooms on both sides. The bedrooms can entertain up to four kids and both bedrooms contain a built-in closet and a shared bathroom. There is also a master bedroom which consists of a lavish master’s bathroom with two sinks, a bathtub, and a walk-in closet. There is also a laundry area that opens to a small entrance and is easily accessible from the kitchen.

20 by 30 House plans

A 20 by 30 house plan may also be called a 600 square feet plan. A 600 square feet plan comes strictly under what nowadays is called “modest homes” which consists of a modest pattern not too bright and not too shabby. This kind of house consists of a single master bedroom and one small bedroom with a shared bathroom and spacious and well-designed living room. Mentioned below are some common 20 by 30 house plans 

  • Urban style house plan 

The exterior of the house consists of four intricate elevations which present the final appearance of the house. This house is usually a single floor house plan which consists of a single bedroom and a large bathroom with a walk-in closet. The main ceiling is very high with a spacious view to allow ventilation and provides good light and the exterior is made up of bricks and a sliding formation. This type of house plan consists of a huge porch and a lavish living room with a fireplace.

  • Country style house plan 

This house plan gives a more country-like feel with a large center window which enhances the look of the house. There is also a garage with a single entry door with two large windows. The house comprises a laundry area, kitchen, and an open living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with a granite countertop. The bedroom consists of a large bathroom and a closet. This plan customarily consists of a two-storied house plan with a single bedroom and the roof consists of a truss framing while the exterior wall consists of a wood formation.

Low-cost normal house front elevation designs

While designing the interior of a house there are two things that must be considered carefully. The first is the front elevation and the second is the floor plans. The front elevation depicts the exterior of the house which shows the front-end view of the house like entry doors, windows, and a porch. 

Building the front elevation of a small house gives you the right to customize your house according to your needs. A normal house front elevation is cost-effective, easily manageable, and provides utmost comfort. 

The normal house front elevations have been used for many years and are still prevailing in the market but the only difference is that the style has evolved now as the materials required, or the shape and other details have changed. A front elevation house is widely used across the world and has a very clean and lavish look. Let’s have a look at different low-cost house front elevation designs:

  • Front elevation net design

 This is a one-of-a-kind design that offers a net design at the front elevation which offers an elegant look to the house and also gives a clear view of the outside.

  • Bungalow elevation design

This design is a mix of various elements. The expansive glass usage gives it a rich and vicious look. Apart from this, the elevation of such houses is always given a modern touch to change the look and feel of the entire construction. 

  • Front elevation design for small house

 This kind of elevation is one of the most cost-effective among the different low-cost normal house front elevation designs. This kind of design offers an aesthetic look with spacious balconies and windows.

360 Modern home design plans

There are many modern home design plans available in the market nowadays and many interior designing firms provide the clients with a 360 view of the home design plans.

 Let’s have a look at some of the 360 Modern home design plans:

  • Bungalow house plans

 This house plan features a one-story plan with a master bedroom upstairs along with a drawing room and a walk-in closet. The bedroom consists of a huge bathroom with double vanity sinks. While the front of the house consists of a porch with masonry beams. 

On the ground floor, the living room along with a fireplace, two bedrooms with bathrooms are present along a laundry room. The kitchen sits at the center of the house with a kitchen sink and a dishwasher.

  • Sloping lot house plans

 This house plan offers a front view of the house capturing the beauty of the house along with giving it an elegant look. The living room consists of vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and front view windows. The dining room opens with glass doors and gives the front view.  

The ground floor also contains a laundry room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms with ample natural light. The upper floor has a master bedroom and consists of its own spa tub, double sinks, and shower.

2 BHK & 3 BHK House Plan

A 2BHK House Plan consists of a living room and dining area arranged in an L-shaped manner while the kitchen is enclosed in a corner. The kitchen is small but the cabinets and workspaces are arranged in a U-shaped design to optimize utilization of space. There are two bedrooms identical to each other. This can be considered an ideal 2 bedroom house plan in Indian style. Mentioned hereunder is the most widespread 2BHK house plan.

  • Modern Rustic 2BHK house plan

This plan consists of a modern living room with wallpapers, a sectional sofa, and compact tiles. The ceiling has been given the look of a false ceiling with an elevated look added by hanging lights. The dining area consists of wooden dining tables and chairs along with an Italian marble countertop. The master bedroom consists of bamboo wood paneling and sliding doors with laminates.

3 bedroom house plans are among the most popular plans amidst the Indian families as they accommodate a bedroom for each parent and the children while leaving an extra room for guests. The general plan of a 3BHK House plan includes an open kitchen and living room while the master bedroom is at the farthest corner to offer maximum privacy. Now let’s look at one 3 BHK house plan:

  • A warm and cozy 3BHK house plan

This consists of a vibrant colored living room to give a sensation of calm. The kitchen has a large space with a washing area attached and the shutters are all filled with a minimalistic style. The master bedroom also gives a sensation of warmth with neutral-colored walls made from wood to give it a simplistic view.

1200 sq.ft. house plans & elevation design

Given below are the different types of 1200 sq. ft house plans and elevation designs:

  • Farmhouse house plans

The main floor includes a garage with the exterior board finishing. The main floor consists of a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a master bathroom with double sinks and a shower. The kitchen consists of a dishwashing sink along with a nook while the living room is very spacious with a firewall. 

  • Ranch style plans

The main floor consists of one normal bedroom and one master bedroom with a shared bathroom and a walk-in closet. The plan consists of a study room along with a living room and the main floor also consists of laundry and a media room.

