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Building Plan Process in Bangalore

Jun 02 2021

Anwesha Nandy

After years of a long wait, the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) has eventually launched its Automatic Building Plan Approval System (ABPAS) which will allow property owners in Bangalore to get their building plan approval for house construction authorized by the local municipal organization instantly without traveling to the BBMP offices during these difficult times. 

This online building plan approval structure or cycle authorizes an individual to get the building layout for construction expeditiously than earlier. While earlier this approval of the plans of a building used to take around 20 to 30 days. Now with this automation, this process just requires four to five days and around a week in some exceptional cases. 


How To Apply For The Building Plan Approval Online For Your House Construction?

If you are looking to apply for the building plan approval for your house construction under the building approval framework, you will essentially require the assistance of a professional architect, or administrator, properly registered with the Town Planning and Development or the concerned urban authority of your city. In the suggested application structure, the registered engineer or architect or your contractor will guide you in filing all the required documents for the plan or design approval process. 

When you look at the online portal for building approval, you will notice that there is an application form provided on the portal along with an exhaustive list of documents that are required for receiving the plan or design approval. However, before submitting the final application you must get in touch with your authorized architect or engineer, or contractor. 

Since these people are qualified to work with the public authority or municipal body, they can guide you better in how things work and further examine whether you have submitted all the required documents accurately or not. 

In addition to this, these engineers or architects, or contractors can further warrant that the application form is filled according to the bylaws and if all the documents are filed appropriately, your house construction building plan approval process will get approved within seven days after charging a nominal fee according to your house layout. 

According to the Karnataka Municipality Act, if you are looking forward to undertaking a construction action (new development or maybe the alterations to existing construction), then you are required to obtain prior permission from a significant municipal body before starting the construction. 

Before this online process started, the examination, endorsement, and dismissal were entirely physical and this was the reason why the approval authorities were overloaded with the paperwork and it further delayed the entire process. 

These delayed approvals were the sole reason why this approval process was shifted online. This automated building plan approval process speeds up the structure plan approval and makes it easier for the property owners to get instant approvals. 

Mentioned below are the steps which you can employ for the plan approval for house construction. 


  • The building plan approval application form along with the list of documents to be presented is easily accessible at the website of the BBMP. In the approved application structure, the registered expert or planner will guide you in how to present all the necessary documents and attestations. The experts can further guide you on the fundamental estimations or the charge payable for your house construction approval. 

  • To make a building plan approval online, you will require to create an account on the ABPAS portal. Right after logging in to the system, you will receive a login Id and a password that you can retain for further completing your approval application. 

  • Once you log on to the website, you are required to click on the option of 'Building License' and select the option that states plan or design approval. When you have duly filled the online application, click on 'Connect' to upload the PreDCR designed drawing of your home construction layout. 

  • After uploading the design or the layout, you will receive a document number, which is significant and you must retain it for future reference. You can either get the document receipt printed or present a printed version of the equivalent for paying the fees for the plan or design approval either through cash or Demand Draft (DD).

  • If the application that you submitted is according to the set rules and regulations and further backed by the required charges or expenses along with the necessary documents then the application will be readily approved by the regulatory body. 

Points to keep in mind while submitting an online building plan or design approval application

  • The professional/engineer/supervisor is obliged to perceive that the application submitted is according to the building guidelines and the overall requirements prescribed by the regulatory body. 

During the development stages, they are further required to check that the structure is sculptured according to the approved building or house construction plan. 

  • Once you pay a nominal approval fee and receive the approval of your construction plan, you can start building the structure and once you reach the plinth level, you will be required to obtain the further construction commencement certificate. 

However, you must note that the certificate will only be granted after an authorized official personally visits and investigates your site. If the officer regards the plinth construction of the attestation according to the set layout, they will further present you with the commencement certificate on the following working day. 

  • After the construction is completed, you are further required to apply for receiving the Occupation testament. The authorized officials will examine the structure and further, after monitoring that the structure is according to the authorized arrangement, will give a declaration. 

You must further note that up to five percent deviations from the submitted layouts are permitted. However, if the deviations or infringement surpasses these limits, the specialists, after the issue of notice can cancel and order for demolishing those parts that have exceeded the approval plan. 

Get Your Building Plan or Design Approval Drawing Made

This is the most important step that you must ensure to get the approval of your house's construction plan. Mentioned below are some essential points that you must keep in mind while creating a drawing yourself or getting it done by your architect. 


Make a starting point and appropriate scaling for the project

Initially, when you start making building plan approval drawing Pdf plans, ensure that you begin with a starting point before appropriately scaling for the project. For example, the northwest corner of land ought to sensibly be set in the upper left segment of the diagram paper that you're employing. 

