How a wooden wardrobe or a closet is made - Technicalities covered

Aug 21 2019

Varshnee Raj

We all have a dream closet in our heads and we are always dreaming about walk in closet designs and more. But we somehow mostly settle with anything close to what we want when we go shopping. Now how about if you get the chance to build the closet or wardrobe of your dreams? If you are nervous because you might fall short of understandings that might help you know the technicalities of this process, then this is the perfect guide that will help you understand everything you will need to have in brining your dream to reality.

Basic Material – Plywood

Why Plywood ?

Plywood is a great choice of material to make beautiful closets that will be every bit of your dream. They are very convenient to use and most processes such as screws or nail do not mess with the wood. Also, it is also conveniently available in varying sizes and can fit in most applications you might need it for. Also, the durability of the material comes from the fact that it is a combination of multiple sheets of wood and lasts long.

Plywood refers to multiple sheets of wood pasted together. There are various grades of plywood which are available for different purposes of your home interior. Wooden closets or wardrobe will usually use A-C plywood types as A side will give the best finish. Similarly, various thickness of plywood are available.

Taking particularly for making your closet, A-C types will be the right choice for the expected finish. There are 2 major choices while picking between plywood which is either commercial ply or marine ply. While commercial ply will be the right choice for most cases, if you can go a step above in your budget you can also try Marine ply but this is not a necessity. In India varying range of thickness such as 3-9mm, 12mm, 15,16,19,22 and 25mm are most commonly available. For applications such as wardrobes and closets a combination of thick and considerably thin thickness will be necessary.

Plies varying from 12-19mm which usually are made from hardwood are the first preference for wardrobe designs. Thickness of 16mm is most preferred for verticals of the main covering as well as for internal partition as this will carry most of the weight of the closet. Larger closets sometimes look for 22mm also although it is a very rare case. Now for other than the verticals a considerably thinner range of plywood are chosen. So, the range below 12mm is a good choice for this purpose.

The finishing touch :

Laminates and veneers are the option available for finishing materials that are made from MDF, plywood or solid wood. While laminate is made from pressing thin layers of flat paper as well as plastic resins, veneer is made from thin layer of hardwood. Laminates are easy to maintain and comes win various varieties and have been considered as most durable option compared to veneer. It is also cheaper when compared to veneer. Once the wardrobe or closet has been made it will still look raw. There are 2 major ways to finish this piece of art and that is either polish or paint. High quality veneered plywood or the clad with veneer can be given polish.

The advantage with polishing is that it is considerably easier than painting as surface of most Indian plywood is uneven and hence painting cannot always give the smooth elegant finish you will dream of.

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