All You Need To Know: How Much Will It Cost to Build a House?

Feb 14 2024

Hemali Ben

Owning a house that gives them comfort and luxury is every person's dream. Sometimes, they invest their whole life savings to build their dream home. But everyone knows that house construction is very tedious work and has an uncertain fluctuation in building cost. Hence, the house construction cost is the key concern for most people, and one question that frequently crosses their minds could be, 'How much will it ACTUALLY cost to build a house?'

You can calculate the cost in various ways, either by computing the cost per square foot or by adding the complete expenses of required materials and labourers. 

Sounds difficult???

Don’t worry; Brick&Bolt presents a detailed guide on how to calculate the construction cost of the house, in which you can find some pro tips to guide you through the process of building construction cost estimation. 

So, let’s start the journey!

How Much Will It Cost to Build a House?

This guide gives you all the details about your new house building cost, including the cost of design, architect, contractors, materials, and labourers, including the factors affecting the construction cost, to let you understand the complete cost required to build your house.

  1. Design Cost 

Designing is the first step, from which you can start estimating construction costs. To calculate the design cost for house construction, you need to understand its basic phenomena. So, you have two options for designing your house: either you can customise your design according to your requirements and comfort, or you can opt for pre-designed options.  

  • Custom Design

If you want to be actively involved in planning and designing your house, getting an architect to design your home is your best option. Hence, you need to pay architect fees to get your dream design. Architect's prices vary according to their experience, reputation in the market and locations.

The architect's assistance will help you understand the built-up size, design, and floor plan of your dream house and ensure that your choices are well under the estimated budget if you have any.

  • Consider Pre-Designed Options 

Pre-designed options generally cost you less as they do not require hiring an architect. So, you can save the cost of paying an architect by considering it. You can choose from various higher and lower-cost construction materials based on your needs and priorities in these designs. You will have multiple options for selection in flooring, appliances, exterior siding options, paint colours, kitchen fixtures, lighting fixtures, countertops, wood cabinets, bathroom fixtures, trim, etc. 

  1. Builder or Contractor’s Cost

Contractor's Cost for House Construction Cost Estimation

After selecting a design, your next step for the construction cost estimation is the charges of the builder or contractor, who executes the plan impeccably while staying true to the decided timeline and budget. 

When you finalise your contractor, it's crucial to get all the details of the works, including site work, monitoring work, landscaping, etc., along with the cost estimation.

  1. Materials Cost

For your house construction, you require primary construction materials like cement, sand, coarse aggregates, steel, etc. and other finishing materials like tiles, wood, window frames, doors, marbles, parking blocks, primer paint, etc. You spend a significant amount to purchase these materials. So, it's crucial to calculate the material cost precisely to calculate the cost to build a home.

To calculate the material cost, you must know the materials required to build your house. So, first, you need to calculate the materials requirement, and for that, you need to consider details like the overall size of the plot, built-up area, and number of floors. You also have to consider the wastage of these materials to get a precise estimation.

Hence, we recommend using Brick&Bolt’s Building Material Calculator to get the exact materials requirements.

  1. Labour Cost

Labour cost is another major part of the overall cost to build a home, which is more variable than any other part. For the successful completion of your construction, you need different types of labourers to complete your project. You require masons for construction, helpers for material handling, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. Each type of labour charges you differently according to their fees depending on the location, size of the work, expertise and market demand.  

Now, you all know how to calculate construction costs for your house, but before you start cost calculation, you must understand the factors that affect the cost of house construction. Generally, from the building's size to location, design to construction method, and labour costs to material costs, several factors affect the construction costs of the building and significantly impact the overall budget.

Factors that Affect House Construction Cost 

Factors Affecting House Construction Cost

The following are the major factors that affect your new house building cost-

  • Size of a House

  • Physical Condition of a Construction Site

  • Location of Site

  • Client’s Requirements

  • Material Cost

  • Labour Cost

  • Complexity of Design

  • Method of Construction

  • Delay in Construction

  • Registration and Approval Cost

  • Market Fluctuation

We have described all the factors in detail in our blog factors affecting the construction cost. You can explore it by clicking on the link below:

Factors Affecting the Construction Cost of the House 


In a nutshell, house construction costs include materials, labourers, architects and contractors fees, etc. Prices of all these elements vary state by state and depending upon the supply and demand. So, it's quite difficult to calculate an exact amount for your project. But we hope this guide will help you to figure out the nearest numbers for your construction project cost.

You can also check the Brick&Bolt’s House Construction Cost Calculator for a precise cost estimation for your project.

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