  • Cottage style plans

The main floor plan consists of a master bedroom along with a walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower and in-built closet. The kitchen consists of a walk-in pantry while the huge living room comprises a modern firewall. 

  • European style plans

This plan consists of a siding wall finish with a dining room, drawing room and a master bedroom on the main floor. The kitchen consists of a kitchen bar along with a wooden dining set and a huge outdoor porch.

  • Farmhouse style plans

The main floor consists of bedrooms along with a walk-in closet and the kitchen holds a walk-in pantry while the ground floor consists of a living and drawing room and a laundry room. The front entry has a garage with a front covered porch.

Low-cost house floor plan & front elevation designs

Mentioned below is one of the most low-cost floor plans and its front elevation designs. 

  • Narrow Lot house plan

This most affordable house plan grows small on the sides and the elevation of this house protrudes outwards giving it a subtle look. Designed with two stories, this narrow lot home design preserves space and funds. The super-simple layout and open floor design lend a capacious feeling while cutting back on expenses. A visitor room on the first floor could likewise be utilized as an additional bedroom, game room or a home office, or home office.

  • Contemporary curb style low-cost house plan

This is yet another low-cost house floor plan where the elevation is in the form of a curb to present your home with a modern appeal. This layout is simple yet contemporary with an open kitchen design, 2 storey building along a three-car parking space. 

North facing house plan & building elevation

The north direction is considered to be very valuable as per the Vastu shastra as it is said that lord kuber (the God of money) is the lord of the north. Now let us look at some North-facing house plan.

33’x51′ Beautiful North facing 2bhk House plan

The total area consists of 1600 sq. feet which contain a two-bedroom and the master bedroom faces the southwest direction and an attached toilet in the south while the kitchen is in the southeast direction and the dining room is east.

27’ by 29’ small budget north facing house plan

According to the plan the master bedroom is in the southwest direction with the toilet in the southeast and the children’s room in the northwest. The kitchen is located in the southeast while the main hall is in the northwest direction and the staircase is in the southwest direction.

What do you think makes a good floor plan?

The first step starts with putting your thoughts into paper and designing the perfect floor plan for your home.

Points that you must and should consider while designing a floor plan are:

The size of your property

The size of your property will have a major impact on how you have a perfect floor plan but trust me if you have a clear vision of how you want things it’s going to be very simple.

Remember do not forget to foresee your walkways and drainage system they are the most important. Also, consider the importance of natural night at home.

I have stressed enough the importance of natural light at home in my previous blog if you haven’t read it yet then you must it will help you in many ways.

Benefits of Natural Light at home

Your lifestyle

This is a very important point and your home must be planned to keep your lifestyle and your needs in mind. What do you usually do on holiday? Well, I am sure different people have different ways of spending their time at home? Some like to work out and relax, while some like to have friends come over for a dinner. Each one of you will have a very unique way of spending your time at home. It’s up to your planning on how you want to focus on the most popular rooms of the house, and one such popular room is the kitchen.

Your Privacy

Privacy is undoubtedly very important be it at home or outside. Imagine having no privacy in your personal space could be very depressing especially now when you are working from home most of the time isn’t it? But giving such rooms special attention to ensure tranquility when working is the best for you and the rest of your household. Hence the floor plan must be designed to keep these important factors in mind. Hence your living room or your study must be planned and designed in a way that you have your privacy intact while working or having some me time.

Your Future

Having a house of your own is a symbol of success for most of us. But what are your plans 10 years down the line not sure right? Keeping your future needs in mind will help you plan better. You also need to consider the maintenance costs of your future home to establish your priorities and budgetary limits. A perfect floor plan will also help you in optimizing the construction cost of your house.

Your Family

A home is where a family lives discussing your house/floor plan with your family members will help you get feedback from your friends. Also getting feedback from your family and friends will make you realize something very minor that you haven’t noticed. With an approach like this, you avoid criticism in the future and also make a great floor plan for your dream home.

The balance between architectural design and practical Considerations

Think about the safety of the kids, as well as heating and cooling devices before going all gaga about adding some fancy staircase or floor-to-ceiling windows which is not so practical but will add to your construction cost.

How to Draw a Floor Plan?

With few basic steps, you will be ready to create a floor plan

  • Choose an area but in case the building doesn’t exist, brainstorm designs based on the size of the plot on which you want to build.
  • Take proper measurements of the walls, doors, and furniture to have an accurate measurement. If you creating it for an entirely new area then be sure of the total area of where it is to be built.
  • Add architectural features to space by including the doors, windows, as well important appliances that must be placed in a specific location.
  • Last but not least add furniture if the floor plan calls for it.

Be honest and acknowledge the limits you also need to understand that you are not an architect and floor plans and design are not your area of expertise it is very normal to not understand all the symbols and terms on your house plan.

There’s where the experts of Brick&Bolt come in, we have built hundreds of homes and can be your partner in this whole journey of planning to get the perfect house for you and your family.

All the plans can be modified according to your needs but before making the final decision make sure that the plan meets your needs and aspirations.


The bottom line 

Every person in modern times is highly fantasized about comfortable living. This is the reason why choosing the right house design plays the most significant part while constructing a home or purchasing a pre-built house. With the different types of house plan designs mentioned above, you can easily transform your house into the most luxurious and comfortable place. In addition to this, you can also take the assistance of a good construction company like Brick&Bolt who can take into consideration all your desired house design requirements and further assist you in building your dream home at the most cost-effective rat













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