The design must be well- illustrated with a planner's scale. In addition to this, you must also ensure that you or the architect utilizes a 1/4-inch to 1-foot scale, which enables you to put a 44×72-foot project onto 11×18-inch paper and this is what makes it most presentable. 

Work on adjusting the scale 

The following stage of this process includes adjusting the scale depending on the situation. Work on changing the scale when you start with your drawings. When you arrive at the end of a particular part of the project, you can turn the mark of your pencil to change the scale. 

Arrange the structure and current property plans to scale in an overhead view 

In this process, you must adjust the structure and property lines to scale in a manner that it ends in the essential overhead view. Alongside the structure of the design, ensure that you incorporate layout extensions for porches and some other outside areas on the property. In addition to this, extra details like carpets, trees, and decks must also be included in the design. 

Add some data to the drawing plan 

Once you are done with the basic structure, it is now the time that you should add some fundamental data to the drawing, which can incorporate the property address along with other related details of your property like the name of the closest road, etc. 

Ensure that you signify heading for the property by adding "N" for North in the correct area of the house construction plan. Apart from this, the direction scale that you use must be set someplace on the drawing paper. 

Sketch the nuances of the property 

Once you have completed the fundamental diagram for the structure and property, it's now the moment to draw a portion of the appropriate nuances of the property for which you are making this drawing. If you plan on adding a deck, fence, or shed to the property, these options should be portrayed on the house construction plan. 

Mark every detail

In this step, you must name each room of the property after you finish the floor plan. Apart from marking each room of the home or building, it is also important that you name each entry point, window, storeroom, machine, kitchen, and restroom equipment. The blocks of smoke alarms and chimneys must also be recorded. 

Approval Authorities In Bangalore 

Bangalore has two bodies that approve and collect construction plans for various projects. It is obligatory to get your plan approved by these specialists, without which your construction can be demolished. Municipal building plan approval bodies are:

BBMPBruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike 

BDA Bangalore Development Authority 

The most effortless approach to understand which Municipal Building Plan Approval body will be accountable for your building depends on the area under which your territory falls is to ask your contractor or the planner responsible for your construction. BBMP is the regulatory body that approves new structure developments under its purview. It superintends the framework under the constraints of Greater Bangalore and exercises regulatory control to build up the city. 

Although, the higher authority is BDA, Bangalore Development Authority. The property owner must always receive the house construction plan approved by BDA before making any development on the construction site. BDA outlines a progress plan depending on the construction plan you submitted.

The design plan of the structure is the essential imperative for development. Before starting the development, the house owner should get the design plan approved by the particular specialists. Unapproved development makes the house/project unlawful and inclined to penalties. 

The structure can be demolished by the public authority if it's based on an unapproved plot. The cutting area into sub-pieces without consent is additionally viewed as unlawful and such areas are not given facilities like street lamps, streets, and waste collection. 

Brick&bolt can assist you with getting a building plan or design approval. 

Documents Required For Approval 

Mentioned below are the documents required for the building plan approval process. 

  • The title certificate of the plot 
  • Establishment attestation documents
  • NOC from every single significant authority like the BDA, BWSSM, ULC, BESCOM etc. 
  • Formal Site plan 
  • Most recent Tax receipts 
  • Encumbrance attestation  
  • Income proof of the property owner
  • Most recent Khata testament 
  • The document under the Karnataka Urban Land Act 1976. 
  • Building plan or Construction Layout plan 
  • BBMP plan II (Bye-laws No. 3-2-1) routed to magistrate, BBMP, Bangalore.

Estimated Time Required For Approval

Once you have submitted your house construction plan application, it is anticipated that you will receive an approval within five weeks for a full plan application. However, this might be stretched out to two months if the application is sent back to you due to not submitting proper documents. Apart from this, It is also important to give the construction approval authorities two working days notice before starting the work. 

The bottom line 

Getting a building design approval for your construction can be a challenging and tedious task when you do not comprehend how to move forward and complete the approval process. If you are planning to start construction on your plot, however, feel ambiguous about the approval part then you must without any delay get in touch with Brick&Bolt. 

Brick&Bolt is a high-grade house construction company headquartered in Bangalore that takes care of your entire house and commercial construction requirements right from the scratch till the time you get possession. The expert team at this organization further assists you in getting building plan approval for village panchayat and getting approvals from authorities in Bangalore. Right from material acquisition to designing layouts to executing it to taking approvals, Brick&Bolt takes care of everything to warrant that you invariably get the construction you have always yearned for.

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